Find And Remove Twitter 'Egg' Followers With This Google Script

Twitter is a great way to reach out to others, but there are an insane number of bots and fake accounts out there. If you want to remove all of your “egg” followers, this simple Google Script helps you weed them out.

Twitter Starts Showing Tweets You Might Have Missed

Twitter is making yet another tweak to what shows up in your timeline. Starting from today, it will show tweets from earlier in the day under a “While You Were Away” heading.

Electoral Quickly Builds And Finds Popular Twitter Lists

We’ve talked before about how lists can really help you clean up your Twitter account, but they take a lot of work to make yourself. Electoral is a simple web app that makes creating and following lists a little easier.

Just How Secure Is Your Twitter Account?

The Twittersphere is abuzz about the news on Monday that ISIS or their affiliates are suspected of hacking and compromising the US Central Command’s official Twitter account. As of Monday afternoon in the US, the US Centcom’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were shut down.

Falcon Pro Returns To The Play Store With Columns, Multi-Account

Android: Falcon Pro has been our choice as the best Twitter client for a while, but Twitter hasn’t made it easy. After some trouble with authentication tokens, Falcon Pro was removed from the Play Store. It’s back now, with a vengeance — or at least in-app purchases.

Pullquote Makes Sharing Quotes And Images On Twitter Quick And Easy

Chrome: We love a good quote here at Lifehacker. Using the Pullquote app for Chrome, sharing quotes on Twitter is easier — and prettier — than ever. It makes the quote a nice, retweet-friendly image.

Check Out Your Twitter Analytics With The iOS App

iOS: Even if you don’t pay attention to your Klout or other scores, you might be curious about the reach of your tweets. Twitter Analytics are typically for business clients, but now anyone with the iOS Twitter app can see these stats.

See Your Year's 'Best Of' On Facebook And Twitter With ThinkUp

Ever wonder what your most popular tweets were in 2014, or what kind of subject matter you tend to post about most often? Social media aggregator ThinkUp is spending the month of December racking up insights from the past year, and they’re super fun (not to mention useful).

Delete Your Embarrassing Tweets Now That They Are Searchable

Twitter now allows you to search all public tweets, all the way back to your first tweet. Now’s the time to delete anything you regret.

Bird-Themed Meeting Rooms And Plenty Of Food: Inside Twitter HQ

Fancy working for Twitter? Its San Francisco headquarters stick with the company’s ornithological theme, with meeting rooms and restaurants named after birds. And like any Silicon Valley firm keen to retain staff, there’s a lot of free food on offer.