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Make A Hidden Belt Screwdriver MacGyver Would Be Proud Of

There are a lot of great tools out there for your inner MacGyver, but this DIY belt screwdriver doesn’t take up any pocket space and can hide in plain sight.

I'm Adam Leibsohn, COO Of Giphy, And This Is How I Work

So much can be said with a GIF. It can be an exaggerated reaction, a visual analogy to something said in a conversation, or simply a non sequitur to punctuate online communication. But usually it’s just a funny animation.

Remove Nails From The Back Of Trim To Save The Wood

When you’re renovating, it’s best to save the trim so you avoid the hassle of having to find a replacement. But first, you have to remove the nails. Here’s a great tip for doing it without damaging your wood.

Build A Ramp To Level Power Tools On Uneven Floors

Many of us set up our workshops in garages or driveways, which are built at an angle to allow water runoff. That poses a problem for our tools, which need flat, level surfaces to operate. Here’s how to level your tools when the floor is uneven.

Restore Old Tools And Clean Stained Surfaces With Pre-Shave Oil

Got some old tools or furniture with marker ink or paint splatters on them? You might have a solution for them in your bathroom cabinet: electric razor pre-shave oil.

How To Store And Organise Your Gardening Tools So They're Ready For Action

If you just throw your gardening tools outside against a fence, they won’t last more than a couple seasons. Here’s how to organise and care for your gardening tools, so they take care of you for years to come.

Magnetize A Screwdriver In Seconds And Never Lose Another Screw

All screwdrivers should be magnetic, but sadly only some are. Here’s a simple way to magnetize every screwdriver in your drawer so you’ll never lose another screw.

Tool School: The Ever-Adaptable Woodworking Router

Routers are considered the most versatile of woodworking power tools, and are indispensable for any craftsman, newbie to pro. Here’s what you need to know about how they work, what they do, and how to buy one.

Sharpen Small Blades And Tools With An Emery Board

If you need to sharpen up a small blade or metal tool, a few swipes on an emery boad will do in a pinch. Sometimes the simplest hacks are also the most effective.

Fine-Tune Your Woodworking Projects With A Chisel

A set of chisels should be in every woodworkers arsenal. The video above demonstrates how and why to use them.

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