Channel Seven Is About To Start Streaming More Sport

A common complaint for Australian TV viewers is that sport rarely ends up on streaming services — the only way to watch live is still often TV. Seven is about to improve that situation a little, promising live streaming to mobiles for some of its key events, including Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

How Streaming Star Trek Chews Through The Data

No, not that Data. But if you’re a serious Star Trek junkie, you can now stream every episode of the original series, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine on Stan. The costs of doing so however, could be massive.

Telstra's Mobile Foxtel Relaunches, Still Bad Value

Telstra has tweaked its Mobile Foxtel TV-to-smartphone offering several times in recent years, but it remains something of a niche offering. The latest “relaunch” makes some tweaks to the service, but there’s still a nasty sting in the conditions which makes it essentially impossible to recommend.

Global iPlayer Killed By BBC

The BBC’s subscription video-on-demand service will cease operations on June 26.

Presto Adds A Lot More TV Content Via Seven

Presto’s strength in streaming has long been its movies, but equally its TV offerings have been somewhat meagre. That’s set to change with the approval of its joint venture deal with Seven West Media.

Quickflix Realises That It's Terrible, Partners With Foxtel Presto

When we analysed the movie offerings on Australian subscription services recently, Quickflix came up looking like a very poor alternative to Netflix, Presto and Stan. Apparently Quickflix has reached the same conclusion, and has now decided it will need to offer Foxtel’s Presto service to its customers as well.

Cast YouTube And Netflix To Your Smart TV, No Chromecast Required

The Chromecast is a nifty little device. If you don’t have one at home, you may still be able to cast YouTube and Netflix to your TV using the open-source DIAL feature.

Build An Exercise Bike That Won't Let You Watch TV Unless You Pedal It

Exercising is all about finding motivation. This custom bicycle stand you can build at home will let you watch TV while you work out, but only if you keep pedalling.

Videostream For Android Streams Movies From Your PC To Your Chromecast

Android/Chrome: Videostream for Chrome already makes it easy to play any video on your computer or network through your Chromecast. The new Videostream app for Android gives you a remote control to stream movies on your PC, monitor downloads, and control playback without installing a special media server.

How To Get Better Picture Quality From Your Home Theatre PC

A home theatre PC makes TV more convenient than ever, but you might not be getting the best possible picture quality out of the box. Here are a few tricks for improving it.