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Four Frozen Protein Smoothies That Make Perfect Post-Workout Popsicles

The days of hot, sweaty workouts are approaching. It’s time to upgrade your after-exercise snack from a boring protein bar and a swig of lukewarm water to one of these refreshing protein popsicles. The formula is simple: Blend, freeze, enjoy.

What The Most Important Terms On Your Sunscreen Actually Mean

We should all be using sunscreen, but when it comes down to picking one, there’s no key to the language on the bottle, and SPF isn’t the only thing to look for. Here’s a guide to the other biggies: UVA, UVB, and “broad spectrum.”

Adjust Your Work-Rest Cycles When Exercising In High Heat

The heat can make your usual workout a lot more difficult. It also puts you at risk of heatstroke if you’re not careful. If you want to get your sweat on when it’s burning up outside, adjusting your intervals can make it a little easier and safer.

How To Survive A Shark Attack

Sharks don’t really like the taste of people, but their poor vision and the splashing of beachgoers can lead to sharks confusing you for a tasty snack. Here’s what you should do if you see a fin and the Jaws theme starts playing.

Here's How Much Slower You Run When It's Humid

The hotter it is, the slower you run — but humidity plays a role too. When the air is full of moisture, sweating doesn’t cool you down like it usually would. You won’t be able to run as fast, because your body is trying to prevent you from overheating.

Make Creamier Ice Cream With Powdered Skim Milk

Making good homemade ice cream is about finding the perfect balance of ice crystals and creaminess. To give your frosty treat a creamy boost, add in a little powdered skim milk.

The Importance Of Hydration Explained [Infographic]

The Aussie summer might be over, but it’s still plenty hot with temperatures regularly hitting the high 30s from coast to coat. This infographic looks at the various ways dehydration affects your mind and body, along with some tips to up your water intake.

Briefly: HBO Vs. Netflix, Naughtiest Music Videos, Salt Hacker

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: HBO takes on Netflix with international expansion plans, the unseen history of Portal’s development, the 63 naughtiest music videos of all time.

Briefly: Beautiful Earth, New Trailers, Tanning Hacker

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: watch the latest trailers for upcoming movies (including Ghostbusters and Batman v Superman), the best images of Earth from astronaut Scott Kelly, 12 healthy ways to keep your summer tan.

Why Girls Need More Sunscreen Than Boys

The “slip-slop-slap” mantra is something all Australian parents need to instill in their children. However, depending on the gender of your child, it may be more important to “slop” than to “slip”. According to new research, the majority of girls’ clothes sold in Australia leave them dangerously exposed to the sun.

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