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Why Did You Cut Pay TV?

Cutting Pay TV has never been easier or more popular than it is now. There are tons of good reasons to stop your subscription: fewer ads, an easier experience, or maybe it’s just cheaper. What’s yours?

Ask LH: How Can I Build A Home Theatre In A Small Space?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m moving into a small apartment and I don’t have a lot of space for a big TV or huge living room speakers. I also don’t have heaps of extra equipment to hook up. Even so, I want the things I do use to look and sound good when I use them. Do you have any tips to help me make the most of my space without spending a lot of money?

iShows 2 Tracks Your Favourite TV Shows

iPhone: We enjoyed the original version of iShows when it launched because it made keeping track of all those TV shows you’ve been dying to watch easy. Now, an updated version makes it even better.

10 Classic TV Shows And Video Games Your Kids Need To Experience

Not every TV or games experience needs to be brand-spanking new. If you go back into the archives of television shows and gaming, there are some rich experiences just waiting for your younglings to enjoy.

Ask LH: How Much TV Input Lag Is Too Much?

Dear Lifehacker, I am currently in the market for a new TV. The new TV will be used for gaming, Blu-ray movies, watching TV and movies on Apple TV and watching Netflix and other streaming services. One big thing I’m finding hard to get my head across is input lag. So my question is, what is classed as “bad” input lag? The TVs I’ve looked at some have 37ms of lag, while others are lower or higher. I’ve been told that anything higher than 30ms is not good. What is considered an acceptable amount?

Plex Hacked, Change Your Password Now

If you use the Plex media server for your movie and TV library and have ever used the Plex forums, you’ll need to change your password this morning. The company announced its forum servers were hacked, leaving email addresses, forum messages and hashed passwords vulnerable.

Ask LH: Can I Watch International Soccer Without Paying For Foxtel?

Hey Lifehacker, Now that the real football season has come to an end (“soccer” as most folk here call it), I am looking at my options for the upcoming season. I subscribed to Foxtel Play fit to get my EPL, Championship and A-League fix, but I’m not particularly keen on paying for a bunch of additional channels that I will never watch.

Netflix Is Getting Its First Big Web Interface Update In Four Years

Netflix has experimented with its interface in the US a lot over the years, but there’s always been a bit of a disconnect between how the service looks in your browser and your various apps. Now, the company is updating its web site with a huge UI change to make it more app-like.

Ask LH: Can I Switch My US Netflix Account To Australia?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m one of the 250,000-odd Australians who already had a US Netflix account prior to its local launch this year. Given that with the exchange rate it’s slightly cheaper in Australia (and that I can switch between the services with a VPN), is there any way I can switch my account over? I don’t want to create a new Australian Netflix account and lose the curated ‘My List’ attached to my US account.

Why Community TV Deserves To Keep Its Spectrum

A new campaign is underway this week to persuade the federal government to reverse its decision to push community television stations off the allocated broadcast spectrum at the end of this year in favour of online-only programming.

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