TaskSpace Groups Multiple Windows Into The Same Taskbar Entry

Windows: Heavy multitaskers will know that when you open enough windows, things get messy. TaskSpace makes things a little lighter by putting multiple windows together into one container.

Get More Out Of Your Windows Taskbar With Its Built-In Toolbars

Hearing the words “extra toolbars” may make you squirm in fear, but a few Lifehacker readers show us how handy Windows’ built-in taskbar toolbars can be.

Three Useful Tricks For Organising Your Messy Windows Taskbar

The Start menu may be gone (if recoverable) in Windows 8, but you don’t care — you have a taskbar full of your most commonly used apps. Here are three tips to help leep your taskbar as organised and powerful as possible.

NetSpeedMonitor Keeps Your Network Activity In The Taskbar

Windows: If you’re worried that some application may be eating into your bandwidth in the background, or you just want to keep closer tabs on the bandwidth your computer is using, NetSpeedMonitor is a handy systray utility that lives in your taskbar. It shows you active upload and download speeds, which applications are using your network connection and what their endpoints are.

How To Pin A Program To The Taskbar Or Dock

For quick and convenient access to your favourite programs or folders, pin them to the taskbar in Windows or the dock on Mac. Here’s how to set this up so you’re just one click away from what you use most.

SimpleSndVol Adds Balance Control To The Windows System Tray

Windows: SimpleSndVol adds balance controls to the volume control popup you get when you click on the sound icon in the Windows systray. The utility also allows you to bind volume and balance controls to keyboard shortcuts for quick access.

Pokki Brings The App Store Experience To Windows 7

Windows 7 only: New service Pokki wants to be an app store for Windows, complete with painless one-click installs and real-time notifications in the taskbar.

Quick Access Bar Adds Organisational Bar To Windows Desktop

Quick Access Bar is a handy (and free) utility for Windows that provides you with a collapsible second taskbar containing commonly used folders of your choice. If you’ve got a desktop filled with folders, it provides a handy way to stay organised while still maintaining easy access to your stuff.

Middle-Click Taskbar To Quickly Open And Close Windows

Windows 7: Use the middle-click button on your mouse and the taskbar to open a new window for an application or quickly close a window. Here’s how.

Bins Creates Stacks Of Applications In Your Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows: From the creators of Fences comes Bins, which is basically the Windows 7 equivalent of the “Stacks” feature in Mac OS X. If you want to organise your taskbar’s program icons into little convenient bins, this download is for you.