Cloud Patches: Azure SQL Upgrades, AWS SDK For Java

Last week in cloud computing: Azure saw significant enhancements to its SQL database offerings, while Amazon took a new approach to Java development.

Allcast Adds Device Mirroring To Chrome, Removes 10 Minute Limit

Android/Chrome: Allcast is already one of the best Chromecast apps. Now, it has become even better with the ability to mirror your phone’s display to the Allcast receiver extension in Chrome. Also, the free version gets rid of that pesky 10-minute streaming limit to Chromecasts (though it replaces this with a watermark).

Dropbox Pro Now Has 1TB Of Storage, New Sharing And Security Options

Dropbox is an awesome cloud storage service which integrates well with everything, but if you need more than the 2GB on the Free (plus whatever free extras you can scrounge) it can become expensive. So we’re happy to learn that Dropbox Pro has simplified its plans and expanded its storage: 1TB now costs $10.99 a month.

Chrome's Faster, More Stable 64-Bit Builds Now Available On Windows

Windows: A few months ago, Chrome released 64-bit builds for Windows in its Dev and Canary channels. The newest version of Chrome brings these to the stable channel for all to enjoy.

The Best And Worst Android Manufacturers For Quick Updates, KitKat Edition

One of Android’s biggest downsides is the speed at which you receive updates: some phones will take months to get the latest version of Android. Ars Technica runs down the best (and worst) manufacturers for quick updates.

Google Adds Office Editing To Docs And Sheets For iOS, Releases Slides

iOS: Google has released updates for its Google Docs and Google Sheets apps for iOS that make it possible to open, edit and save Microsoft Office documents. Google Slides for iOS also makes it debut.

Steam Now Lets You Install Multiple Games At Once

Overdosed at a recent sale? Steam now lets you install multiple games at once.

Cloud Patches: Azure's On/Off Week, Amazon SNS Enhancements

Last week in cloud computing: Azure went offline but then launched a stack of new options, while Amazon enhanced SNS and Cloudfront.

OneNote For Android Adds Handwriting Input, Tablet Support

Microsoft has updated its awesome note-taking tool OneNote for Android, with handwriting support and more formatting options added to the Ribbon.