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Kepler-452b Crib Sheet: Everything You Need To Know About 'Earth 2.0'

Today, NASA formally announced the discovery of a new Earth-like planet in our galaxy that could potentially harbour life. Indeed, there could be life on it right now. If your workplace is anything like ours, this will be the topic of conversation for the next few days — which means you’re going to need a cheat sheet of Kepler-452b factoids. Here’s everything we know so far…

The Complete Guide To Eating Fast Food, Guilt-Free

Fast food is hardly health food, but when you’re on the road or it’s late at night, sometimes it’s your only option. These are the menu options to look for that will fill you up without filling you out.

What Do You Do If An Airline Double Books Your Seat?

The sight of people being confused about which seat they’re meant to be in on a plane is incredibly common. But what do you do if you’ve got the same seat on your boarding pass as somebody else?

Reminder: Travel Websites Are Cookie Monsters

If you’ve saved your annual leave for these colder months to get away for some sun elsewhere, congrats, that’s a good move — and you might save yourself a few hundred dollarydoos by simply hopping over to the laptop next to you.

Take The Party Anywhere With A Custom Mini-Bar For Your Bike

If you like to go for long bike rides, but also want to stop and enjoy a picnic with some wine, this DIY mini-bar fits right onto your bike’s frame.

Secure Your Bag Or Backpack Zippers With A Quick Twist

If you’re travelling without a lock for your backpack, try this simple method to secure the zipper. Just pull the tab of one zipper through the other, then the second one back through the first. The end result keeps stray hands out of your gear.

Entrain Schedules Light Exposure To Speed Up Jet Lag Recovery

iOS: Research shows that light exposure is a major factor in your body’s rhythms. Now, mathematicians have built an iPhone app called Entrain that cuts jet lag time and gets your body adjusted to a new time zone faster.

Add A Sternum Strap To Any Backpack For Better Support

There are plenty of well designed backpacks out there with excellent padding and wide shoulder straps — but many don’t have sternum straps. Luckily, you can add one cheaply and get better support from your bag.

Brisbane Court Finds Flight Centre Guilty Of Attempted Price Fixing

It’s hard to find the best price for something if everyone’s agreed to sell said something at a higher than fair price. This is certainly applicable to airfares, as is the case with Flight Centre’s alleged attempts to arrange price-fixing shenanigans with a number of big airlines.

Hide Valuables In A Dental Floss Container

There are lots of spots in your home where you can hide cash and other valuable items. One clever hiding tool that could come in handy, especially when travelling, is a plain old dental floss container.

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