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This All-In-One System Rescue Toolkit Has Just The Right Tools To Troubleshoot Your PC

There’s no shortage of system rescue and repair discs you can download and keep handy for when your PC gives you problems, but this one, from reader Paul, is streamlined, simple and has only a few effective tools on it – and no bloat.

Ask LH: Why Can't I Delete Individual Messages On My iPhone 6s?

Dear Lifehacker, I cannot delete individual text messages for some of the conversations on my iPhone 6s. I hold my finger on them until I see “more”, tap more, and nothing happens! Not only is there no trash can, there isn’t even a circle to check off to the left of the text. I dont want to delete the entire conversation because there are some texts I need to keep. Any suggestions?

What To Look For In OS X Crash Reporter When Diagnosing A Crash

Mac: Crash reports are nearly impossible for most of us to understand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make sense of them. Over on MacIssues, they point to a few things to look for in those crash reports on OS X so you can actually figure out the problem.

What The Raspberry Pi's Rainbow Boot Screen And Rainbow Box Mean

If you’ve been toying around with the Raspberry Pi for a while, you’ve likely come across the rainbow coloured splash screen before. There’s a good chance you’ve also seen the more curious version of that, the same rainbow pattern, shrunk down and flashing in the corner of your screen. Here’s what they mean.

Ask LH: How Can I Get Out Of Doing All My Family’s Tech Repair?

Dear Lifehacker, My family is always calling me for tech support when I’m busy and keeps a list of the big problems for when I’m home to visit. I’m tired of fixing the same problems over and over again. They never seem to learn. What can I do?

7flix Not Working On Your TV? Read This

If you can’t get 7Flix to work on your TV or are trying to fix 7Flix’s reception, you’re not alone — many Australians are having the same problem. We explain the common issues with the channel and how to fix them.

An Expired Certificate Means You'll Need To Remake Any OS X USB Boot Drives

Mac: Make a bootable USB flash drive is the easiest (and fastest) way to get the newest version of OS X installed on multiple machines. However, if you still have one sitting around, TidBits found out that an expired certificate file means they won’t work any more.

All The Special Key Combinations That Change Your Mac's Startup

The startup sound is a Mac’s way of letting you know everything is OK, but sometimes, things go bad and you need to boot into a different mode then usual. Mac’s have a bunch of options for this, and all they require is that you hold down a keyboard shortcut at boot.

Record A Screencast With Nothing But YouTube

If you’re the family tech support, you probably have to record the occasional screencast to show people how to troubleshoot. Chances are, you don’t need special screencasting software just for that. Digital Inspiration shows a clever way to just use YouTube.

Get Rid Stuck Progress Bars On The OS X Dock With A Terminal Command

If you have folders on your Dock with stuck progress bars, it’s a frustrating annoyance. Over on Six Colours, they show how to make that stuck progress bar disappear.

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