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'If It's Not A Hell Yes, It's A No'

Too often we agree to commitments that we aren’t utterly enthusiastic about. This keeps us from fully investing our time in the ones we do love. Perhaps this should be our new mantra: “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.”

Focus On Task-Management, Rather Than Time-Management, To Be Less Busy

“If only there were more hours in the day,” you tell yourself. You have so much to do and, no matter how effectively you use your time, there always seems to be more to do. Rather than try to use your time efficiently to manage your to-do list, focus on managing the list itself.

Focus On Doing A Few Tasks Well, Rather Than Filling Up Your To-Do List

The more items you mark off of your to-do list, the more productive you’re being, right? Actually, that may not be the case. If you’ve packed your schedule full of things that only get part of your attention, you may be wasting effort. Instead, do a few things well.

Try A Lifestyle Change For A Month To Determine If It Works For You

Making a change to your life — whether it’s how you eat, work, or play — is always going to be hard. If you’re going to try to form a new habit, aim to do it for a month. That will give you enough time to determine how well the change fits with your life.

Time Management Tips From The Busiest Person I Know

I asked the busiest person I know how he manages his time, and stays motivated, despite running a demanding business, raising two kids, continuing university, and presumably attempting to maintain some sort of social life. This is what he said.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Work And Life Don't Always Have To Be Balanced

We all know how things can spiral out of control if you don’t know how to balance your work and home life. However, perfect balance may not always be necessary. In fact, lacking that balance might just help you come up with more creative solutions to your problems.

Only Respond To Commitments With Either 'No' Or 'Hell Yes'

It’s easy to over fill your schedule if you’re not careful. Committing to something you’re not enthusiastic about is a quick way to get overwhelmed. The next time you’re considering whether to add something to your schedule, if your answer isn’t along the lines of “Hell yeah!” then say “No”.

Discover How Much Free Time You Really Have With The Five Minutes Test

Everyone wishes they had more time in the day. However, we’re also often bad at knowing how much time we waste. To find out if you’re really overwhelmed or just letting your days slip away, take the “five minutes more” experiment.

How Tracking What I Do Helped Me Find Better Work-Life Balance

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who enjoy tracking what they do with their time all day, and the rest of us, who would rather watch paint dry. I used to be in the latter group… until I discovered I was doing it all wrong.

If You Don't Prioritise Your Life, Someone Else Will

Deciding what you want to do with your time can be hard. It requires commitment and forethought that many of us get overwhelmed by. The problem is, if you don’t prioritise what you want to do with your time, someone else will have something for you to do with it before long, and you might not like it.

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