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The Biggest Wastes Of Time We Regret When We Get Older

We spend a lot of energy looking for shortcuts to save time, and sure, those shortcuts add up. But when I look back, my biggest time regrets aren’t spending too much time on Twitter or mismanaging my daily tasks. Those are bad habits, but there are bigger, more systematic time wasters that have really gotten in the way. Fixing these will free up a massive amount of time and energy.

The Case For 'Eating The Frog' Later In The Day

You’ve probably heard the old “eat the frog” advice, which says you should tackle your most dreaded task first thing in the morning. This works well for some of us, but there’s a solid case to be made for eating the frog later.

See How Much Unproductive Meetings Actually Cost With This Calculator

A lot of meetings end up being a complete waste of time, but that wasted time also means wasted money. This calculator will show how much an unproductive meeting really costs.

These Five Questions Help You Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is a nasty habit, but we don’t just put things off because we’re lazy. There are different reasons we procrastinate, and these questions can help you figure it out so you can beat it.

Plan Your Work Week Around Your Energy Level To Make The Most Of Your Time

Taking advantage of your “good hours”, when you have the most energy, to focus on what you need to get done is great for your productivity. Expand this idea to your whole work week by figuring out which days work best for the tasks on your plate.

'Never Touch Things Twice'

Keeping productive is as much about maintaining your momentum as it is about managing your use of time. You’re better off finishing everything you start, not saving halfway done tasks for later.

A Visual Guide To Slowing Down And Enjoying Every Moment

We’ve discussed why time feels like it’s flying by, and how to slow it down, especially as you get older, but this visual guide puts some of those best tips into a simple, easy-to-follow graphic, perfect for looking over if you’re in the middle of a busy workday.

Resist Becoming A People Pleaser By Creating A 'No Script'

Saying “no” is an important time-saving skill to learn, especially for those of us who worry too much about being liked by others. Having a “no script” planned out ahead of time can make saying “no” in a nice manner much easier.

'Time Is Everyone's Most Valuable Asset, Not Just Yours'

Time is something we all wish we had more of, but it’s unfortunately a finite resource. Whether you’re trying to be less flaky, or you can’t seem to ever be on time for anything, it can help to remember that time is valuable for everyone.

Schedule Like You're In High School To Be Better Organised

Ah, for the care free days of youth, right? When your every class was planned ahead of time, you coordinated every after school activity, and everything you did had a due date. Wait, that sounds super organised. Maybe adults should try that.

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