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Make Chicken Broth In 30 Minutes Using A Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is an amazing appliance with many uses, but making hearty soup and savoury broth in minutes is one we hadn’t initially anticipated. Thankfully, this video from Bon Appetit shows you exactly how to do it, and in less than a half-hour to boot.

Tear Tape At An Angle To Leave An Easy Access Tab For Next Time

Every time you tear off a piece of tape from the roll, you’re left with the perpetual conundrum of peeling it off the next time. Instead, fold the tape to the side and tear it to leave a tab for easy access later.

Divide Any Length In Half, Without Using Maths

You don’t need a calculator to quickly find the center of something that’s an odd length, such as 37 5/8 inches (95cm). The smart folks at This Old House show us two ways to quickly divide a length in half using just your tape measure.

Designate A 'Hurry Up And Eat' Shelf In Your Kitchen To Avoid Food Waste

We waste a lot of food, but with a little meal planning and creativity, it’s easy enough to avoid food waste and eat everything you buy. To make it even easier, Apartment Therapy suggests a “hurry up and eat” shelf for your kitchen.

Stash Cleaning Supplies Where You Actually Need Them

If you keep a few cleaning supplies at the locations where you’ll use them, you’ll be likely to use them more often.

Improve Your Video And Photo Editing With A Gaming Mouse

Gaming peripherals are great for productivity as well as games — they often come with macro buttons you can program special commands for. Over at DIY Photography, they explain that gaming mice are especially great, since the extra programmable buttons can do in one click what keyboard shortcuts may take several to accomplish.

Save Time By Feeding All Of Your Guests From One Giant Steak

Steaks are a great choice for casual, outdoor gatherings, but can be a little tricky for seated dinner parties. Instead of attempting to cook a bunch of smaller steaks, struggling to time it all just right, and smoking up your kitchen, the people at ChefSteps suggest focusing on one large steak to absolute perfection.

Make 'Roast' Chicken In Half The Time With The Help Of A Pressure Cooker

Roast chicken is awesome, but it does take over an hour to make in the oven. What if you could speed that up and roast the chicken in about 30 minutes? If you have a pressure cooker, you can.

Don't Spend More Than A Few Seconds On Minor Decisions

We’re all obsessed with finding the best — the best TV, the best laptop, the best…toothpaste. At a certain point, though, you’re just wasting time. Ramit Sethi explains it well: don’t spend more than two seconds on decisions that don’t really matter.

Don't Bother Sterilising Baby Bottles, Pump Parts And Other Baby Items

New parents have enough to do, like trying to get some sleep, so here’s a tip that can save you some precious time: You can skip the sterilising step.

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