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Briefly: Anime Guide, Snapchat Hack, Surface Book Hands On

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Kotaku’s in-depth Spring anime guide, how to add more text on Snapchat, hands on with the Microsoft Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Details And Pricing For Australia

Microsoft announced a ton of new products this morning but the ones that really matter are the Surface Book 4, the new version of its slate tablet, and the Surface Book, the company’s first ever laptop. We take a closer look at the two devices and how much it will cost you to buy them in Australia.

Microsoft Surface 3 Australian Pricing, Release Date

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a very effective laptop replacement, but it’s relatively expensive. If you like the Surface approach to 2-in-1 tablets but don’t need the same level of grunt, the newly-announced Surface 3 might do the trick. Here’s what it will cost in Australia.

Surface Pro 3 Hits Australia On 28 August

We’ve known since its announcement back in May that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet would hit Australian shelves in “late August”. Now we have a more precise release date: Thursday 28 August.

Surface Pro 3 Australia Pricing: We Have To Wait Until August

This morning, Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, the latest addition to its tablet roundup. The 12-inch Windows 8 Pro device launches in the US on 20 June, but Australia will have to wait until end of August for local release.

Ask LH: What's The Point Of The Surface Pro?

Hey Lifehacker, I am keen on the idea of grabbing a Surface Pro (either the original or the new model), but I have a few questions that I can’t seem to find answers to anywhere on the internet. If I can install software just as I would on my PC from a network or USB location, wouldn’t that make the Windows Store useless? If the Surface comes with Windows 8, can it be upgraded to Windows 8.1? And can I hook up an external Bluetooth keyboard and mouse?

Surface 2 Down Under: No Australia Tax!

The initial generation of Microsoft’s Surface tablet didn’t sell so well, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft persisting with an updated Surface 2 design running Windows 8.1. The good news for Australians? Based on what we know so far, there won’t be any ‘Australia tax’ added to the price.

Australia's TechEd Surface RT Discount Is Not As Good As The US

At TechEd North America back in June, Microsoft created multi-hour queues and an eBay glut by offering the Surface RT for $US99 dollars and the Surface Pro for $US399. Attendees at TechEd Australia this week get a rather less impressive discount: the 64GB Surface RT for $299.

System Center Is Sexier Than Surface RT

The news from Microsoft’s annual results that is initially attracting attention is that the company is writing off close to $1 billion in expenses relating to the Surface RT. Ouch. However, for server admins there’s a more interesting stat buried in the numbers: System Center appears to be the fastest-growing product within the company.

TechEd Surface Deal Leads To eBay Glut

One of the minor benefits for attendees at TechEd North America 2013 has been the chance to purchase heavily-discounted Surface tablets. Yet while people have happily queued for up to three hours or more to get their hands on them, it seems some are doing so purely to then on-sell them for a profit.

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