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Why You Should Always Schedule A Night Off When Meal Planning

Meal planning is a great way to de-stress your week and save some money, but it’s a good idea to plan a meal or two to skip too. Just like with a diet or other long-term goal, it’s good to give yourself a cheat day so your motivation doesn’t wane.

9 'Life Hacks' That Don't Make Your Life Better At All

If you want to improve your life, there are a lot of clever little tricks you can use called “life hacks” to fix problems. Some are great! Some are very, very bad. These are the worst hacks that either don’t work, waste your time, or cause more problems than they solve.

TimeResQ Saves You Time, Brings You Groceries And Supplies While You're On Holiday

Part of travelling is eating out, enjoying the city and experiencing local cuisine — but eating out every night may not be in the budget, so you’ll need some supplies for your hotel room or Airbnb. That’s where TimeResQ comes in. They will bring you groceries, toiletries or other supplies.

Top 10 Fixes For Life's Daily Annoyances

Every day is filled with little annoyances that we just don’t have the time to solve. Thanks to the internet, someone’s out solving most of those problems for us. If you want to remove the tiny frustrations that plague you day to day, here are 10 great solutions to get you started.

Be Wary Of Time Savers That Can Disrupt Your Routine

For the self-employed and those who regularly work from home, routines are sacred. It’s scarily easy to let your schedule slip and before you know, your productivity has plummeted and procrastination has set in. I experienced this recently and the culprit was entirely unexpected — an espresso machine.

The Best Technique For Mess-Free Nail Painting

Painting your nails is by no means a clean task, but perfecting your nail polish technique cuts down on time you spend cleaning-up. Here are some tips to get the look you want the first time with no fuss.

Speed Up Your Cleaning Routine By Picking A Room And Staying In It

It’s easy to get frazzled cleaning your home, especially when you’re short on time. If you want to streamline your cleaning process, you need to pick a room and stay in it until it’s done.

Make Chicken Broth In 30 Minutes Using A Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is an amazing appliance with many uses, but making hearty soup and savoury broth in minutes is one we hadn’t initially anticipated. Thankfully, this video from Bon Appetit shows you exactly how to do it, and in less than a half-hour to boot.

Tear Tape At An Angle To Leave An Easy Access Tab For Next Time

Every time you tear off a piece of tape from the roll, you’re left with the perpetual conundrum of peeling it off the next time. Instead, fold the tape to the side and tear it to leave a tab for easy access later.

Divide Any Length In Half, Without Using Maths

You don’t need a calculator to quickly find the center of something that’s an odd length, such as 37 5/8 inches (95cm). The smart folks at This Old House show us two ways to quickly divide a length in half using just your tape measure.

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