Install Hooks The Easy Way With Your Drill

Eye hooks can be frustrating to screw in with your bare hands, especially if you are installing them into an overhead stud. This simple trick allows your drill to do the dirty work.

Coil A Bandsaw Blade With Your Hands Using This Simple Method

Bandsaw blades are unwieldy, and can slice up your hands if you’re not careful. Here’s a quick tip for coiling a blade that only takes seconds.

Tool School: The Absolutely Essential Drill/Driver

No matter what project your’e doing, you’ll need to drill some holes and drive some screws once in a while. A lightweight drill/driver should be the first power tool that anyone owns. Here’s why.

A Frustration-Free Way To Remove Wood Plugs From A Hole Saw 

A hole saw attachment cuts perfectly round holes into wood using your drill. It only takes a few seconds to make a hole, but what takes the most time is freeing that wood plug from the saw. Here’s an easy and methodical way to clear your hole saw so it’s ready for the next cut.

Make A Tiny Hole Saw To Remove Stripped Screws

There are a few different techniques for removing stripped screws, such as the rubber-band trick and using a screw extractor. This approach involves making a custom holesaw that quickly removes the screw using your drill.

Build A Japanese-Style Sawhorse Using Only Compression Joints

Japanese woodworking focuses on advanced joinery (tight clearances) and finely planed wood surfaces. This Japanese-style sawhorse is built using only compression joints and can be set up and broken down with nothing more than a mallet.

Maximise Your Drawer Space With This DIY Tool Storage

Tool storage is an ongoing battle (if you’re like me and learned to remove a tool every time you acquire a tool). Here’s another clever organisation method that will instantly sort out a messy tool chest.

Cut Carpet Like The Pros And Save Your Razor Blade

Removing carpet is easy to do, but this simple tip will make the job go a lot smoother. As a bonus, you’ll save on razor blades.

Five Pegboard Alternatives That Make Storing Your Tools A Cinch

Pegboard is a common sight in workshops and garages everywhere, but not everyone has the wall space or desire to install one. Here are a few pegboard alternatives that provide an accessible and safe place to store (and protect) your tools.

Build Your Own Credit Card Sized USB Multitool

If you have a lot of devices, you need a variety of USB cables with you at all times. DIY enthusiast Chris Robinson solves this problem by stuffing four different USB cables into a credit card sized case.