The One Big Problem With Unmetered Netflix Access In Australia

Netflix’s announcement today of its March 24 launch date in Australia also confirmed that several Internet service providers (ISPs) will offer it unmetered, meaning binge watching hours of programming won’t eat into your monthly data allowance. While that’s good news, there is one catch to bear in mind.

Netflix Will Launch In Australia On March 24

We’ve long known that Netflix would officially launch in Australia at some point in March, and now we have a date: Tuesday March 24. We also have a better idea of which devices will be supported at launch, and we even have one ISP which says it will offer unmetered access. But what will we be paying?

Australian TV Networks Are Sick Of Not Offering HD On Their Main Channels

One of the most frequent complaints we hear about TV in Australia is the fact that the main channel for each network is standard definition (SD), while high definition (HD) broadcasts are only found on secondary channels. Turns out TV networks are nearly as unhappy about that as you are.

Why 3D TV Has Flopped Three Times

Television broadcasts in 3D promised to give people an extra dimension in viewing movies, sport and other entertainment but take up of the technology has not been that great. This is not the first time the industry has tried to use television screens to bring 3D to our living rooms. So what’s going wrong?

Ask LH: Should I Be Buying 4K Movies On Disc?

Hey Lifehacker, 4K TVs have become much more affordable. As someone who wants to start a physical movie collection, is 4K just a phase that will pass by quickly (like 3D) or is it safe to assume that it’s here to stay for a long time?

Why TV Shows Will Never Ever Run On Time Again

One of the more annoying trends in modern television is the fact that shows in prime time rarely start neatly on the hour or half-hour. The bad news? Australian TV networks have no plans to change that.

The Best Chromecast Apps (2015 Edition)

Google shook up the home theatre market with its Chromecast device. Ever since it enabled developer access, the app market has been flooded with Google Cast support. Here are the most useful Chromecast apps.

Ask LH: Can I Get A Refund Because Presto Doesn't Work On Linux?

Dear Lifehacker, I was recently in hospital and wanted to try out some streaming services in Australia. I have a Linux laptop. I tried out Stan on the free 30-day trial but then realised it uses Silverlight so I cancelled that straight away. Then I wanted to try Presto which has no free trial.

Gallipoli And Better Call Saul: The Australian TV Streaming Brawl Is On

Netflix still hasn’t officially arrived, but the battle over who has the best shows available on key streaming services in Australia has now well and truly started. Stan last night put the entirety of Nine’s Gallipoli mini-series online ahead of its TV broadcast, while made a swoop on another of Stan’s key titles, Better Call Saul.

Your TV's Advanced Picture Settings, Explained

HDTVs come with all kinds of advanced settings designed to “improve” the picture, but most of them are just marketing gimmicks. In fact, your picture will actually look better with some of them off. Here are some of the settings you’ll find in the advanced menu, and what you should do with them.