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Multitool Showdown: Leatherman Wave Vs. SOG PowerLock

If you’re an outdoors adventurer, DIY-er, PC builder, or just like to be prepared for anything, you need a good multitool. The Leatherman Wave and SOG PowerLock are both reliable, sturdy, well-built and popular choices, but if you could only have one, let’s decide which deserves to live in your carry-all.

Make A DIY Dowel Center Finder Out Of Scrap Wood

Video: Trying to eyeball the exact centre of anything is a bad idea, especially when you’re working with dowels. This DIY dowel centre finder is cheap and easy to make, and works like a charm.

Make A Fold-Out, Space-Saving Tool Storage Cabinet For Your Garage Or Workshop

Every workshop needs a solid tools storage system. If you can DIY it and customise it, all the better. This fold-out pegboard shelving system one packs a ton of storage space in a small footprint.

Expand Your Knife Collection With These Sweet Blades

You really only need three or four knives in your kitchen: an 20cm or 25cm chef’s knife, a 7.5cm or 10cm paring knife, a serrated bread knife and maybe a 17.5cm or 20cm Santoku. Those will take care of most of your cutting needs, but once you master those, you might want to supplement your collection with a few choice additions.

This Interactive Tool Calculates How Much Time And Money You Waste Commuting

Commuting doesn’t have to be a waste. There are plenty of ways to get more out of it. If you’re curious, though, this calculator tells you just how much time and money you’ll spend commuting in your lifetime.

Cram Coins Between A Wrench And A Bolt When You Don't Have The Right Sized Wrench

Sometimes, you grab the wrong wrench for a job. You could go back and grab the correct one, but if you’re feeling especially lazy (or you just don’t own the right one), Instructables user M3G points out that a little loose change can save the day.

Drill Straighter Holes By Using An Old CD As A Guide

If you’re having trouble making straight holes with your handheld power drill, an old CD can make for a cheap and effective guide.

Loosen Nuts On Really Long Bolts With A DIY PVC Socket Wrench

When a bolt is really long, removing a nut from it can be a huge pain. You can’t use a normal socket wrench and if there’s not enough space around the bolt, you can’t use much else. This DIY PVC tool should do the trick.

Giphy Capture For Mac OS X Lets You Make GIFs Of Anything On Your Desktop

Giphy, one of our favourite GIF search engines, launched a new tool for Mac users today that lets you make a GIF of anything that’s happening on your desktop.

Phi Calculator Helps Calculate The Golden Ratio For Your Designs

The golden (or divine) ratio is a staple of good photography and design. When you’re creating web pages or crafting designs in Photoshop, it could help to have a numerical value to guide your work. This tool can help.

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