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Dealhacker: The Best Windows 10 Laptops Under $1000

Windows 10 is finally upon us. If you’re hunting for a new laptop that will run the latest Microsoft OS, we’ve assembled a list of the best models you can buy right now for under $1000. (Prices start at just $296!)

This Is How Much PCs Have Changed In 30 Years

Technology evolves so rapidly that we often spend more time complaining about what we can’t do rather than appreciating what we have. Comparing the specs for a 30-year-old notebook with a current model underscores that point.

Toshiba's Chromebook 2 Has A Bad Case Of Australia Tax

Toshiba has launched a new model Chromebook. It looks impressive and keeps the 13.3 inch screen seen on Toshiba’s earlier model, but the Australian release is somewhat overpriced.

Telstra Launches Its First 4G Ultrabook/Tablet

The Toshiba Portégé Z10t ultrabook/laptop hybrid will be available on Telstra’s 4G network from 11 June, the telco announced today. The convertible laptop device is being billed as the world’s first Windows® 8 Pro ultrabook-tablet with 4G functionality.

Video: Hands-On With Toshiba's Deluxe Windows 8 Ultrabook "KIRA"

Today, we got our hands on the Toshiba KIRA, an “aspirational/luxury” Windows 8 touchscreen ultrabook that will retail for $2199 (Core i7 version). Boasting a “Pixel Pure” 13.3in touchscreen display with a native resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and a durable “honeycomb-structured” magnesium alloy chassis, the unit is clearly aimed at the fancy-pants demographic.

Toshiba's Honeycomb Tablet Hits Australia At The End Of June

We love Android tablets running Honeycomb, so new competitors are always welcome. Toshiba today announced that its AT100 tablet will hit Australian shelves at the end of the month, selling for $579.

Why I Didn't Buy A Mac

When I decided to purchase a new PC for the Hand Luggage Only project, I had a pretty open mind about what I might get, but I must admit there was one decision already made: I definitely wasn’t going to buy a Mac.

The Notebook Airline Test

Battery life is crucial, but there’s an equally important test for any notebook that’s going to get regularly used on a plane: is it small enough to fit on the tray, allow typing when there’s someone sitting next to you and not end up half-closed when the person in front reclines their seat?

HLO Day 13: The Bag Is A Celebrity

I’ve been in Sydney this week for CEBIT and associated press events, which means I’ve been running into a lot of my fellow writers. And wherever I go, the first question is nearly always the same: “Where’s the bag?” As far as the Hand Luggage Only project goes, it seems my trusty blue carry-on case is of more interest than anything else.

HLO Day 12: Banking On Battery Life

Day 12 of Hand Luggage Only saw me back in Sydney for the CEBIT IT conference/geekfest. But while that’s less of a challenge in geographic or airport terms, it did give me a chance to test one hitherto-neglected feature of my recent notebook purchase: the battery life.

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