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Facebook Messenger Now Has Group Calling

Android/iOS: Starting today you’ll be able to start up group VoIP calls right from the Facebook Messenger app, which pairs up nicely with regular free voice calls already available in the app.

Zencastr Records Podcast VOIP Audio From Your Guest's Computer

Recording your own podcast is a pretty complicated affair, but Zencastr is a web app currently in beta that allows you to record audio on multiple computers, then upload that all to Dropbox.

Ask LH: Will Paying For Skype Improve The Quality?

Hi Lifehacker, My parents live overseas and I’m so frustrated with Skype calls dropping out every two minutes, slap back echo, and other general annoyances. I know it’s free, but will this stop if I use their paid-for service and buy Skype credit to call a landline or mobile phone? What are the best alternatives out there to make a cheap international call?

How Awkward Pauses In Online Calls Change Our Perceptions Of People

We all know the feeling, you’re chatting with your friend or even your boss over the internet and you interrupt them awkwardly. A silence ensues as you both try to let each other talk. Then you interrupt each other again and face another awkward silence before sighing collectively at the failure of modern technology to make our modern lives as modern as we want them to be.

Reminder: WhatsApp Voice Calls Won't Be Free

Just days after being purchased by Facebook for a cool $19 billion and saying nothing would change, WhatsApp is promising one change later this year: “free” voice calls . Support for voice is a useful addition to any messaging platform, but remember: it won’t be free. Anytime you’re using 3G or 4G, you’ll have to pay for the data.

Bolt Provides Free VoiP Calling On Android Built Into A Dialler App

Android: One of the biggest problems with VoIP apps on mobile phones is that they require you to juggle multiple different apps for calling based on how the person you’re talking to will receive it. Bolt simplifies that by using VoIP when talking to another Bolt user and your regular mobile lan with everyone else.

Keku For Chrome Makes Cheap International Calls From Your Computer

Chrome: Low-cost calling service Keku has a new Chrome App that gives you the power to assign “local” numbers to your international friends. You can make super-cheap calls one on one or in a group setting, right from your browser.

VoIP Use On The Rise

A new CHOICE survey has found that over half of Australians are taking advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as a low-cost alternative to traditional telco offerings.

Dealhacker: 50% Off Skype Cards

If you’re looking to top up on prepaid Skype cards, paying full price would be a bit silly. Coles, Woolworths and Target are all currently selling both the $10 and $25 varieties for half the recommended retail price — $5 and $12.50 apiece.

Skype Adds New Video Messaging Feature

Skype has added a new video messaging feature to its suite of apps. You can now leave video messages free of charge for any of your contacts.

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