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The Nomad Leather Wallet Charges Your iPhone, Looks Good Doing It

I dislike combo gadgets, and prefer tools that do one thing well instead of a dozen things poorly. But the Nomad Leather Wallet for iPhone does two things very well, and is as good-looking as it is useful. If you’re looking for a slick way to carry your cards and cash, and charge your phone on the go, this wallet is the perfect balance of quality, style and utility.

Make Your Own Minimalist Leather Wallet And Key Holder

Minimalist wallets are a great way to cut down on all the junk in your pockets, but if you want to go all in, Make shows you how to make a wallet and key holder combo out of a piece of leather.

Five Things I Learned From Being A Pickpocket Victim

Yesterday afternoon, while boarding a train at Circular Quay station, a stranger plucked my wallet straight out of my back pocket. I never felt a thing. Within ten minutes, they had already used my credit card to make a fraudulent transaction. Here are five hard lessons that the experience taught me.

Bellroy's Elements Phone Pocket Plus Combines A Wallet And A Smartphone Case

Not everyone wants to carry around a smartphone, a case to protect it, and a wallet for everything else. If you fall into that category, then Bellroy’s Elements Phone Pocket might answer the call.

Protect Your Finances, Keep Receipts Out Of Your Wallet

After buying something, most of us mindlessly stuff receipts in our pockets, wallet or purse. To keep your finances safe, it’s important to remember to get rid of those receipts later.

Make A Custom Wallet With Scrap Leather

Quality leather wallets can be expensive. Instead of purchasing one, grab some scrap leather and use this guide to make your own.

Turn An Old Chapstick Into A DIY Emergency Wallet

If you forget your wallet, an old chapstick attached to your keychain can bail you out. TheBestHobbiesBlog turns that old tube into an emergency money stash.

Turn An Old Credit Card Into A DIY Wallet Key Holder

Want to keep a spare set of keys in your wallet without them bulking it up? Grab an old credit card and a cutter, and you’ll soon have a DIY key holder that keeps them together and doesn’t bunch them up.

The Bellroy Travel Wallet Is Big Enough For Your Passport And Boarding Pass

I learned the importance of keeping your passport dry many years ago. After spending the day wandering around the Cevennes in the pouring rain, the passport in my pocket was dangerously damp. I’m paranoid enough to always have my passport with me when I’m overseas, but it needs to be in some form of protective covering.

Clean Out Your Wallet Before Travelling

Preparing for a trip? Business and financial advice blog Kiplinger recommends cleaning out your wallet of excess credit and debit cards, and keeping the ones you do take separate.

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