Treat Bee Stings With Meat Tenderiser And Water

Nobody likes a bee sting. If you want to counter the effects of one quickly, The Wall Street Journal recommends using a mixture of meat tenderiser and water on the sting.

Camp In Your Car With Magnetic Window Screens

Your car is potentially more comfortable than any tent if you’re going camping, but without running the battery all night or opening a window to the elements, it’s impossible to get any air flow in the cabin. Impossible, that is, without these awesome magnetic window coverings.

Dry Fruit Using The Power Of The Sun

Drying fruit is a great way to preserve it, and offers a new way to enjoy an old favourite. You can easily do it in your own yard with a dedicated solar dryer.

These Awesome Life Hacks Will Improve Your Summer

Summer brings warm weather and fun outdoors, but it also offers a number of challenges. Grant Thompson, the self-proclaimed “King of Random,” offers up 10 great life hacks to make your time outdoors even better.

Use A Lasagne Pan As An Improvised BBQ

If you live in an apartment, you might not have access to a full-sized BBQ. However, you can improvise with a few cheap materials.

Scent Your Car With An Unlit Candle

Scented candles aren’t typically used to create ambiance in a car because you need to light them for it to work. However, that might not be necessary in hotter climates during the summer.

Make Watermelon Smoothies In Seconds With A Drill And A Coat Hanger

Watermelon is delicious, and a great basis for summer drinks. Here’s a quick and fun way to make watermelon smoothies at an outdoor event where you may not have a blender. All you need is a cordless drill, a clean coat hanger, and a watermelon.

Knock Out Flies With Glass Cleaner

When flies invade your home, you can try to scientifically swat them all or use this simpler, faster method: spray them with glass cleaner.

Find Out If Sunglasses Are Polarised By Looking Through Two Pairs

If you’re shopping for sunglasses and aren’t sure if they’re polarised, you can easily check by holding two identical pairs at 90 degree angles to each other.

Keep Ants Out Of Your Pets' Food With A Tray Of Water

Just a few stray particles of pet food are enough to lead a parade of ants through your house. Before resorting to chemicals to get rid of them though, try using a pan of water as a moat to keep them away from the bowl.