Choose The Right Step Ladder Before Starting Your Climb

‘Tis the season for climbing on your roof. From clearing gutters to hanging Christmas lights, this is the time (no pun intended) to get out the dusty ladder and start climbing. Here’s how to choose the right step ladder for your job.

Draw A Perfect Circle With A Speed Square

A speed square has many obvious uses for marking up your building materials. Here’s a small hidden feature you may not know about: it can also draw perfect circles.

Hang Anything On Your Wall With A French Cleat Storage System

Tool storage can be a constant battle. The use of a french cleat storage system will securely display your tools and accessories, keeping them off your table and out of your drawers.

Build A Miter Sled Jig To Cut Perfect 45 Degree Corners

Jigs make life so much easier, and when you build one yourself it’s even better. Make perfect 45 degree mitered corners every time with this do-it-yourself jig made of plywood.

Are Brushless Cordless Tools Worth The Cost?

Brushless motor technology has been the big trend in cordless power tools for the last couple of years. Every major manufacturer now sells a brushless lineup of tools, but is it worth it for you?

Build A Cabinet Handle Jig To Ensure Precise Handle Placement On Every Door

Installing cabinet handles sounds like an easy task, but getting the exact placement on each door can be maddening. Make this simple jig to get the hole placement right every time.

Clean Your Woodworking Blades And Bits To Keep Them In Good Shape

If you take care of your woodworking blades and bits, they will take care of you. Set up a cleaning station that makes it easy to remove dirt, rust and resin from your blades and bits.

Get The Most Out Of Your Rotary Tool With These Attachments

I love finding new uses for tools that I already own. A rotary tool — often referred to as a Dremel, echoing one of the most popular brand names — has a lot of attachments and potential applications. Here’s an overview of the types of attachments available and some potential uses.

Keep Your Drill Bit From Slipping On Tile With Painter's Tape

You only get one shot when drilling into tile, so you’ve got to make it count. Mark your spot with painters tape applied in an “X” pattern to keep your drill from slipping and scratching your tile.

Mark Your Screwdrivers For Easy Identification

In most tool bags, screwdrivers are stored tip down for easy access, but it can make identifying them a guessing game. Mark a “+” or “-” on a phillips or slotted screwdriver for easy identification.