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Twitter Now Lets Anyone Collect Tweets Into Moments, Embed Them In Web Pages

Twitter Moments isn’t necessarily one of Twitter’s most popular features (then again, it’s not the worst either), but they’re getting more interesting today. Now, any user can collect a group of related tweets and share it as a single Moment.

Lifehacker Is Now On Instagram! Cool! Hip! Wizard!

Lifehacker Australia (that’s us) is finally on Instagram. Follow us for a daily dose of photos and videos featuring the best taste tests, exercise hacks, work spaces and tech tips on the planet! You know you want to.

Clever Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook, Twitter, YouTube And More [Infographic]

Keeping your hands off the mouse and on the keyboard can be a big time saver, but only if you know the shortcuts that make navigating the web easy in the first place. This cheat sheet is packed with keyboard shortcuts for common features on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+ and even a few for Ello.

Storm It Lets You Publish Long Messages To Twitter As 'Tweetstorms'

Android: In Twitter parlance, a “tweetstorm” is a string of multiple tweets intended to be read as one long message. It’s essentially a way to circumvent Twitter’s signature character limit, and Storm It helps you automate the process when you just have a lot to say.

App Directory: The Best Twitter Client For Windows

The field of Twitter clients for Windows has been culled over the years, but there are still a few developers working hard on some killer apps. Aeries has stuck out with us as an impressive Twitter client capable of keeping up with professional needs with a Universal Windows app.

Tweetbot Adds Timeline Filters To Give Your Full Control Over Your Twitter Feed

iOS: Tweetbot got an update today with a new feature called timeline filters. It allows you set up filters of specific content to really tailor your feed to your needs.

iPhone Twitter App Showdown: Tweetbot Vs. Twitter

There are dozens of Twitter clients for the iPhone, but the official Twitter app and the third-party Tweetbot are two of the most popular. One’s free, the other’s pretty expensive at $US9.99 ($14.99). Let’s dig into the main differences between the two, and see if the difference in experience is worth the difference in cost.

Millions Of Twitter Passwords Appear To Have Been Leaked Online

If the recent security breaches (or should we say alleged security breaches) of Myspace, Tumblr, Netflix and LinkedIn data have taught us anything it’s that all our passwords need to be changed. But if you haven’t got round to your Twitter log-ins then now is a perfect time, because according to reports today more than 32.8 million supposed Twitter usernames and passwords have been stolen and shared.

How Social Media Can Make You More Employable

Before we begin, take a look at your social media platforms. All of them. As best you can, view your profiles through the eyes of the recruiting professionals searching for the next occupant of your dream job. What do you see? What picture is painted by your personal info, posts, likes and photos? Would you hire you?

Charm For iPhone Gives You Incredible Control Over Your Twitter Experience

iOS: Twitter is a great feed, but saving interesting tweets for later, making playlists of songs you find and collecting interesting or on-topic tweets into lists is difficult, and deserves more than a “favourite” button. That’s where Charm comes in — it makes all of that super easy.

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