Twitter Now Allows You To Receive Direct Messages From Anyone

Twitter has enabled a new feature where you can receive direct messages from anyone, regardless of whether or not you follow them back.

Google's Trusted Places Disables Your Lock Screen Within Geofences

Android: The Smart Lock feature in Android allows you to disable your lock screen selectively based on criteria such as location or voice recognition. A recent update to this feature allows you to set geofence areas around a place, rather than only entering a street address.

Cloud Patches: Google Cloud Dataflow, Azure Premium Storage

The latest updates and additions for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

SharePoint Server 2016 Will Actually Come Out In 2016

Years in software names are rarely reliable. Office 2016 will be out well before 2016 itself rolls around. But SharePoint Server 2016, the next version of Microsoft’s venerable intranet platform, actually will make its official appearance in 2016.

Any.do Adds Improved Navigation, Collaborative Lists

Android/iOS/Chrome/Mac/Web: It’s hard to pick a single to-do list manager we like, but Any.do has a lot to love. The service has updated all of its apps across all platforms with a slick new interface, collaborative lists, and tablet support.

Flashlight, The App That Powers Up Spotlight, Is Out Of Beta

Mac: We loved Flashlight when it first launched as an experiment and today it’s officially out of beta. That means it’s a little more stable and faster, and has a bunch of new plugins.

Patch Tuesday: No Fooling With April's Four Critical Updates

April Patch Tuesday is here, and this time around there are four critical updates (and another seven ) for your Windows administration pleasure.

Cloud Patches: AWS Machine Learning, Azure DocumentDB

The latest updates and additions for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

LastPass For Android Gets Design Refresh, Simplifies Adding New Items

Android: LastPass is a Lifehacker favourite, but it hasn’t always been the prettiest app. Today, that changes. On Android, at least.

Google Calendar Brings Back, Improves Month View On Mobile

Android: For reasons unknown, Google removed the full Month view from Calendar on Android, opting instead for the condensed version seen above on the right. While Month view has always been clumsy, the new solution wasn’t much better. Now the old one’s back and Google has even improved it a bit.