Build A Cabinet Handle Jig To Ensure Precise Handle Placement On Every Door

Installing cabinet handles sounds like an easy task, but getting the exact placement on each door can be maddening. Make this simple jig to get the hole placement right every time.

Clean Your Woodworking Blades And Bits To Keep Them In Good Shape

If you take care of your woodworking blades and bits, they will take care of you. Set up a cleaning station that makes it easy to remove dirt, rust and resin from your blades and bits.

Get The Most Out Of Your Rotary Tool With These Attachments

I love finding new uses for tools that I already own. A rotary tool — often referred to as a Dremel, echoing one of the most popular brand names — has a lot of attachments and potential applications. Here’s an overview of the types of attachments available and some potential uses.

Keep Your Drill Bit From Slipping On Tile With Painter's Tape

You only get one shot when drilling into tile, so you’ve got to make it count. Mark your spot with painters tape applied in an “X” pattern to keep your drill from slipping and scratching your tile.

Mark Your Screwdrivers For Easy Identification

In most tool bags, screwdrivers are stored tip down for easy access, but it can make identifying them a guessing game. Mark a “+” or “-” on a phillips or slotted screwdriver for easy identification.

Get More Out Of Your Drill With These Tips And Attachments

A cordless drill is a handy tool to have around, but it can do a lot more than just drill holes. Here are some interesting attachments that go beyond your typical set of bits.

Organise Your Spanners With Carabiners

It’s tough keeping your tool chest organised, especially when you have loose spanners rattling around in drawers. Grab a few carabiners and gain control of your tools.

Learn To Properly Split Wood With This Instructional Video

If you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, splitting your own firewood is a great skill to learn. This video demonstrates tips and tricks for splitting logs, as well as how to safely use the tools.

Extract A Stripped Screw With Your Drill

Stripped screws are a fact of life, and can throw a wrench into a smooth-running DIY project. Here’s the best way to remove a stripped screw with your cordless drill.

The Essential Tiny Tool Kit Everyone Should Have At Home

Wherever you live, everyone needs some basic tools to assist with household tasks. We’ve compiled a group of tools that won’t take up valuable cupboard space, but will also have you prepared for the next fix-it job around the house.