Learn To Properly Split Wood With This Instructional Video

If you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, splitting your own firewood is a great skill to learn. This video demonstrates tips and tricks for splitting logs, as well as how to safely use the tools.

Extract A Stripped Screw With Your Drill

Stripped screws are a fact of life, and can throw a wrench into a smooth-running DIY project. Here’s the best way to remove a stripped screw with your cordless drill.

The Essential Tiny Tool Kit Everyone Should Have At Home

Wherever you live, everyone needs some basic tools to assist with household tasks. We’ve compiled a group of tools that won’t take up valuable cupboard space, but will also have you prepared for the next fix-it job around the house.

Transform Your Portable Belt Sander Into A Benchtop Edge Sander

Portable belt sanders are common among avid DIY enthusiasts, as they have a multitude of uses around the shop and your home. But the typical standalone edge sanders can run north of $1000. But with a little work you can transform your handheld belt sander into a usable edge sander.

Make An Eyeglass Screwdriver Multitool With Sugru

If you have a few different jeweller’s screwdrivers for making adjustments to eyeglasses, why not put them together to form your own multitool? It’s a simple build and it might help you use up some of that off-colour Sugru you bought but never used.

Adam Savage's Recommendations For A Beginner Toolbox

Every budding DIYer has to start somewhere, and building up a solid toolbox can seem overwhelming. Mythbusters host Adam Savage (along with his compatriots at Tested) came up with a good list of inexpensive, beginner tools to start with.

Drill A Straighter Hole With Some Scrap Wood

It can be difficult to get a straight hole when using a hand drill. Some drills come with a level mounted on the back, but Popular Mechanics shares a few other tips for drilling straight.

All The Tools You Need For Building A Computer From Scratch

Building your own PC is a fun, rewarding experience, but after you acquire all the parts you need, you still need the right tools to put everything together. Linus at NCIX Tech Tips runs through the most important tools.

Choose The Best Saw For Your Project

There are many different types of saws out there, and it can be difficult to determine the best one to use unless you’ve seen them all in action. This video from Do It Best gives a good overview of common types of power saws and saw blades, and the applications they are designed for.

Organise All Your Drill Bits With A Stylish, Modular Wooden Rack

There are not many methods of organising drill bits that could legitimately be described as sexy, but this Instructables project falls into that category. If you’re handy with wood, this is a great weekend project to help tidy up your workshop.