Why Sydney And Brisbane Are Going To Become Even More Humid

Several Australian cities, such as Adelaide and Perth, have greeted 2015 with scorching weather as summer hits its stride — the kind of conditions that leave us crying out for an air conditioner, rather than dreaming of barbeques and beach trips.

Briefly: Ice Cream Time-Lapses, Mustache Removal, $399 iPhone 5c

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New Research Shows How Far Tiger Sharks Travel

Alongside bull sharks and great whites, tiger sharks are one of the main predatory species known to occasionally snack on humans. Their migratory habits may therefore be of some interest if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the ocean this summer. According to new research, tiger sharks regularly travel over 1000km across the Coral Sea between New Caledonia and the Great Barrier Reef. (Guess you can’t blame ‘em for occasionally getting the munchies.)

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How To Downsize Your Car Packing For Aussie Summer Trips

Every few months, I drive from Sydney to Adelaide with my family. My most recent trip involved a challenge, however, I’d changed cars, and my new vehicle was significantly smaller. Here’s how I overcame the packing challenge.

Welcome To Our BBQhacker Week

The summer weather continues and Australia Day is coming up this weekend, so there’s every excuse to break out the BBQ. Throughout this week, in addition to our regularly scheduled posts, we’ll be offering BBQhacker tips and ideas for outdoor living. Snags, anyone?

Your Air Conditioner Costs You $500+ A Year

As the summer heat continues, many of us turn to air conditioning, but that’s an expensive decision. According to consumer advocate CHOICE, a large air conditioning system will add $530 a year to your power bill, while a ceiling fan will cost $30 a year to run.

Five DIY Alternatives To Running An Air Conditioner

Don’t have an air conditioner and can’t take the heat? Don’t want the huge electricity bill that might result from using AC all-day long? Whatever your motivation, here are five DIY ideas to stay cool this summer.