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Make Your LinkedIn Headline Stand Out By Keeping It Simple

It might be tough to summarize all of your expertise and skill into one simple title, but that’s precisely what you should do with your LinkedIn headline: keep it simple.

What Hiring Managers Wish You Knew About Applying For A Job

Hiring managers play a critical role in deciding which job applicants to interview, the details of the job offer, and whom to hire. So if we should take job search tips from anyone, it’s them.

When Productivity Tips Just Make Your Life Harder

A great many productivity tips follow the principle of working smarter, not harder. But if you really put them under the microscope, you might find a few of them result in more stress, with the cons mitigating any benefits you gain.

The Four Keys To Getting Out Of Unnecessary Meetings

Nobody likes to sit through unnecessary meetings. With the right tactics you can escape their soul-sucking grasp, but there are some important things to consider before you try to back out.

Four Signs You Should Fix Your Current Job Instead Of Quitting

When you’re stuck in a job you hate, it’s easy to read a few articles about pursuing your dreams and find the validation you were looking for to turn in your resignation letter. But what feels like a terrible job may not be permanently terrible — in certain situations, it may be worth your while to try to fix your job, rather than jump ship.

Five Job Search Myths That Might Be Holding You Back

If you want to find a job you love, you need to have high standards. You need to know what you want and what you’re worth, and you can’t be willing to settle for anything lower than that. But that doesn’t mean you can hold the job-hunting process to the same standards. In fact, it’s far too easy for job hunters to go into the job search with unrealistic expectations about how the process will work — expectations that often result in disappointment.

Is It More Degrading To Work In IT Or As An Exotic Dancer?

Stripping down to your unmentionables, or stripping down ethernet cables — which is worse? According to someone who has done both, they’re equally crappy.

Defence Jobs Spotlight: Air Surveillance Operator, Intelligence Officer

Work on some of the most sophisticated radar equipment in Australia, or take up a role in a highly classified environment providing intelligence support. Read on to find out more about these exciting and unique careers.

Defence Jobs Spotlight: Aerospace Engineer Officer

With the continuing introduction of new aircraft, and equipment to the Air Force, life as an Aerospace Engineering Officer is constantly challenging and changing. Read on to find out more.

Defence Jobs Spotlight: Movements, Operations Officer

Would you prefer a career that’s hand on, or does a job that’s focused on planning appeal to you? Operations Officer and Movement roles in the Air Force are available now — keep reading to find out more.

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