time management

Avoid Over-Committing Your Time With This Simple Formula

Time management can be tough, but it often comes down to not being truly aware of how you spend your time. This formula forces you to examine your time usage while making it plain and clear what you can and cannot do in the time you have.

Use The Principle Of Automatic Savings To Build Better Habits

In budgeting, we often recommend making savings or paying your bills automatic. You can use the same strategy with your time to build better habits and avoid losing so much of your time.

Stop Playing The Victim With Your Time Management

When it comes to managing your time, many people feel like they have a crushing number of requests coming at them that make them a victim to their circumstances. “There’s always too much to do. Everyone just keeps piling more work on me.” Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone, but you should stop playing the victim and own the situation.

Change Your Deadline To Quickly Revamp Your Process

We have so many ideas on how to improve your productivity process, it’s gone meta. If you need a quick way to jump start changes to your process, try moving your deadline.

Study Less, Study Smart: The Best Ways To Retain More In Less Time

When you’re learning new material, it can be overwhelming when you think about how much time you need to truly understand it all. This studying technique can help you stay focused and take on more information with shorter study sessions.

Find Your '10-Minute Tasks' Each Day To Stay Productive

Lots of us have problems organising our day productively. We never seem to have the time. Keeping a list of “10-minute tasks” lets you get stuff done without feeling overwhelmed.

'Success Is Controlling How You Spend Your Time'

A lot of us get caught up in the notion that success means making more money, but success can be defined a lot of different ways. Redefining your idea of success can help you set better goals and see that we all really just want to be masters of our time.

How To Make The Most Of Your Momentum When Getting Things Done

Momentum is a key force in your productivity. It’s the reason that sometimes you can work effortlessly, and at other times it feels like pulling teeth. You can structure your day so that you build momentum and ride it out strategically.

Avoid Email Overload By Simply Ignoring Some (Unimportant) Emails

Inbox Zero is a noble, if difficult, goal. If you only receive a few emails a day, traditional strategies like only replying a couple of times a day are fine. But if you get dozens or hundreds, you need a harsher strategy: just ignoring some of them.

When Time Tracking May Not Save You Any Time At All

Your productivity can largely be determined by how you spend your time, and that makes tracking your time seem like a big help. It can also be a trap that eats up more time than it saves.