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Finch Is A Robust Twitter Client That Hasn't Hit A Token Limit Yet

Android: Twitter clients are often pretty similar, but they suffer from a major downfall. Twitter’s dumb token limit. After popular client Fenix was pulled from the Play Store, Finch has stepped up as a new alternative.

Build A Twitter-Based Home Automation System With A Raspberry Pi

Video: There are all sorts of variations on Raspberry Pi-powered home automation systems, but ARM Tutorials shows off a pretty simple project that uses Twitter as the backbone.

Six Ways Twitter Has Changed The World

After 10 years of documenting the world in 140 characters, Twitter now has more than 300 million active users. This might be far fewer than Facebook’s 1.5 billion, but Twitter arguably has a disproportionate influence on the world, partly because it attracts a significant number of politicians, journalists and celebrities. Our expert panel explain how their field has been changed by the little blue bird.

Tweet A Genius: Apple Support Lands On Twitter

Apple has launched a new Twitter account, @AppleSupport, so you can skip the Genius Bar queues – or make random complaints about all sorts of stuff based on what we’ve seen so far.

How To Take Your Timeline Back From All Of Twitter's Weird Changes, Ads And Promoted Tweets

Twitter has been on a tear making a ton of changes that its users never asked for. From today’s new “best of” module, to promoted tweets and “while you were away”, it’s all cruft to someone who just wants a clean stream to read. Here’s how to take your timeline back.

Twitter Begins Rolling Out Algorithmic Timeline, Will Be Opt-In At First

Today, Twitter is beginning the biggest change to its service in years. Users will begin to see an algorithmic timeline over the next few weeks, as an alternative to the pure chronological view we have now.

Featured Workspace: Inside Twitter's Swanky New Australian Office

Twitter launched its presence in Australia in 2013 but didn’t have a proper office until this year. The US-based social media company has finally settled into a fancy permanent workspace and Lifehacker Australia was invited to take a tour of the new joint. Here’s a guided tour of what’s cool about the Twitter Australia office.

How To Win At Social Media, The Trump Way

By blowing up Twitter with controversial comments and posting 15-second political videos on Instagram, Donald Trump is proving to be a master manipulator who understands social media more than any other presidential candidate, according to experts on politics and social media.

Little-Voices Filters Images, Links, And Replies Out Of Twitter

iPhone: Find yourself wanting for a simpler time on Twitter, when it was just a wall of text-based tweet? Little-Voices is a little app that will provide just that.

ParrotRead Scans Your Twitter Feed For Book Recommendations 

Figuring out which book to read next can be tough, but assuming you follow some bright, intelligent people on Twitter, ParrotRead can use their knowledge to find reading recommendations.

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