Google Hangouts For Chrome Updated With A New Look

Windows/Mac: Google updated the Hangouts Chrome app today with a brand-new design that makes it a lot more appealing to use. The updated app looks a lot like the Android and iOS versions of Hangouts.

Outlook.com Adds Clutter Clean-Up Tool, Add-Ins

Microsoft seems very keen on its Clutter tool for automatically filing email right now. Not only is it being added to Office 365, a version of it is also being incorporated into its free Outlook.com web-based email service.

Spotify's Next Update Brings Video, Podcasts, Smart Playlists

Spotify announced today that podcasts, video content and playlists generated to perfectly fit your mood are all coming in its next major update. Here’s everything you need to know.

Apple Upgrades Watch OS To 1.01

Along with the predictable performance upgrades, Apple Watch OS 1.01 also brings better Siri integration and improved health tracking ability.

Facebook Messenger Video Calls Now Work In Australia

Facebook launched a video chat feature for its Messenger app last month, but it wasn’t available to Australian users. Today that has changed, with the feature enabled down under.

Rdio Announces A New, Limited $6 Streaming Music Subscription

Rdio, one of the more popular streaming music services out there, just announced a new tier of service. For $5.99 a month, you can listen to unlimited ad-free radio on your mobile device, plus 25 on-demand downloads that you can listen to offline.

All Seven Versions Of Windows 10 Explained

When Windows 10 finally appears this year, there will be at least seven separate versions of it available. Here’s what’s on offer in each.

Patch Tuesday: Not Dead Yet

Microsoft’s long term plan with Windows 10 is to kill off Patch Tuesday, but that hasn’t happened yet. This week’s round of updates includes 13 patches and 3 critical updates.

Office 365 Now Lets You Choose Who Gets Early Updates

Office 365 offers a ‘First Release’ option that allows organisations to opt in for new products and test versions, but the original version was something of an “all or nothing” affair. Microsoft has now tweaked First Release so you can set it only to roll out updates to individuals.

Google Maps Adds Your Event, Reservation And Flight Results

Android: Google makes it pretty easy to surface your own info within its products. Now it’s extending some of that usefulness to Google Maps. When you’re in the app, you can now search for “my events,” “my reservations” or “my flights” to see results related to your Google account.