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This Interactive Tool Calculates How Much Time And Money You Waste Commuting

Commuting doesn’t have to be a waste. There are plenty of ways to get more out of it. If you’re curious, though, this calculator tells you just how much time and money you’ll spend commuting in your lifetime.

This Interactive Tool Calculates The Cost Of Your Unpaid Overtime

We all work through lunch or leave work late every now and then. When you do this regularly, though, that time can really add up. This interactive calculator puts a price on your unpaid overtime.

44 Ways To Make Your Entire Day More Productive [Infographic]

Most of us could do with some improvements to our daily routine. Because nothing much changes during the work week, it’s easy to slip on ‘autopilot’ and sleepwalk through each day. Instead, you should be adding order to all this monotony — from your morning routine to the daily commute home. This infographic contains 44 ways to hack the daily grind.

Why Self Care Is So Important

You’re overwhelmed at work. You have a ton of projects piling up at home and your calendar is packed with overdue tasks. To make room for all of this stuff, you skip lunch, stop going to the gym and forget about your social life entirely. When we’re stressed, self care is usually the first thing to go. And that only makes things worse.

Give Yourself More Time And Energy By Doing Less

Small business owners are constantly under pressure to work more and often still have to fulfil family duties. It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. One entrepreneur thinks the only way to get more time back and give yourself an energy boost is to do less. Here’s what she has to say.

How To Deal When You're Overcommitted At Work

You’ve said yes to one or two too many projects, and now you’re afraid you won’t be able to deliver. Now’s not the time to wallow in regret. Here’s how to get out from under your overwhelming workload.

Add Some Breathing Room To Your Meeting Schedule With The Margin Method

Back to back meetings can overwhelm your days and leave you with hardly any time to get anything else done. You can give yourself some much needed wiggle room with the meeting margin method.

Work More Than 50 Hours A Week? You're Probably Not Getting More Done

Anyone who’s ever worked more than 50 hours a week knows what burnout feels like. To add insult to injury, you’re probably not even getting any more work done by staying late.

Aware For Mac Tells You How Long You've Been Working So You Can Take Breaks

Mac: Taking regular breaks is crucial not only to your well-being but also to your output. There are plenty of apps out there to remind you to get up from your computer every now and then, but Aware is a little different in that it simply tells you how long you’ve been working.

Schedule Your Work In Five Stages To Get Through Crazy Long Work Weeks

Some days (or weeks or months), you just have to push through a ton of work. Here’s a strategy that could help you keep your sanity during those times.

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