Ask LH: Can I Watch International Soccer Without Paying For Foxtel?

Hey Lifehacker, Now that the real football season has come to an end (“soccer” as most folk here call it), I am looking at my options for the upcoming season. I subscribed to Foxtel Play fit to get my EPL, Championship and A-League fix, but I’m not particularly keen on paying for a bunch of additional channels that I will never watch.

Netflix Is Getting Its First Big Web Interface Update In Four Years

Netflix has experimented with its interface a lot over the years, but there’s always been a bit of a disconnect between how the service looks in your browser and your various apps. Now, the company is updating its web site with a huge UI change to make it more app-like.

Ask LH: Can I Switch My US Netflix Account To Australia?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m one of the 250,000-odd Australians who already had a US Netflix account prior to its local launch this year. Given that with the exchange rate it’s slightly cheaper in Australia (and that I can switch between the services with a VPN), is there any way I can switch my account over? I don’t want to create a new Australian Netflix account and lose the curated ‘My List’ attached to my US account.

Why Community TV Deserves To Keep Its Spectrum

A new campaign is underway this week to persuade the federal government to reverse its decision to push community television stations off the allocated broadcast spectrum at the end of this year in favour of online-only programming.

Telstra Has Dumped That Ridiculous Time Restriction For Mobile Foxtel

When Telstra relaunched its Mobile Foxtel TV-channels-on-your-phone product last week, we noted that its limit of 30 minutes viewing a day and 200 total minutes viewing a month rendered it a terrible and pointless product. After we mentioned that, Telstra told us it never intended those restrictions to be included, and it has now altered the terms and conditions so that viewing via its Android and iOS apps isn’t subject to limits.

Is Netflix Australia Showing Censored Versions Of Movies?

Dear Lifehacker, Movies and TV shows broadcast in Australia often have subtle (or not-so-subtle) cuts when compared to the overseas versions, mainly due to censorship. With Netflix now in Australia, I was wondering whether they’re streaming Australian edits, or the original version?

Ask LH: How Can I Watch State Of Origin In HD?

Dear Lifehacker, Is there any chance I’ll get to watch State Of Origin live in HD on my TV this year?

Channel Seven Is About To Start Streaming More Sport

A common complaint for Australian TV viewers is that sport rarely ends up on streaming services — the only way to watch live is still often TV. Seven is about to improve that situation a little, promising live streaming to mobiles for some of its key events, including Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

How Streaming Star Trek Chews Through The Data

No, not that Data. But if you’re a serious Star Trek junkie, you can now stream every episode of the original series, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine on Stan. The costs of doing so however, could be massive.

Telstra's Mobile Foxtel Relaunches, Still Bad Value

Telstra has tweaked its Mobile Foxtel TV-to-smartphone offering several times in recent years, but it remains something of a niche offering. The latest “relaunch” makes some tweaks to the service, but there’s still a nasty sting in the conditions which makes it essentially impossible to recommend.