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FossaMail Is A 64-Bit Optimised Thunderbird Clone For Windows

Windows: Mozilla’s Thunderbird is a solid email client, but it still doesn’t support 64-bit processors. FossaMail is a free clone optimised for 64-bit systems, all while supporting the same extensions.

Color Folders Makes Organising Mail In Thunderbird Easy

Windows/Mac/Linux: Folders and labels in Thunderbird are great for at keeping your mail organised and out of your inbox, but they all look alike. Color Folders is a simple add-on that lets you customise the folders in Thunderbird however you like — by priority, to match your Gmail labels, or just according to your tastes.

What Desktop Email Clients Still Do Better Than Webmail

Webmail is flexible, portable, and accessible everywhere, but desktop email clients have a lot of benefits too. From encryption you can trust to easy backups, there are some features you can only get — or get easily — with a desktop client like Outlook, Postbox or Thunderbird. Here are some of the best ones.

The Best Plugins To Supercharge Thunderbird

There are still plenty of great reasons to use a desktop email clientslowed development, it’s still our favourite consumer email client for Windows and Linux. Whether you’re still using it or want a way to supercharge it with features available in other hotshot desktop email apps, here are the add-ons to install to make Thunderbird even better.

Markdown Here Adds Markdown Support To Email And Web Forms

Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Thunderbird/Postbox: Markdown is a great way to instantly render text as HTML without knowing a lick of coding. If you want to use that in an email client like Gmail or Postbox, Markdown Here adds the functionality easily.

Compress Attached Files Automatically In Mozilla Thunderbird

While throwing a bunch of documents or other files into your favourite archiving tool before emailing them isn’t much of a burden, if it’s a regular activity, removing the step can potentially save you a lot of time. If you’re using Thunderbird, then Auto Compress File is the extension for you.

TorBirdy Protects Your Identity In Thunderbird

Thunderbird has slowed down its development but still has a dedicated pool of users. If you’re still running its excellent email client but are concerned about privacy, the anonymous browsing client Tor has released a tool to protect your email called TorBirdy.

Thunderbird's Filelink Sends Attachments Directly To Cloud Services

If you’re going to email people, you’re going to run into attachment size limits. It’s a fact. You might not have noticed, but email client Thunderbird makes it nice and easy to convert attachments into Dropbox, and other cloud storage links.

Thunderbird To Slow Down Development, Focus On 'Security And Stability' Only

Mozilla has announced that Thunderbird, our favourite email client for Windows and Linux, is going to slow down development, focusing on stability and security instead of new features.

Personal Level Indicators For Thunderbird Tells You If A Message Is For A Group

If you use Gmail you’re already familiar with the personal level indicators where a small arrow indicates whether an email was sent to just you, or a group of people. Personal Level Indicators is a small add-on for Thunderbird that adds the same feature to your desktop email client.

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