What Will The 340,000 Australians Already Using Netflix Do Now?

New research by CHOICE suggests that 340,000 Australian households are already paying to access the US version of Netflix. What will happen to those customers when Netflix officially launches in Australia next year?

How Netflix Will Help Destroy Australian Drama

Netflix is coming to Australia next March. That’s good news for people dissatisfied with our lacklustre local TV networks — but it’s potentially very bad news for the production of dramas showing Australians, not Americans, on screen.

Netflix Launching In Australia In March 2015

After years of speculation, it’s official: streaming TV service Netflix will launch in Australia (and New Zealand) in March next year.

Stan, The Streaming Service: What We Know So Far

A launch event today unveiled Stan: an Australian streaming TV and movie service jointly developed by Channel Nine and Fairfax. What will it offer and how will it compete with already-here Quickflix, Fetch TV and Presto, not to mention endlessly-rumoured-to-be-arriving Netflix?

Ask LH: What's A Good TV To Buy For $1500?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m about to move into my new house and of course, the first thing I need is a nice big new TV. Any idea as to what I can get for around $1500? Smart TV is a must and I’d prefer 50″ or bigger for the screen?

Bad News, Game Of Thrones Fans: Foxtel Has Extended Its Deal With HBO

If you’re one of the people who complains about the fact that the only legal way to watch Game Of Thrones at the time of original broadcast in Australia is to pay for a Foxtel subscription, time to get your whine on again. Foxtel has extended its partnership with HBO, which produces Game Of Thrones, so it doesn’t look like there will be any change to that arrangement in the foreseeable future.

Amazon's New Chromecast Competitor Won't Ship To Australia

Overnight, Amazon announced the Fire TV Stick, a streaming media dongle that’s rather like a beefed-up Chromecast. Annoyingly, however, Amazon won’t ship the device to Australia.

Ask LH: Has Foxtel Been Censoring 'Game Of Thrones' For Classification Purposes?

Dear Lifehacker, I know Foxtel doesn’t always show fully-uncut films on its movie channels. I’m wondering whether it also trims “inappropriate” content from TV shows? The reason I ask is because Game of Thrones is classified R18+ on DVD but only MA15+ on Foxtel’s Showcase channel. What’s going on? Is Foxtel editing the episodes to attain a lower rating?

Ask LH: Why Is My Digital TV Reception Hopeless At Certain Times Of Day?

Hey Lifehacker, Why don’t I get a digital TV signal between 8am and 5pm during particular months of the year?

Overcome TV Show Binge-Watching With A Lesson In Plot

When it comes to the ease of streaming entire TV series, I think many of us can attest to experiencing “just one more episode” syndrome. If you can’t seem to stop your TV show streaming marathon, learning about the plot lines that hook you in can help you break away and get some decent sleep.