Reuse A Tennis Racquet As A Swing-Out Workbench Caddy

Here’s a neat trick to put an old tennis racquet to some use, even if some of its strings are out of shape. With a single screw, you can make a swing-out caddy for your tools at the workbench, says The Family Handyman.

Take Tool Notes When Assembling Furniture For Easier Reconstruction

The time when you’re assembling that annoying flat-pack furniture is also the ideal time to track tools you may need in the future if you ever have to break down or reassemble the piece. Unclutterer recommends a few solutions.

Make Your Own Version Of Adam Savage's Multi-Tool Belt Holster

Adam Savage knows a thing to two about using tools, and over the years he’s tried all kinds of belt holsters for his multi-tool with no success. So he built his own, and he shows off how in a video over at Tested.

Build A Tiny, Foldable Workstation That Mounts To A Wall

Sometimes, finding a workspace is impossible, which is why Instructables user hp07 built a workstation that can fold into a tiny little box.

This Workbench Is Perfect For Small-Space DIY Projects

You don’t have to live large or have a huge garage to get your DIY on, but apartment dwellers and people in small spaces can often find it challenging to find room for tools or a flat space to work. This space-saving workbench handles both, and it’s easy to build yourself.

Build A Portable, Fold-Out Toolkit And Workbench For All Your Gear

If space is at a premium in your house, or you like carrying everything you need with you at all times, this DIY toolkit-plus-workstation does double duty. It holds your tools in a (mostly) portable box and folds out wherever and whenever you need to work.

How To Take Care Of Your Tools

Good tools are an expensive investment, but if you take good care of them, they will last a lifetime of renovations. Keeping your tools properly stored, cleaned and maintained will save you time and money and make your DIY endeavours that much more rewarding.

Portable Pegboard Storage System Lets You Create Anywhere

Not all of us have room for a shop with a real workbench and storage for all our tools. This portable pegboard tool storage system is quick and easy to assemble, and it takes up less room than you might expect.

Carry Your Tools In This DIY Tool Roll

Tool rolls make a handy alternative to lugging around a tool box or bag, especially if you only need a subset of your tools. Sure, there are commercial products, but why not make your own for just a few bucks?

Hire Out Your Tools For Cash With The Open Shed App

If you have a bunch of power tools, electronic equipment or camping gear collecting dust in your house, why not make some money by hiring it out for the weekend? That’s the idea behind Open Shed, a crowdsourced rental site that lets you loan bric-a-brac to neighbours for cash.