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Enable A Hidden Dark Theme In Windows 10 Apps With A Registry Edit

Windows 10’s interface is pretty slick, but if you’re not a fan of bright colours on your screen, it might be a little hard on the eyes. You can switch to a darker theme for many system apps with a little tweak.

Extend The Life Of Any Laptop With These Four Tweaks

If you’re shelling out hard-earned cash on a laptop, then you want to make sure you get years of service out of it. Some wear and tear (both physical and digital) is inevitable along the way, but if you take good care of your machine you can keep it running smoothly for longer — just like a well-maintained car or bicycle. Here are four tips and tweaks that will extend the life of any laptop.

Classic Hacks: How To Fix Movies With Really Inconsistent Sound

If you’re planning on settling in for a weekend movie night over the next few days, you want to make sure that you’re not having to change the volume every minute as the scenes change between quiet dialogue and REALLY LOUD action sequences. Here’s how to fix that problem in a few different ways.

Revert To The Old Volume Slider In Windows 10

The new volume slider in Windows 10 is pretty, but if you’re hankering for the old look or that handy link to the full Mixer, you can get the old one back with just a bit of Registry hacking.

How To Disable Animations In Windows (And Make It Feel Faster)

Windows isn’t huge on the eye candy these days, but it still contains a lot of superfluous animations. Here’s how to turn them off.

Every iOS Setting You Should Check When You Get A New Phone

Once upon a time, iOS “just worked” out of the box. But over the years, Apple’s introduced all kinds of features to iOS that most of us don’t want to use. I’ve been an iOS user since the start, and for the first time recently decided to do a clean install instead of loading my settings from a backup. I forgot how many default settings I had to change just to make iOS useable

How To Completely Uninstall OneDrive In Windows 10

OneDrive comes installed with Windows 10 and is enabled by default if you sign on with a Microsoft account. If you don’t use OneDrive, however, and you don’t want it running in the background, there are some hoops you can jump through to disable it or get rid of it everywhere in Windows 10.

How To Get Rid Of The OneDrive Icon In Windows 10's File Explorer

Like previous versions of Windows, File Explorer has a space-wasting OneDrive icon in the left sidebar. If you don’t use OneDrive, you can remove this icon with a simple registry tweak.

How To Activate 'God Mode' In Windows 10

With Windows 10, settings are split between the Control Panel and the Settings app. If you’d like an all-inclusive starting point for Windows commands, enable God Mode.

De-Mystifying The Dark Corners Of Windows: The Registry, DLLs And More

If your Windows chops extend in any capacity beyond novice, you’ve no doubt encountered the ever-cryptic Windows Registry, DLL files, User Account Control and other tools with seemingly dark and mysterious powers. Here, we’ll explain some of Windows’ most confusing features, so you know exactly what’s happening when you go to edit them.

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