Quicksand Automatically Syncs Your Recently Opened Files To Dropbox

Mac: Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive make it easy to continue what you’re working on no matter where you go — but you do have to actually remember to sync the right files. Quicksand automatically syncs your most recently opened files, so you always have them on hand — even if you forget.

Find The Files Taking Up The Most Space In Google Drive With This Link

At a glance, Google Drive doesn’t allow you to sort files by size, which makes clearing out space kind of a pain. Thankfully, Digital Inspiration points to a hidden little spot where you can find that info.

Windows Does Defragment SSDs, But It's OK

You’ve probably heard before that you should never defragment your SSD; conventional wisdom says not only do solid state drives not need defragging, doing so would cause unnecessary writes to the drive. Well, Windows does sometimes defragment SSDs — on purpose.

Store Your Seasonal Clothing Efficiently With The Three 'S' System

Storing your seasonal clothing is a great way to create some new space, but there’s another bird you can take out with that stone of yours. The three “S” system helps you organise, get rid of, and store your clothing.

A Dog Chewing Your USB Stick May Not Destroy All The Data

We’re absolutely not recommending that you place vital data on a USB drive and then feed it to Fido. But if you do, there’s a fair chance you’ll be able to get it back.

Office 365 ProPlus Adds OneDrive For Business Access

One of the peculiarities of online storage platforms is that consumers are often given access to features ahead of paying business customers. And so it proves with the enterprise-focused ProPlus version of Office 365, which is belatedly adding support for OneDrive for Business.

Hang Anything On Your Wall With A French Cleat Storage System

Tool storage can be a constant battle. The use of a french cleat storage system will securely display your tools and accessories, keeping them off your table and out of your drawers.

Store Baseball Caps On Your Bunk Bed With A Wire Hanger

Sleeping in a bunk bed? If you have lots of baseball caps like I did, you can store your headgear by converting a wire hanger into a hat rack.

Android Lollipop Will Open Up SD Card Access A Lot More

Back in February, Google made a decision that upset a lot of users by limiting access to the SD card by developers. With Lollipop, those limitations get a lot less limiting.

Dropbox Is Being Integrated Into Microsoft Office

This makes me very happy: Dropbox is going to be integrated with Microsoft Office, across its desktop, mobile and online versions.