How Supermarkets Make Us Spend More

When you walk into a supermarket, you probably want to spend as little money as possible. The supermarket wants you to spend as much money as possible. Let battle commence.

Use Layout-Based Shopping List Templates To Save Money

Supermarkets have lots of tricks to get you to spend more money. One way to fight back is to go armed with a list organised according to the layout of the store, so you know what to get, where to get it, and when to move on.

How To Organise Your Sale Stockpile

One of my family’s favourite ways to save money on groceries is to stock up when we find a great sale. For instance, when our favourite spaghetti sauce went on sale for $1 a jar, we bought 30 of them. This ensures that we won’t be buying much sauce at full price, saving a good .38 to .50 cents a jar on something our family of six uses lots of. But then we’ve got another problem: where do we put 30 jars of spaghetti sauc?

How To Save Heaps On Your Supermarket Bill With A Price Book

A price book, which tracks the lowest prices on the products you buy most often, is the best tool for saving money on supermarket shopping and household items. With it, you’ll always know when a sale is really a good deal, when produce is in season, and when to stock up on the essentials. Here’s how to make and keep this time-tested savings tool yourself — and save as much as $1000 a year.

Which Supermarket Do You Usually Shop At?

The Australian supermarket scene is dominated by two big players: Woolworths and Coles. But those aren’t the only choices.

Why Imported Tinned Tomatoes Are So Cheap

Tinned tomatoes are insanely cheap. I routinely purchase a 400 gram tin of store brand tomatoes for 60 cents, even though they’re imported from Italy. How is that possible? A recent government investigation provides some clues — and suggests prices might be about to go up.

How Supermarkets Flog You Junk Food To Maximise Profits

Supermarkets are an essential part of modern living — open almost all the time, selling almost everything, and selling it cheap. Nowhere is this more true than in Australia. Coles and Woolworths, our two most dominant supermarket chains, are now ranked among the top 20 biggest retailers in the world.

Complete Nachos In-A-Box: As Bad As It Sounds

One of the best things about working for Lifehacker is getting to try takeaway meals and other food products as part of our Taste Test series. It enables me to indulge my sugar and fat cravings guilt-free, as it’s a legitimate part of the job. Sometimes however, this sweet-sounding gig can turn horribly sour. Enter Nachos To Go: an affront to Mexican cuisine and all food in general.

LocationList Automatically Sorts Your Shopping List Based On Supermarket Location

iOS: Sometimes the worst part about sipermarket shopping is organising your list in a way that makes sense for the store you’re at. LocationList is an app that does that automatically for you, and the more you use it the better it gets.

Why Supermarket Loyalty Schemes Aren't So Special

If you’re a member of Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards or Coles’ flybuys scheme, you’ll be used to receiving regular emails promising “special” offers and “bonus” deals that are just for you. But don’t delude yourself: 9.5 million Australians are signed up to those schemes.