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How Twitter's 140-Character Limit Made Me A Better Writer

Twitter is planning to extend its typical 140-character limit, and a lot of people are welcoming the change. But as annoying as the 140-character limit can be, I’ve found that it actually helped me practise a few principles for better writing.

Twitter Adds A Feature To Monitor Devices Connected To Your Account

Twitter released a new data dashboard tool today that allows you to see login activity to help ensure no extra devices are connected to your account. When you head to the Twitter data dashboard, you’ll now see a list of login activity.

Linky For iOS Adds Loads Of Share Options For Social Networks

iOS: Sharing links and images on iOS got a lot easier in iOS 8, but it still doesn’t offer you much control. Linky is a small little app that does just that.

These Are The Best Times To Tweet For Maximum Engagement

If you’re looking to expand your follower base and get more retweets, favourites and clicks, it all comes down to timing. According to a massive four-year study, these time windows are the best times to get more engagement with your tweets.

Twitter Introduces Autoplay Videos, Here's How To Turn Them Off

Twitter is rolling out a new video (and GIF) autoplay feature today. This means ads, videos and Vines will play automatically as you scroll through your timeline. Annoyingly, it’s enabled by default, but you can disable it — here’s how.

Twitter Adds Block List Sharing

Twitter has added the ability to share your block lists with other users, making it substantially simpler to cut down on social media noise and bullying.

Tweetbot For Mac Updated With New Look, Timeline Search

Mac: Tweetbot has long been considered one of the best (albeit expensive) Twitter apps for the Mac. Today, it gets better with an update that brings in a brand new, Yosemite-inspired look, alongside a bunch of new features.

Periscope Is Available On Android

When Twitter released its Periscope live video streaming app back in March, it was an iOS-only affair. Now you can use it on Android devices as well.

Google Is Now Searching Twitter, So You Have Nowhere To Hide

Google’s ambitions to make everything searchable as soon as it happens just stepped up a notch. It is now going to show relevant tweets direct from Twitter when you search.

Twitter Now Allows You To Receive Direct Messages From Anyone

Twitter has enabled a new feature where you can receive direct messages from anyone, regardless of whether or not you follow them back.

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