TPG Wants To Buy iiNet For $1.4 Billion

TPG has just announced that it is planning to buy iiNet for a whopping $1.4 billion. That will make the combined entity Australia’s second-largest ISP.

Who Is Signing Up NBN Customers The Fastest?

It’s not clear for many of us when (if ever) the National Broadband Network (NBN) will ever arrive. But for people who can already connect to the high-speed fibre network, which providers are they actually choosing?

TPG's Unlimited NBN Plan Is Finally Here

TPG first announced plans for an “unlimited” broadband service way back in September 2012. That deal is finally available, but as with any purportedly unlimited deal, it pays to read the fine print carefully.

Telstra Guilty Of Breaking NBN Structural Separation Rules: ACCC

The ACCC has released its first report on Telstra’s compliance with its Structural Separation Rules (SSU) and migration plan, which aims to safeguard competition until the National Broadband Network is finished. The report found that the telco made seven breaches of the equivalence and transparency measures contained in the SSU.

Telstra, Optus and TPG Shell Out For Faster 4G

The future of 4G in Australia took a big step forward this morning after the results of the government’s Digital Dividend were announced. Telstra, Optus and TPG Internet have collectively parted with almost $2 billion to secure spectrum in the 700MHz and 2.5GHz bands. For consumers and businesses, this will translate to faster 4G services. Here’s what each telco plans to do with their slice of the spectrum pie.

TPG Facing Court Over 000 Call Problems

One argument sometimes used against voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone services is that they don’t always identify your location when you make a call to the 000 emergency number. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is taking TPG to court for a more fundamental problem: a six-month period where some of TPG’s phone subscribers apparently couldn’t access 000 at all.

TPG Is Readying An 'Unlimited' NBN Plan

There are already lots of National Broadband Network (NBN) plans to choose from, but none yet offer an “unlimited” option that doesn’t count data. TPG is planning to offer such a deal for $69.99, which would match its existing unlimited ADSL2+ offer.

Feeling Misled By Your TPG Contract? You May Now Be Able To Exit It Without Penalty

The battle over whether TPG’s advertising for a $29.99 unlimited broadband plan was deceptive has been running for quite a while and isn’t finished yet. But this is now a practical outcome for consumers: if you signed up for the Unlimited ADSL2+ plan at that price but feel you were misled as to the total cost, you can now ask to be released from your contract.

Planhacker: Unlimited ADSL2+ Broadband

If you’re a heavy internet user, getting shaped at the end of the month can be a major nuisance, and no-one wants to pay a fortune for excess data. The solution is an unlimited broadband plan, but what choices do you have? Planhacker rounds up all the unlimited ADSL2+ deals.

How Many 2-Minute Calls Can You Make On Australian Phone Plans?

One of the key requirements under the new Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code is for mobile phone providers to specify how many 2-minute calls you could make on each plan they offer. That won’t be a requirement until March 1 next year, but we can easily perform that calculation ourselves right now.