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Cortana For Windows 10 Finally Gets A Dinky-Di Aussie Version

The latest major update for Windows 10 has ushered in some interesting improvements. Among the new additions is an official Australian version of the digital assistant Cortana. Hurrah!

Google Maps For iOS Adds Spoken Traffic Alerts

iPhone: Google’s updated Google Maps for iOS with spoken traffic alerts, which means you’ll get notified of all the upcoming delays on your route while you’re driving.

Google Drive Now Sends Sharing Notifications On Mobile

Android/iOS: While Google Drive is great for sharing files, it’s always been a little more cumbersome than it needs to be on mobile. Now that’s changing, with sharing notifications and more mobile features.

Evernote On iOS Now Lets You Sketch Or Hand Write In Notes

iPhone/iPad: Ever wish you could just make a quick sketch or handwritten note in Evernote? Your wish has come true today, at least on iOS.

Facebook's New Mobile Notifications Look A Lot Like Google Now

Android/iOS: Today, Facebook announced that your mobile notifications will get a huge overhaul. In addition to a new look, Facebook is adding information like sports scores, reminders, and tons more.

Wunderlist For Android Updates With Quicker Ways To Add To-Dos, Integration With Google Now On Tap

Android: Elegant list manager Wunderlist — one of our favourites — just got a brand new look and some cool features that make adding new to-dos and viewing their details even easier.

Microsoft Office 2016 Is Live, Adds Real-Time Collaboration, Skype For Business

Microsoft has released the newest version of Office. The biggest addition is real-time collaborative editing, much like Google Docs, plus built-in integration with Skype for Business.

This Chart Shows How Long iOS And Nexus Devices Get Updates

When you buy a new phone, you might reasonably want to know how long it’s going to get software updates. This chart helps you get an idea of what each platform is like by examining iOS vs. Nexus support lifetimes.

The Best Apps Updated With New iOS 9 Features

iOS 9 doesn’t bring along a ton of new features, but with multitasking, Spotlight Search, and Quick Reply, apps need to get updated before you can use them. Here’s a list of some of the better apps that’ve been updated.

Enable Metered Connection To Delay Windows 10 Updates

With Windows 10, system updates will now occur regularly in the background. Like Gmail or Facebook, these updates will be automatic and mandatory. If you want to try to delay these updates, enable the “Metered connection” option in Settings.

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