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Store Leftover Tomato Halves Cut-Side Down In The Fridge

Whole tomatoes can be stored in the fridge or at room temperature, depending on how ripe they are. But if you’ve already sliced into one, the fridge is always the best place for them to be. Here’s how to do it right and maximise their freshness.

This DIY Crutch Pocket Keeps Your Stuff In Reach When It's Tough To Get Around

Being bound to crutches makes it hard enough to get around, and if you’re used to carrying a bag or purse, losing use of an arm (or two!) just to stand or move makes that tough as well. Try making this DIY pocket and strapping it to your crutch — or crutches — for a little extra cargo space.

To Keep Spices Fresh Longer, Never Sprinkle Them Directly Over A Hot Pot

Have you ever noticed that spice grinders usually come with a bossy warning to “Avoid grinding over steaming pots?” I had always assumed it had something to do with not burning the spices (or yourself), but it’s actually for the good of the spices, not your hands.

How To Make The Most Of Your Student Housing's Tiny Space

Welcome to your new digs, university student. Hope you enjoy sharing a tiny space with one (or more) roommates. Before you move yourself in, here are a few tricks you can use to make your little area go a long way, especially in a shared living environment.

Manually Clear Out The Cache In Google Maps For iPhone And Free Up Space

iOS: The offline mode in Google Maps is great, but when you add in the data the app automatically caches and cookies, it can take up a lot of space. Thankfully, OS X Daily reminds us that there’s a way to clear out that cache, it’s just tucked away in a very weird place.

The Most Reliable Hard Drive Models, According To Backblaze

We’ve looked to cloud storage company Backblaze for recommendations on the most reliable hard drive brands before. Now the company is back with some data on the best specific models that they use in house to store your data.

The 9 Weirdest Data Storage Devices Ever Created

Storage devices have taken many strange forms over history. We’ve seen everything from an old 19th-century loom to massive data centres that power companies like Facebook and Google. But along the way, some truly weird devices tried to change how we save our precious data bits. These technologies were either wonderfully weird, woefully misguided, or just behind the times, but regardless, they each have their own idiosyncrasies worth remembering. Here are 10 of the weirdest storage devices ever created.

Make A Tool Organiser For Your Garage With A Pallet And Pegboard

Video: Got a lot of tools and other miscellaneous items in your garage? Here’s a super simple and inexpensive organiser for decluttering that space.

Backblaze B2 Leaves Beta, Offers Crazy Cheap, NAS-Connected Cloud Storage

If you’re not in the habit of regularly backing up your data, do it now. Cloud storage company Backblaze has made it even easier with insanely cheap storage space that you can connect directly to your NAS.

Secure Garbage Bags In The Bin With Binder Clips

We all know what it’s like to toss rubbish into the bin and have the bag slip down, forcing us to reach into the garbage to fix it. Make that gross reach a thing of the past with a few binder clips to keep the bag anchored in place.

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