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Make A Duct Tape Electric Rose

So you forgot to buy flowers for your partner and it’s too late to run out now. But you have a workbench. You are a life hacker, after all. So you probably have duct tape and LEDS and batteries? Then what are you waiting for?

Housenet: A 'Hookup' App For People Who Hate Valentine's Day

Housenet is a social networking app designed to introduce local residents to each other for platonic fun. According to the creators, it’s also a great way to arrange a non-romantic play date on Valentine’s Day with like-minded neighbours.

Online Dating Without The Hassle

The Valentine’s Day frenzy is over for another year. If you’re single, you may be tempted / pressured / anxious to get back into the dating scene as a result. Online dating is the obvious solution, but how can you avoid the rip-offs and the weirdos?

Should Mac Owners Date Windows Owners?

Yes, that’s a ridiculous question; clearly, no-one should base their relationship choices on something as superficial as the operating system they use. But equally clearly, lots of people make bad choices, a fact underlined by the surprisingly central role Valentine’s Day seems to play in maintaining relationships. Desperate times might seem to call for desperate measures. Nonetheless, you should look beyond the boot sector disk when you’re making a bootie call.

Who Won Our Red Balloon Valentine's Day Prize?

The entries for our Valentine’s Day competition, offering a $300 Red Balloon voucher, attracted some interesting, touching and horrific stories of romance gone wrong. But there can only be one winner, and that winner is . . .

Geeky Valentine's Day: Hack Your Partner's Tech

Haven’t organised a Valentine’s Day present and want to share your love in a geeky way? Surprise your significant other by putting those romantic messages in the last place they’d expect to see them: their tech.

Top 10 Relationship Hacks

We’ve already given you tips on how to pick the ideal Valentine’s Day present, but establishing a successful relationship requires more than just one nice gift each year. We’ve combed the Lifehacker archives for our best-ever relationship tips.

Win A $300 Experience Voucher For Valentine's Day

We’ve already offered some suggestions on buying the right Valentine’s Day gift, but if you win this competition, your problems are solved. One lucky ready will score a $300 voucher from Red Balloon, which you can spend on any experience offered through the site.

Top 10 Rules For Not-Dull Valentine's Gifts

So it’s Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, you’re lucky enough to be in love, but you’re so disorganised you haven’t yet sorted out a present. Hit the right note and avoid the boring chocolate/roses option with our comprehensive guide to making a great Valentine’s Day impression.

Hack Your Long-Term Relationship by Embracing the Unfamiliar

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the New York Times examines the common “date night” tradition, highlighting studies that suggest making date night unfamiliar and exciting rather than the standard dinner-and-a-movie can do wonders for a stale relationship. For example: One group was instructed to spend 90 minutes a week doing pleasant and familiar activities, like dining out or going to a movie. Couples in another group were instructed to spend 90 minutes a week on “exciting” activities that appealed to both husband and wife. Those couples did things they didn’t typically do — attending concerts or plays, skiing, hiking and dancing. The third group was not assigned any particular activity.

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