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Pandora Plus, The Ad-Free, Unlimited Skip Service, Is Now Available To All

Last month, Pandora revealed a new tier in its paid subscriptions called Pandora Plus. As of today, it’s available to everyone.

Pandora Adds Offline Playback For Plus Subscribers, Improves Its Free Service

Today, Pandora users got a bunch of new goodies. If you’re using the $US5 ($7)/month paid service, you can now listen to music offline, with unlimited skips and replays. Free users can also trade watching a video ad for more skips and replays.

1Password Launches Subscription Plans For $4 Per Month

1Password, one of the most popular password managers available, has announced a new subscription plan for individual users. The plan runs $US2.99 ($4)/month and is available for the first six months for free.

Bobby Helps You Manage All Of Your Online Subscription Services

iOS: How many services do you have a subscription with? Can you even remember all of them? Bobby helps you keep track of all of the online services where you have a recurring monthly payment.

Evernote Limits Device Sharing For Free Users, Bumps Up The Price Of Paid Plans

Today, Evernote announced a change to its pricing plan alongside a new limitation for it’s free service. Both the Plus and Premium paid tiers get a price bump while the Basic plan now restricts you to just two devices.

TextExpander Backs Down, But They're Still Subscription-Based And You Can Do Better

TextExpander backed down a little bit on their new subscription model and made the text expansion software cheaper for existing users. It’s still expensive though.

TextExpander Switches To A Subscription Model, Here's How To Take Your Snippets Elsewhere

TextExpander is one of the most popular text expansion programs out there, but it’s always been a bit pricey at $US35 ($46). Now, that price is jumping significantly with a new subscription model.

Don't Pay For Spotify And Rdio Subscriptions Through iTunes

Spotify and Rdio are great streaming services, and unless you’ve become a diehard fan of the clunky Apple Music, you’re probably still using them. However, if you pay for your subscription for Spotify and Rdio through iTunes, you’re paying too much.

Pandora Brings Back Annual Subscriptions For Pandora One

Back in March, Pandora raised its prices and did away with annual subscriptions. Now the service is bringing them back, due to popular demand.

Give The Gift Of Premium Web Services

When you’re coming up with your list of great gifts, web services probably aren’t at the top of your list. But subscriptions can make a great gift for the right person who’s unwilling to shell out the cash themselves. Here are some of the best subscriptions you can give.

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