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Keep Work From Following You Home By Giving Unfinished Tasks A Time And Place 

If you have a hard time shutting down at the end of the day, you’re not alone. Most of us have a habit of letting the workday linger. To keep this from happening, assign a specific place and time for your unfinished business.

Tackle Your Most Difficult Tasks With Meditative 'Pause Training'

The discomfort of taking on difficult tasks can push you to seek out distractions, focus on busywork and procrastinate. This meditation-like exercise will help you focus on why you want to run from the hard stuff, and make you more productive overall.

The Case For 'Eating The Frog' Later In The Day

You’ve probably heard the old “eat the frog” advice, which says you should tackle your most dreaded task first thing in the morning. This works well for some of us, but there’s a solid case to be made for eating the frog later.

'Never Touch Things Twice'

Keeping productive is as much about maintaining your momentum as it is about managing your use of time. You’re better off finishing everything you start, not saving halfway done tasks for later.

Set Aside A 'Maintenance Day' For Your Less Important Tasks

Most of us have things we have to do every week that are necessary but don’t have a great impact on your professional or personal progress. Fast Company advises taking all those tasks and doing them on a day set aside for them.

Give Each Item On Your To-Do List A Purpose To Get Motivated

We all have days where we feel completely unmotivated to get through our daily tasks. To boost your motivation and power through those tasks, give each item on your to-do list a specific purpose.

Consider Going The Extra Inch Instead Of The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is a great way to separate yourself from the pack, but it’s not the only way. Instead of going the extra mile every once in a while, consider going the extra inch with every single thing you do.

The 10 Things I've Learned About How To Actually Be Productive

Getting things done is challenging, but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible goal. Follow these 10 tips to unleash your inner productivity ninja.

Make A Better To-Do List By Focusing On What Would Make Today Great

Daily to-do lists are an effective way to get things done, especially when you know how to prioritise your tasks. How you decide to prioritise your tasks, however, can have an effect on how you feel at the end of the day.

Use A 'Focus Funnel' To Know Which Tasks You Can Put Off

The word procrastination has got a bad rep. But sometimes, you’re better off putting off that task. It’s all about identifying the right time to do something, says Rory Varden, author of Procrastinate on Purpose.

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