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10 Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks That Anyone Can Master

So you’ve started beefing up your cooking skills and got your head around some of those confusing cooking terms. However, the process can still be a little tedious and boring. Here are ten surprising kitchen techniques that will save you a bunch of time — not to mention wow your friends.

Why I Started Using Gaming Peripherals To Get Real Work Done

Everyone knows gaming mice and keyboards can make you barrel through fast-paced games with peak efficiency. But with all those buttons and macros, they can actually help you work smarter, too. Here’s why I swear by them.

Tie Shoes Smarter With The Ukrainian Lacing Technique

Tying your shoes isn’t particularly difficult, and there are a lot of ways to do it faster. But this Ukrainian lacing technique makes it even simpler, and helps prevent common problems like knots and trailing laces.

Use A Layered Reading Approach To Get Through Your Backlog Of Books

So many books, so little time. If you have trouble finishing books you’ve started or you just want to get through books faster , consider this “layered reading” technique.

Test Different Routes For Your Work Commute

Commuting, especially for hours a day, can be a drain. You might think there’s only one efficient way to and from the office, but if you test out other routes when you can, you may be surprised to find an unconventional route that’s a smoother or less stressful trip.

Use A Four-Folder System To Prioritise All Your Paperwork

Paperwork is almost always a hassle. Avoid the stacks of junk and keep things moving with this four-folder system to prioritise every piece of paper you have to touch.

How To Streamline Your Household Cleaning

Cleaning the house is a necessary chore, but few people really love doing it. Still, like many chores, our perception of the hassle involved is often much worse than the reality. Here are some ways you can streamline the process of cleaning, make sure you have the tools on-hand when you need them, and never wonder what you should do next.

Roast A Whole Chicken In Half The Time With A Preheated Frying Pan

Why roast a chicken for over an hour when you can get it out of the oven in just 30 minutes? Mark Bittman’s “secret” to cooking chicken as quickly as possible is to roast it in a preheated frying pan in the oven.

Make A Chocolate Cake In Five Minutes And Just One Bowl

You know what sucks about cake? Taking the time to make it, waiting for it to bake and cleaning all the dishes afterwards. But you know what’s great? Cake. Cake is great. So what if you could make it and eliminate all those problems? You’d have this recipe.

Thread Needles Faster By Moving The Needle, Not The Thread

Threading a needle isn’t horribly difficult, but it can be a pain if you don’t do it regularly. The Art of Manliness has a time-saving tip that makes it much easier: Move the needle to the thread, not the thread to the eye of the needle.

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