Shorten Your Shopping Trip By Blocking Out Slow Tempo Music

There are lots of ways stores try to manipulate shoppers, from placing more expensive items at eye level to encouraging interaction with goods. A study published in the Journal of Marketing shows that the tempo of music you hear whilst shopping can also have an influence.

Woolworths Has Made Its Home Brand Prices More Competitive Again

When we rounded up all the store brand goods you could buy in a supermarket for less than a dollar earlier this week, I noted that Woolworths was charging more than Coles or ALDI for quite a few staple items and didn’t seem as committed to price-matching as it once was. It seems Woolworths has also belatedly noticed this trend — some of those items have now dropped back to the same price as its rivals.

Every Supermarket House Brand Product That Costs Less Than $1

How much will a dollar get you? To find out, we decided to find every single house brand product you could buy in a major supermarket in Australia that sells for less than $1. The list did not turn out to be particularly long.

To Bee Or Not To Bee? Victoria Honey Stung By ACCC For Synthetic Spread

The manufacturer of Victoria Honey has been ordered to pay $30,600 in penalties for falsely claiming that its products were produced by honey bees. In reality, the chief ingredient is plant sugar derived from corn and sugar canes. To add another fly/bee to the ointment, the honey is actually a product of Turkey rather than Victoria as the name suggests. Tch.

Use Self-Checkout To Make Better Shopping Decisions

Self-checkouts are common at many supermarkets today. Weblog Clever Dude suggests this can also save you money.

Time Yourself At The Supermarket To Prevent Overspending

Moseying around a supermarket is a surefire way to spend more money than you planned to. Set yourself a time limit to make sure you get in and out of the store with only what you need.

What The ACCC Case Against Coles Means For Supermarket Shoppers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking supermarket giant Coles to court, alleging that it has engaged in “unconscionable conduct” against suppliers. Why does that matter, and what difference might it make to your supermarket experience in the long run?

Why Supermarket House Brands Are Sometimes Good For Other Brands

Only a few years ago jokes about home brand products were quite common. Having a blue and white or red and white dinner meant enjoying generic brand fare that night around the table. But the recent intensification of the supermarket wars has seen the introduction of more sophisticated and aggressive branding strategies by Coles and Woolworths.

ACCC Cow-Tips Coles Over Milk Price Claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken Coles Supermarkets to task over factual inaccuracies in a YouTube advertisement about milk pricing. In its Our Milk Story video, Coles boasted that the price it paid dairy farmers for supplying milk to processors had increased over 2011-12. In reality, the price paid to farmers actually went down during this period.

Beware Of Fake 'Specials' At Supermarkets

If there’s one thing everybody loves, it’s buying groceries that are on special. Supermarkets know this, which is why price drops are always highlighted with eye-catching stickers. No harm, no foul right? However, some chains have taken the dubious step of introducing ‘Price Match’ labels which look suspiciously like discount stickers. (On a related note, if you attempt to take a photo of this fact, you could get kicked out of the store and accused of being a terrorist. I speak from experience.)