The Ideal Status Length Is 100 Characters For Twitter, 40 For Facebook

No one wants to read a social media status that feels like a book. According to Buffer, there might be “ideal” lengths for getting the most responses.

Twitter Is Adding Real-Time Notifications

If you use Twitter’s webapp, you’ll be used to seeing notifications that you have new interactions in the top bar. Soon, you’ll see those pop up directly in your timeline.

Tweetz Is A Simple, Attractive And Efficient Desktop Twitter Client

Windows: With MetroTwit shutting down, you might be looking for a new desktop Twitter client. Tweetz is a good option to consider if you don’t need power tools but want a clean and simple interface for Twitter. Filters Twitter Users For Easy List Management

Twitter lists can help clean up your feed, but creating lists is a painful job right now, where you have to individually search for and add users. simplifies the process with powerful list management tools.

How To Opt Out Of Twitter's New Photo Tagging

Recently, Twitter rolled out a couple of new photo features, one of which is the ability to tag the people in a photo. If you’d rather not be tagged in Twitter photos, here’s how to prevent it from happening.

How People Can Track You On Twitter, Even If You Don't Use Geotags

Privacy is important, but even when you’re careful to not leak your info publicly, researchers can still figure out where you are fairly easily. Ars Technica explains how.

'Functional Programming' Is An Anagram Of 'Malfunctioning Program'

We like this for two reasons. First, anagrams are awesome. Secondly, even if you’re not an adherent of the functional programming approach, there are several lessons here every developer can heed.

Find The First Tweet Anyone Ever Sent

OK, here’s a way to waste time on a Friday morning: check out the first tweet that any Twitter account ever sent.

'We Experienced Unexpected Complications': The Language Of Twitter Outages

Twitter was down for three-quarters of an hour this morning (meaning dedicated Twitter users had nowhere to complain about Twitter being unavailable). Twitter’s explanation for what happened is a reminder that no deployment is immune from unexpected problems — and also a nifty example of how to understate those issues.

Tweetbot Adds A New Font Option, Larger Thumbnails And Better Muting

iOS: Tweetbot, our pick for the best Twitter client for the iPhone , got an update today with a handful of new features, including a new font, a better thumbnail display, and the ability to instantly mute tweets.