Pushbullet Responds To Android Notification Actions From The Desktop

Android: One of the most useful features of Android’s notifications is the ability to perform actions like archiving an email or “favoriting” a tweet from the notification. Now, Pushbullet can take those same actions with its mirrored notifications.

Skype Is Readying A Real-Time Translation Feature

Windows: Skype has previewed a real-time translating feature that lets you communicate directly with people in other languages.

Cloud Patches: AWS Glacier Tweaks, Azure SQL Update

Last week in cloud computing: new options for AWS Glacier, Azure SQL preview, and more.

Hangouts Adds Intelligent Location Sharing, Video Call Filters

Android/iOS: Today, Google added the ability to quickly share your location to Hangouts. When someone asks “Where are you?” you will now be prompted to share your location — which is better than keeping location sharing on all the time.

LastPass Can Now Automatically Change Your Passwords

LastPass just announced a new feature for the password manager that automatically changes your password for sites when a hack is reported.

Dashlane Password Changer Can Change Hacked Passwords With One Click

Every week it seems there’s a new hack. Using a password manager is important, but changing passwords can still be a pain. Dashlane’s new Password Changer takes the hassle away by letting you click once to change a hacked site’s password to a new, strong one, and save it in your vault.

VLC For Android Finally Reaches Full, Stable Version

Android: VLC has been one of our favourite media players for seemingly forever. After a lengthy stint in a beta (plus some region lock annoyances), the Android app finally graduated to version 1.0. It’s now out of beta, though releasing on time is still up for debate.

Patch Tuesday: Seven The Hard Way

After last month’s gargantuan Patch Tuesday, the final update cycle of 2014 is a more sedate affair. Seven patches are vying for your attention, spread across Windows, Office and Exchange.

Cloud Patches: AWS Cuts Data Transfer Prices, Azure AD Improves Privacy

Last week in cloud computing: AWS cut prices on data transfer, Azure Active Directory tweaks how it stores mobile phone numbers for two-factor authentication, and more.

AirDroid Gets A Native Desktop App That Mirrors Your Android's Screen

Windows/Mac with Android: AirDroid is the best way to manage your Android phone from the web, and the latest iteration brings a desktop app with a few new features — most notably the ability to control your phone right from your PC.