VPNs Fail Critical Security Tests

A VPN is meant to ensure the privacy of your communications through strong encryption, but new tests suggest that the most popular VPN services have critical security flaws.

Ask Lifehacker: How Can I Make My Company Store Passwords More Securely?

Hi Lifehacker, it just struck me that my workplace is as bad as Sony when it comes to storing passwords, but I can’t think of an easy-to-use secure alternative that they would adopt. What do you recommend for this issue for SMEs? Thanks, Unsecured

Hack USB To Improve Security While Charging

It’s seriously handy to charge your devices via any available USB port, but it’s also a data and malware security risk, depending on configuration. It’s feasible to hack USB connectivity to lessen the risks.

Voucher Codes & Personal Details Exposed In Woolworths Accidental Mass Email

Ah, the unintentional group email. Perhaps it was a joke in poor taste, or something meant for select individuals, but more than likely, you’ve never sent anything too important to the wrong people. Certainly not anything on the scale of Woolworths’ recent gaffe, where it fired off an email to over a thousand people containing a spreadsheet with personal details and gift voucher links.

Get Rid Of Old Anti-Virus Installs With ESET's AV Removal Tool

Having recently ditched the under-performing Microsoft Security Essentials for something better (in my case, the free edition of Avira), I know the pain of trying out new software. Anti-virus programs can sometimes be stubborn about removing themselves and if you’re finding the ghosts of old AV apps lingering on your system, ESET has an all-in-one removal tool that can help.

Ask An Expert All About Data Forensics, Privacy And Security

Say hello to Jason Eaddy of Elysium Digital. Elysium conducts digital forensic and security investigations, typically working with organisations in technology-related legal matters.

D-Link Apologises For Router Security

An issue which affected D-Link’s routers is in the process of being patched, says the company.

What Is Tokenisation And How Will It Make Online Shopping More Secure?

Tokenisation aims to make online and mobile-based shopping a lot safer, but how does it work? Here’s what you need to know.

How Linux Australia Handled Its Recent Data Breach

Data breaches have sadly become more common, though organisations are slowly beginning to learn the best way to handle them. Rather than hide the fact from those affected, Linux Australia has provided an extremely detailed and transparent account to its members explaining how its servers were hacked, what information was taken and how it has responded.

Get 2 Years Of VPN Access For Just $US30 Per Year

With the recent data retention shenanigans, you might have put serious thought into setting up a VPN (if you’re not already for circumventing geo-blocks). If you’re still considering your options, Private Internet Access is currently offering a good deal on two-year subscriptions.