LocationList Automatically Sorts Your Shopping List Based On Supermarket Location

iOS: Sometimes the worst part about sipermarket shopping is organising your list in a way that makes sense for the store you’re at. LocationList is an app that does that automatically for you, and the more you use it the better it gets.

Why Supermarket Loyalty Schemes Aren't So Special

If you’re a member of Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards or Coles’ flybuys scheme, you’ll be used to receiving regular emails promising “special” offers and “bonus” deals that are just for you. But don’t delude yourself: 9.5 million Australians are signed up to those schemes.

Ask LH: Will Stockpiling Groceries Save Me Money?

Hey Lifehacker, I buy groceries in bulk when our family’s favourite items go on half-price special or better. I take advantage of targeted offers from loyalty programs and frequently end up with coupons for X dollars off for spending Y amount. I use these coupons for specials plus stocking up on generic products which never go on special. I sometimes wonder though whether I am actually saving money.

What Are Australia’s Most Popular Vegetables?

A national survey conducted by the horticulture representative body AusVeg has revealed Australia’s most popular supermarket vegetables. While potatoes continue to be the most farmed vegetable, carrots are the biggest seller, with nearly 95 percent of Australians purchasing a bag last month. The rest of the top ten has a somewhat curious order, with cauliflower managing to trump both capsicum and onion.

The Complete Guide To Saving Time And Money On Food Preparation

You don’t have to waste a lot of time and money simply to eat a decent meal. With a little planning, you can seriously cut down on the time and money it takes to prepare and cook enjoyable food.

Ask LH: Which House Brand Goods Should I Avoid?

Dear Lifehacker, After a recent argument with the rest of my family over the purchase of various no-name groceries from supermarkets, I wondered: What are the off-limit items where house brand goods just doesn’t cut it? Any advice? Thanks, Smarting Shopper

Less Than One-Quarter Of The Milk We Buy Is Supermarket-Branded

House brands produced for the major supermarkets are often controversial, and milk has been a particular target ever since Coles began selling its own store-brand milk for $1 a litre back in 2011, a move Woolworths quickly matched. Two years later, market data suggests that a less than quarter of the milk sold in those supermarkets is a store-branded product.

Are Your Favourite Brands Harder To Find At The Supermarket?

A recent survey suggests that more Australians believe they have less choice at the supermarket, even in those stores which make a point of stocking multiple brands. Are you finding it harder to locate the products you prefer?

Just How Dominant Are Woolworths And Coles?

Massive market share for Woolworths and Coles is the backdrop to virtually every discussion of the supermarket industry in Australia, but just how large is that share? The answer is: enormous, but it does depend on how you look at it.

Coles Pays Fine For Displaying 'Helping Australia Grow' Sign Over Imported Fruits And Vegetables

Supermarket giant Coles has fallen foul of the Australian Competition and Consumer Competition (ACCC) for the second time in a month. This time, it has paid a $61,200 fine after repeated examples of displaying imported fruits and vegetables under large ‘Helping Australia Grow’ signs.