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Why I Finally Abandoned My Cheapskate Ways And Paid Google For Storage

It was a real email from Google, not spam. “We wanted to remind you that you have bonus Google Drive storage expiring on Feb 6 2016. The bonus storage offer that’s expiring is: Chromebook – 100GB.”

Near-Unlimited Cloud Storage Service Is Shutting Down, the cloud storage service that offered near-unlimited space and huge bonuses for referrals, announced today they’re shutting down on 1 May 2016 — leaving more than a few people with dozens or hundreds of gigs of data to migrate.

This DIY Card Reader And Hard Drives Enclosure Looks Great, Reduces Cord Clutter

Video: SD card readers and external hard drives can take up a lot of space on your desk and leave you with a mess of cords all over the place. Make a custom, single enclosure for your external drives that will look lovely on your desk.

Extend The Shelf Life Of Vermouth By Refrigerating It

Vermouth may seem like it has a long shelf life because it looks similar to a liquor bottle, but this cocktail ingredient can actually go bad fairly quickly if you’re not careful.

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: Mind-Hacking Advice For Living Clutter Free

Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo set off a decluttering craze across the world with her pocket-sized book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. After reading the book, it’s easy to see why. This book can transform the way you see your possessions.

Microsoft Backtracks (A Little) On OneDrive Free Storage Changes

A few weeks ago, Microsoft decided to downgrade its OneDrive online storage arrangements, which rubbed a number of its customers the wrong way. Since then, the vendor has backed down, just a tad bit. Existing OneDrive users can keep their 15GB storage limit. Here’s how it can be done.

Keep Your Fancy Plates From Breaking By Packing Them On Their Side

If you’re packing away your fancy “special occasion only” dishes or you’re getting ready to move, this packing method will keep your pretty plates from breaking.

Top 10 Smart Ways To Organise Your Kitchen

A well-organised kitchen will help you cook as efficiently as possible and waste less food. Here are our top 10 tips for organising the heart of your home.

Transform Old Pallets Into A Cheap, Sturdy Bike Rack

Having a dedicated rack to store your bike is great, but they can be pretty expensive. Instead, make one yourself with a few free wooden pallets, the right tools, and an afternoon of work.

EMC Adds New Features To Products For Hybrid Cloud Storage Support

Hybrid cloud adoption is on the rise in the enterprise space. EMC is responding to this trend by folding in new capabilities to its existing product range to connect primary storage and data protection system to private and public clouds.

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