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Porn Tab Fiasco Highlights Why You Should Get Better Acquainted With Your Work Computer

Earlier this week, a US politician running for Congress posted a screenshot on his campaign’s Facebook page. Normally, this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow, but his screenshot was of his web browser which clearly showed opened tabs for “IVONE SEXY AMATEUR” and “LAYLA RIVERA TIGHT BOOTY”. Take a wild guess on what kind of content he was looking at.

Don't Be A Perfectionist At Work: Be An Optimalist Instead

Fretting over every little detail and putting in extra hours at work may make you feel like you’re the world’s best employee, but perfectionism may be the one thing holding you back in your career.

Getting To Your Dream Job Is Probably Gonna Suck For A While

In the movies, when someone quits their terrible job to do the thing they love, the burden is immediately lifted. In reality, getting to the job you love is a long, arduous process and you’ll probably hate it for a while.

BYOD? Why Not Bring-Your-Own-Team?

Payments startup Stripe is currently experimenting with a new way of hiring. Instead of recruiting just one individual, the company wants to bring in an entire team all at once. Stripe is calling this ‘Bring-Your-Own-Team’ and here’s why it thinks this is a good approach.

Microsoft Is Giving Away Free Cloud Training Resources To IT Pros

IT professionals who are looking to broaden their skills in the cloud computing space now have access to a free annual subscription to Microsoft’s new IT Pro Cloud Essentials program, which provides services, training, support and certification in this technology space. Here are the details.

Why Being Selfish Can Boost Your Career

Being selfish is defined as “lacking consideration for other people, concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.” However, it can also mean protecting your own interests and even, putting your own needs ahead of others. After all, if you’re not looking out for yourself and your career, who will? Being selfish can potentially help you in your career. Here’s how.

Demonstrate User Empathy When Interviewing For A Developer Role

Collaboration software vendor Asana recently released a cheat sheet on how to interview for a software developer/engineer job at the company, going through the entire process and what it looks for in new recruits. One of the qualities that was listed was user empathy. Here’s why.

Why Arrogance Is A Corporate Sin

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance in the workplace. While confidence is essential to climb the corporate ranks – being too arrogant could see your career fade faster than hitting a serpent in a game of snakes and ladders. Here’s why.

Don’t Say 'Yes' To Everything At Work

You want to get ahead at work and you don’t mind putting in the hard yards. It’s tempting to take on all the tasks and projects that are up for grabs but it’s important to think carefully before you put your hand up.

IT Job Growth Is Booming In (Most Of) Australia

While individual experiences may differ, job growth in Australia is on the increase, according to the latest stats from career site Seek. Interestingly, it’s the east coast thats reaping the benefits, with the ACT, Victoria and NSW posting double-digit gains over 2015.

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