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Ask LH: Should I Upgrade To MacOS Sierra?

Dear Lifehacker, Sierra is out today and some of the new features, like Siri, look pretty great. Of course, it seems like a small enough upgrade, but that doesn’t mean things won’t go bad. You’ve been using it, what do you think? Should I upgrade, or wait?

Pause Windows 10 Updates Easily From The Command Line

Windows: Windows 10 automatically downloads updates in the background, which can be rough on slow or capped internet. Fortunately, there’s a way to pause downloads from the command line.

Amazon Kindle's New Page Flip Feature Simplifies Jumping Between Pages

The Kindle is great for reading, but it’s horrible for research. If you need to bounce back and forth between pages for comparison, it has always been a bit of a pain. Page Flip is a new feature rolling out to the Kindle apps and ereaders that should help.

Microsoft Buys Swiftkey, Will Integrate Predictive Tech Into Its Keyboards

Today, Microsoft and SwiftKey made a joint announcement that the latter would be joining the former. Microsoft has acquired Swiftkey and will be implementing the company’s predictive technology into its products over the coming months.

The Amazon Kindle Gets A Design Refresh With A New Home Screen, Better Access To Settings

Amazon is rolling out an update to the Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage this month that will change the way your home screen looks. Alongside the new home screen, it will also give you better access to common settings and recommendations for books.

Twitter For Mac Finally Gets Updated To Support Twitter's Newer Features

Mac: It has been a long time since Twitter bothered to do anything with their Mac app, let alone anything substantial. This time around, the app’s actually got some legs on it, supporting a variety of newish Twitter features.

Evernote Is Ending Support For Clearly And Most Versions Of Skitch

A few Evernote apps will no longer be updated or available for download in the new year. These include screenshot and annotating tool Skitch and Clearly, which makes web pages more readable.

Plex Is Now Free For Xbox And PlayStation

Good news, Xbox and PlayStation owners: You can now stream your media to your TV from your gaming console with Plex. The app is out of the review stage and is free to use without a Plex Pass subscription.

Download Updates For Gaming Consoles Before Gifting Them

An Xbox or a Playstation is a pretty sweet gift, and if you’re planning on giving one for Christmas, chances are, the recipient will want to open it up and play right away. To make this doable, download any necessary software and updates before wrapping the console.

Google Play Music's Family Plan Is Finally Rolling Out

Google announced a family subscription plan for Google Play Music a few months ago, but the option to sign up is just starting to roll out. Soon you’ll be able to share Google Play Music with five other people.

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