You Can Binge Watch Chris Lilley's 'Jonah From Tonga' On iView

This I like. Chris Lilley’s Jonah From Tonga, which sees the return of Jonah Takalua from Summer Heights High, starts screening on the ABC on 7 May. However, the entire series will be viewable on iView from 6pm on Friday 2 May — a full five days before its official “broadcast”.

How To Avoid Spoiling TV Shows And Movies For Everyone Else

The nature of spoilers has changed over the last few years. Between whole seasons being released at once, movies crossing over with TV shows, and books and shows racing each other to the same ending, it’s hard to know exactly where the spoilers line is and how to avoid being that jerk who ruins it for everyone. Fortunately, we have some tips.

Ask LH: Can I Just Use My Phone For Internet Access?

Hey Lifehacker, I am a single user of both phone and internet. I am thinking it makes sense for me to get rid of my landline and broadband internet and perhaps just buy a smartphone that does everything. I use the Internet mostly for emails, web browsing, Skype, YouTube, Facebook and share trading activities. I also have a smart TV that I thought might be useful to hook up to internet. What’s the best way for me to go about this?

Australia Is NOT The World's Game Of Thrones Piracy Capital

In the wake of Game Of Thrones season 4′s first episode yesterday, we’ve seen the inevitable follow-up statistics claiming that Australia downloads more pirate copies of Game Of Thrones than any other country in the world. And as usual, these claims are deeply suspect and essentially unjustified.

Ask LH: Will Game Of Thrones Season 4 Be On Google Play?

Hey Lifehacker, Google Play has recently begun selling TV shows in Australia. I’ve noticed that some new-release episodes have been made available on the Play Store shortly after their broadcast in the US (namely The Walking Dead). Given that the new season of Game Of Thrones is beginning this coming Monday, I wanted to know if it will be made available on the Play Store. I’m aware of HBO’s exclusivity deal with Foxtel, and that it won’t be available on iTunes, but I’m definitely not going to take out a Foxtel subscription just for one show. Any insights?

Celebrate The Return Of Game Of Thrones With Lifehacker

The wait is nearly over: the fourth season of Game of Thrones will screen on Australia’s Foxtel network in just a few hours’ time. To prime yourself for this quasi-historic occasion, we’re assembled the best Westeros-flavoured articles from across the Allure network. Let the feast begin!

How To Stream Your Movie Collection Anywhere With Google Drive

Google recently announced some ridiculously low-priced Drive storage options : $US2/month for 100GB or $US10/month for a whopping terabyte. What could you do with all that storage space, though? Well, for starters, you could turn Google Drive into your own personal media server.

Why Kogan Isn't Selling Televisions In New Zealand Yet

Online retailer Kogan has launched its official New Zealand store, selling both its own badged Agora products and grey imports of phones, cameras and other consumer electronics. But there’s one interesting omission on its Kiwi site: televisions.

How To Retune Your Digital TV

Today is “retuning day” for digital TV in Sydney — the digital spectrum is being reallocated to more efficiently use available frequencies. Retuning your set isn’t a big deal, but here’s what to do if you’re unsure.

Ask LH: What Is 4K, And Should I Buy A 4K Display Right Now?

Dear Lifehacker, 4K TVs hit the market last year and lots of companies are in the process of releasing budget-conscious 4K monitors. I like the idea of higher resolution, so is this something I can benefit from, or should I just stick with the monitor I have?