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Throw Away Your Portable Power Tool Cases To Save Room In Your Workshop

Most power tools include a beautiful case that is moulded to the tool and keeps them stored safe and secure. But these cases can add two to three times the volume of the tool itself, and in a small workshop, size matters. Dispose of these space-hogging cases and free up room on your shelf.

The Complete Guide To Clearing Space On Your Smartphone

It’s one of the most unwelcome alerts you can expect on your mobile device: storage space is running low. That means no more room for your photos, your offline playlists, and myriad problems updating your apps and OS. If you find yourself in such a predicament, don’t panic: here’s how to navigate your way out.

Build A Rolling Timber Storage Cart From Pallets To Save Some Cash

Scrap timber and pallet pieces should be properly organised so you can find them for your next project. You can build your own rolling storage cart from scratch, or you can save money and build this one from pallets.

How To Choose The Right Storage For Your Business

Reliable storage is essential for every business. We examine the available options and explain the issues to check.

Build Custom Pegboard Tool Holders To Organise Your Wall Storage

Pegboards are handy tool organisers — everyone knows this. But they can hold much more than you think. Here’s how to build custom shelves and tool holders that will expand the functionality of your pegboard.

Be Wary Of Cheap USB 3.0 Flash Drives

There are exceptions to the rule that you always “get what you pay for”. Indeed, there’s nothing better than getting a good deal on a quality product. As the prices on flash drives drop, opportunities to snag a bargain are everywhere, but just because a drive is marked as “USB 3.0″ doesn’t mean it’ll perform any better than an older 2.0 device.

Speed Up Your Next DIY Project With A Proper Sorting System

Mason jars and shoeboxes are no way to store the random nuts, bolts and screws we accumulate over time. Invest in proper organisers before your next DIY project, and you’ll save time and trips to the hardware store.

Keep Your Easy-To-Lose Earrings From Getting Separated With Buttons

You can’t wear your earrings as a pair if you keep losing one of them. With a few standard clothing buttons, however, you can keep all of your earrings together.

Build A Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack To Keep Your Favourite Clamps At Arms Reach

Clamps are often stored in a clamp drawer, where they get tossed around and tangled with each other. This makes it difficult to sort them out when you need them. Build this wall-mounted clamp rack that will hold your c-clamps, bar clamps and quick grips for easy access.

Ask LH: How Can I Transfer Files Directly Between Macs?

Dear Lifehacker, Is it possible to transfer files directly and securely between my two Macs without using software and/or going via a storage server like Dropbox? Thanks, Johnny H Filetransfer

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