Why You Can't Just Switch To The Cloud Overnight

One of the often-hyped advantages of the cloud is the speed with which you can deploy a new service. In theory, you can whack down your credit card details and instantly have something working. But in reality, any full-scale shift to the cloud is going to require a planning process that takes months, if not years.

Turn An Old PC Into A NAS, VPN Or Media Streamer With Amahi

If you have an old computer with some life left in it, or you’re building a do-it-all home server, Amahi is the perfect utility for the job. Amahi can turn any PC into an at-home VPN and a NAS for all of your files. Here’s how.

Share Direct Links To Files In Google Drive And Skip The Web Viewer

While Google aims for Drive to be a competent Dropbox competitor, there’s one small but key feature that isn’t easy: sharing direct download links. Fortunately, you can create your own.

Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Share Large Files With Friends?

Dear Lifehacker, I share a lot of large files with my friends, but it seems like everyone uses different services. What’s the easiest way to do it?

Why Cheaper Cloud Pricing Isn't Always A Good Thing

Since Google announced the launch of its Compute Engine in mid 2012, the competition for this lucrative slice of the cloud market has heated up. Amazon AWS, which has the lion’s share of the cloud infrastructure market, has progressively reduced its pricing no less than 30 times in the last 7 years, and this downward cost trend will no doubt continue with Google’s recent drop in its raw compute costs .A race to the bottom on cost has to be a good thing for consumers, universities, governments and business alike, all looking to cut IT costs, right? Well, maybe not.

Use Shared Photo Streams To Store Lots Of iPhone Pictures For Free

Photo Streams on iOS are kind of a confusing and horrible way to manage photos. However, blogger Ben Walker points out that you can use shared photo streams as a massive storage system without using your iCloud storage space if you use the shared photo stream option.

Get Up To 25GB Of Free Storage With Tresorit

Using multiple cloud storage services means you’re less likely to run out of potential backup space. Until November 23, Encrypted storage provider Tresorit is offering up to 25GB of storage for nothing.

Why Data Sovereignty Is Still Making Australian Companies Panic

The most obvious technical argument for hosting cloud services in an Australian data centre is the improved latency. Yet when it comes to making that choice, concerns over data sovereignty and whether data will be accessed by US governments remain a key issue.

AWS Adds Policy Simulator, Browser Javascript SDK

Two new tools in the Amazon Web Services arsenal: an SDK for building webapps that can make direct calls to various AWS resources, and a Policy Simulator for checking the impact of identity and access policies before deploying them.

Encrypted Cloud Service Tresorit Unveils New Desktop And Mobile Apps

Android/Mac/Windows: Tresorit is one of our favourite privacy-protecting cloud storage services. It encrypts your data, protects your privacy, and it has even challenged hackers to break its security. Now, the service has unveiled new apps for Mac and Android, and it has updated its Windows app as well.