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Speed Up Your Family's Morning Routine

Mornings can be tough enough when you have only yourself to worry about. Add a full family into the mix, and morning routines can quickly become the stuff of nightmares. Fortunately, there are some solid ways you can smooth out your mornings for everyone involved.

Five Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Working For Myself

Being your own boss is great. Being your own boss is also hell sometimes. After going from a (cushy) work-from-home salaried employee job to fending for myself as a freelancer, this is what I wish I had known when I started.

I'm Robby Macdonell, And This Is The Story Behind RescueTime

Managing your time can be a tricky task when you don’t pay attention to the clock and find yourself working well past quitting time. Luckily, there’s RescueTime, which monitors how much time you spend browsing certain websites and using certain programs, and once you see how inefficiently you might have used your time, you can use that data to reclaim your day. We chatted with Robby Macdonell, the creator of RescueTime, to learn how it came to be.

Immediately Subtract One Thing From Your To-Do List When Overwhelmed

We all get busy and end up with too many things that need to get done. If you find yourself overwhelmed with your to-do list, remove something from it.

Eating Lunch At Your Desk: The IT Pro Rules

On a busy workday, taking time out to actually go and eat lunch often seems like too much of a challenge. If you are forced to eat at your desk, there are some definite rules you should follow.

A 3-Step Alternative To A Machine-Like Workday

Humans are not machines. This is stating the obvious, but the obvious hasn’t seemed to sink in. We organise our work days as if we were machines, never turning off even when we get home. These work habits are erroneous, unhelpful and unhealthy.

Keep At Least One Day Of The Week Clear Of Any To-Dos

Life is an almost endless mound of tasks. If you let it get away from you, it can feel overwhelming. To avoid this, try keeping one day a week completely free of any scheduled to-dos.

The Magic Of Being In Monk Mode

A year ago I sat in bed late at night, wide awake. I was tired but unable to sleep. I sighed out loud, “I am never going to get this done in time!” I was hyperventilating. The good news? A publisher had just agreed to publish my first solo book. The bad news? Now I needed to write it. As Dorothy Parker is credited with having said, “I hate to write. I love having written.” I can relate.

Work During 'Power Hours' To Get More Done In Less Time

To put the age-old wisdom of “work smarter, not harder” into practice, Startup Workout’s Kevin Fleming suggests using concentrated “power hours” where you unitask on that one project.

How To Work A 60-Hour Week

Forget the four-hour work week myth; for real productivity, you need to achieve a 60-hour work week or better. Here’s a five-step plan to make that happen.