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Tool School: The Ever-Adaptable Woodworking Router

Routers are considered the most versatile of woodworking power tools, and are indispensable for any craftsman, newbie to pro. Here’s what you need to know about how they work, what they do, and how to buy one.

Sharpen Small Blades And Tools With An Emery Board

If you need to sharpen up a small blade or metal tool, a few swipes on an emery boad will do in a pinch. Sometimes the simplest hacks are also the most effective.

Fine-Tune Your Woodworking Projects With A Chisel

A set of chisels should be in every woodworkers arsenal. The video above demonstrates how and why to use them.

Hold Tricky Mitred Corners In Place With Clamps And Scrap Wood

Mitred corners are tricky to hold when gluing or nailing in place. This tip keeps your corners lined up using standard woodworking clamps and a few pieces of scrap wood.

Make Simple Hand Saw Safety Guards Out Of Flexible Conduit

Safety should be a priority in any workshop or tool shed, especially if you have any curious youngsters around. With a little flexible conduit, you can make blade guards for all of your hand saws and avoid accidents.

Throw Away Your Portable Power Tool Cases To Save Room In Your Workshop

Most power tools include a beautiful case that is moulded to the tool and keeps them stored safe and secure. But these cases can add two to three times the volume of the tool itself, and in a small workshop, size matters. Dispose of these space-hogging cases and free up room on your shelf.

Use A Tape Measure With One Hand Thanks To The 'Slot' On The Hook

You probably know the basics of how to use a tape measure, but it has a few built-in “features” you may not realise. Case in point: that little slot on the hook can be used to keep the tape measure in place with a nail, or even draw a perfect circle.

Make A Mini Mallet From A Ball Peen Hammer And Old Furniture Parts

Don’t have a rubber mallet on hand? Convert a ball peen hammer into a mini mallet with an old rubber furniture foot.

Tool School: The Accurate And Tireless Drill Press

A drill press offers better accuracy and more power than a standard handheld drill. Here’s why it should be one of the first standalone shop tools you invest in.

Use A Template For More Accurate Cuts With Your Router

Routers are amazing tools, but they are not forgiving. Make a design template and use that to create accurate and identical pieces, each time.

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