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I'm Mary Roach, And This Is How I Work

Mary Roach wants to you to be uncomfortable, but intrigued. Her books examine the unexpected, curious minutiae of managing the human body and the science of how we deal with our own limitations.

Skiplagged's Real-Time Pokemon GO Map Is A Decent PokeVision Alternative

If you’re looking for a good real-time Pokemon GO map to replace the now defunct PokeVision, travel deals web site Skiplagged has just the ticket.

Poké Assistant Has Eight Useful Pokemon GO Tools All In One Kit

When you’re out catching ’em all and taking over the gyms in your neighbourhood, you need the best tools for the job. This digital toolbox will help you level up faster, defend your gyms longer, and win more battles.

See If A Pokemon Is Worth Evolving In Pokemon GO With This CP Calculator

It takes a lot of candies to evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon GO, so you need to make sure you’re not wasting them. If you’re not sure if a Pokemon you caught is worth evolving, this calculator can give you a fairly accurate estimate of how strong they can get.

Three Ways To Check If The Pokemon GO Servers Are Down

Pokemon GO has had some serious growing pains since its launch, but not every connection problem is due to overloaded servers or maintenance. These sources will let you know if your connection problems are on your end or theirs, and help you avoid wasting your time.

I'm Justin Rosenstein, Co-Founder Of Asana, And This Is How I Work

It should come as little surprise that the creator of Asana, a popular project management tool, dutifully tracks his own work with eager intent. Every little detail matters to Justin Rosenstein, from the minutiae of how his product works to the five glasses of water carefully lined in a row on his desk in preparation for the day.

The Most Accurate Measuring Cups You Can Buy For Flawless Baking

Baking is basically edible chemistry, which makes precise measuring super important. To make sure you’re armed with the most accurate measuring cups around, Cook’s Illustrated tested a whole bunch to find the best.

The Essential Gardening Tools For Beginners

Let’s say you’ve finally moved to a home or apartment with enough outdoor space for a little garden to call your own. What sort of tools will you need to get started? Are all trowels created equal? This video explains the basics of what you’ll need.

Clean And Extend The Life Of Sandpaper With An Old Tennis Shoe

The sandpaper on belt sanders, orbital sanders and other powered sanders can get gunked up with sawdust and become less effective unless you clean it. If you have an old tennis shoe around, you can refresh your sandpaper in a jiff.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary Helps Find That Word You Can't Remember

It’s right on the tip of your tongue. You know it’s there. It’s when you intensely dislike something. When your brain can’t quite pick out the word you need, OneLook Reverse Dictionary can look the word up by its definition.

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