task management

Break Big Tasks Into Smaller Pieces To Avoid Distractions

When you’re working on that big project, it always feels like the best time to go do the dishes, organise your sock drawer or check Facebook. To keep momentum going, break your big project down into the same size tasks as the ones that are distracting you.

The History Of The To-Do List (And How To Make Yours More Effective)

When I was a kid, I read a book called The Listmaker. It’s about a young girl who uses lists to organise and make sense of her life. At the time, I didn’t read any more into it besides the fact that this was an odd hobby for a pre-teen girl to spend so much time on. Now, although I don’t remember the book that well, I do see much more significance in the humble list — especially after researching where they come from and why we make lists.

DashPlus Is A Powerful GTD-Style To-Do App With Gestures

iPhone: To-do apps are everywhere, but finding one that’s feature-packed, easy to use and based on the GTD system is tough. DashPlus is based on Patrick Rhone’s Dash/Plus system, but fans of the GTD method might want to take a look at it as well.

TIME Planner Manages Your Time In Simple List Structure

iPhone: Creating a schedule for your day is sometimes less about a series of things on a calendar and more about a list of projects you want to do. TIME Planner is an app that makes it easy to create a colourful and easy-to-read schedule for your day.

Keep At Least One Day Of The Week Clear Of Any To-Dos

Life is an almost endless mound of tasks. If you let it get away from you, it can feel overwhelming. To avoid this, try keeping one day a week completely free of any scheduled to-dos.

Turn Apple's Reminders Into A Quality GTD App

Love it or hate it, Apple’s Reminders app is built so deeply into iOS and OS X that it’s impossible to ignore. If you want to stick inside Apple’s ecosystem but use Reminders as an actual GTD-style app, blogger Sven Fechner shows you how.

Marie Curie's Best Productivity Tricks

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and the only woman to win it in two different fields. She coined the term radioactivity, discovered radium (which eventually killed her), and managed to get things done regardless of the fact that the scientific world didn’t always take her seriously. Here’s how she did it.

MyEffectivenessHabits Sorts Your To-Dos On An Eisenhower Matrix

Android: An Eisenhower matrix is an effective way to prioritise your tasks by sorting them into one of four categories based on how urgent and important they are. MyEffectivenessHabits allows you to use this tool on your Android phone.

How To Inflate Tasks And Extend Due Dates

There are lots of reasons you might want to postpone deadlines or puff up your work so it looks bigger than it may be. Maybe you don’t need the pressure. Maybe your boss constantly underestimates the actual work everything requires. Either way, if you’re willing to play the game, you can take control of your workload and not let it control you.

I'm Brian Mueller, And This Is The Story Behind CARROT To-Do

CARROT isn’t your run-of-the-mill to-do manager. Described by its creator Brian Mueller as a “to-do list with personality”, the app turns your list into a slightly sadistic game, complete with a robot master who will only be pleased if you complete tasks.