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Firefox's Experimental Containers Feature Lets You Log Into Multiple Accounts On The Same Services At Once

Let’s say you have multiple Twitter accounts, or several Google accounts, or even a few different bank accounts. It sucks to have to switch between those accounts in your browser. Firefox is testing out a new feature called Containers in its beta channel that hopes to fix this.

A Screenshot Tour Of Vivaldi, The New Power-User Web Browser

Bored of Chrome? Sick of the fact you can’t customise Safari? Wish Firefox was just a little better? Vivaldi, a new web browser built on Chromium, wants to tap into your distaste for boring, modern, everyman browsers with a highly customisable, power-user browser. Let’s see how it stacks up.

Chromer Makes Browsing From Third-Party Apps More Like Browsing In Chrome

Android: When you click on a link in some apps, you might find you open a small, stripped-down web browser without leaving the app. While this is nice, it lacks a lot of useful features of Chrome. Chromer fixes this.

Here Are The Web's Best Error Screen Games

A common pitfall of internet use is clicking on broken links that lead nowhere. Sometimes dodgy coding is to blame, other times the linked-to webpage or subsite has been removed. Whatever the cause, it can be bloody annoying. Occasionally though, the website in question will take some of the sting out by turning its 404 error page into an interactive experience. Here are 15 of the best; from digital art canvases to full-blown text adventures. (We’ve also included broken links so you can play them yourself.)

Archive Bookmarks As PDFs For Safe Easy Reference

If you use your browser’s bookmarks to store stuff for later reference, it can soon become cluttered with outdated links. Lifehacker reader Michael solves that problem by storing long-term links he wants to keep as PDF documents on his hard drive.

Nitro PDF Reader Is The Only PDF Software You'll Need

Everyone needs to access PDF files now and again, but Adobe’s Reader software is hideous to install and update and a major security risk. There are lots of free alternatives for reading PDFs, but the newly-released (and equally free) Nitro PDF Reader gives them a serious run for their money, letting you read, edit, create and save PDFs, without annoying crippleware features or intrusive adware.

Favoorit Is A Simple Google Search And Favourites Mashup

If you like Google search, having quick access to a handful of favourite links, and cool wallpaper, Favoorit mashes up all three to create a simple but effective start page.

Why Google Public DNS Sucks For Aussies

Google Public DNS is designed to speed up browsing, but depending on the kind of content you want to access, it can often have the reverse effect.

Five Best Bookmark Management Tools

Web sites, formats and styles come and go but bookmarks, it would seem, are forever. Manage your bookmarks effectively and efficiently with these five bookmark management tools.

iPad Usability Gets Thumbs Down From Expert

We now know how much an iPad will cost in Australia and what data plans will be available from Optus and Telstra, but a common question remains: do I really need one? If you’re after a good applications experience, usability research suggests the iPad may not be the best choice.

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