The Simplest Way To Orgasm If Penetration Isn't Enough For You

If you’re a woman who has a hard time climaxing during intercourse, you may be interested to know that a recent female orgasm survey found that you have more company than you may realise.

Reminder: Those Laundry Capsules Can Kill Your Kids

Laundry capsules are certainly convenient when it comes time to wash, but they’re not toys. There’s no real way to teach kids this, so keep them well out of the way of the youngsters.

Take Productive Desk Breaks With Walking Tasks

We know that sitting all day is killing us, and that we should take regular standing and walking breaks. If you want to get away from your desk but still stay productive, consider some “walking tasks”.

Two Steps You Can Take To Avoid Germs On An Aeroplane

Travelling by aeroplane is a great way to spread disease. NPR spoke with aviation medicine specialist Dr Mark Gendreau, and there are two things you can do to help yourself stay healthy.

Six Foods That Change Your Risk Of Cancer

If you believe cancer is a disease that strikes from nowhere with little in your control to prevent it, you’d be mistaken on both counts. Most cases of cancer are considered preventable by positive nutrition and lifestyle choices.

How To Talk About Sensitive Topics So That People Will Listen

The way we talk to people about making changes in their lives has a huge impact on whether they will be open to our feedback. Whether you’re confronting a loved one about substance abuse, a destructive behaviour, or any emotionally charged issue, utilising positive communication can affect how you are heard.

Why Lots Of Health Apps Are Selling Your Data

Recently, a slew of reports have popped up showing how fitness apps are logging and selling off your data to ad companies, city planners and others. By their nature, these apps have a lot of sensitive personal data about you that you might not want out in the world. Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

How To Pull An Effective All-Nighter

Exams and deadlines have one thing in common: they convince us that skipping sleep is a good idea. While that’s certainly not true, sometimes pulling an all-nighter is your only option to get things done. If you have to go that route, you may as well do it right.

Government's Health Star Rating Website Taken Down Hours After Release

If you were hoping to check out the government’s new website explaining its upcoming food and drink “Health Star” rating system, you had a chance to see it on Wednesday. However, the site is now no longer active after a decision was made to pull it down.

Know What Drowning Really Looks Like To Help Save Lives This Summer

If you take movies as any indication, a drowning person will thrash around wildly in the water, possibly scream out for help or wave someone over. However, as Slate points out, that’s completely wrong, and drowning doesn’t look anything like people expect.