Tretflix Is A Ready-To-Install Downloading PC Packed With Usenet Tools

Usenet is a great resource for lots of different things, and we’ve talked about a number of great apps to use to get the most out of Usenet. Tretflix is a custom, ready-to-install operating system that wraps them all up into an easy-to-use package. All you do is provide the hardware.

Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter Now Migrates VMware Images To Azure

Microsoft’s Virtual Machine Converter automatically converts VMware virtual machines into the Hyper-V platform. The newly-released version 2.0 adds another trick: the ability to automatically migrate existing VMware images into Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Why The Xbox One Doesn't Use Hyper-V

Microsoft’s aim with the Xbox One was to use as much Windows technology as possible, and when Windows Threshold appears, it should be theoretically possible to run a single piece of code on both platforms. Yet despite that Windows dependency and the need to run multiple apps in parallel, the Xbox One doesn’t actually use Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualisation technology. This is why.

Host Your Own Blog On A Server You Control With Virtualbox

We’ve discussed some of the best blogging platforms and web hosts, but if you prefer to really control your data, there’s no reason you can’t do it all at home. All you need is Virtualbox, a virtual machine (VM) as your web server, and a shared folder for your posts and blog content. Maymay shows us how it’s done.

How Multiple Hypervisors Might Actually Save You Money

Diversity brings complexity. If you want to maximise the benefits of any IT platform or service and reduce the costs, it helps to standardise on a single choice. But when it comes to virtualisation, the odds are growing that you’ll end up with more than one hypervisor to manage — and that might work out cheaper.

Key Trends Changing How We Use Servers In 2014

Virtualisation and widespread cloud adoption means that servers play a more crucial role in the enterprise than ever. Here are some key trends that will influence how you deploy servers in your business in 2014.

Add VMware To Your Chromebook To Launch Windows Apps

Chromebooks are cheap, flexible and effective — but they can’t run Windows apps. Now Google says it is working with VMware to introduce a Chrome Web Store app that will allow Windows apps to run on Chromebooks within a virtualised environment.

Get Free VM Images For Internet Explorer Testing

Compatibility testing for older versions of Internet Explorer can be a nuisance, and doubly so if you’re on a non-Windows platform. Handily, Microsoft provides free virtual machine (VM) images of Windows running specific IE versions that you can use in your hypervisor of choice, and the recent addition of IE 11 to the set seems a good reason to revisit that option.

How To Ensure A Successful VDI Rollout

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can greatly simplify managing individual machines, but isn’t always popular with end users. Andrew Dimech, head of IT at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), offers some simple tips on how to ensure VDI is widely adopted.