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Personalise Cheap Plastic Storage With Patterned Paper Inserts

Plastic drawers are great for storage. They’re easy to clean and move (especially if they have wheels), but don’t look the best. If you have plastic storage that’s an eyesore in your home, here’s how to give it a facelift.

Turn These IKEA Bed Slats Into Versatile Wall Storage

Installing wall storage is useful, but hard to do without putting a ton of holes in your walls. Use IKEA’s $US10 ($14) SULTAN LADE bed slat set to give you lots of wall storage options with only a few holes needed to install the whole thing.

Store Tea In Airtight Containers To Extend Shelf Life And Keep Flavours Intact

If you’re a stickler for a quality cup of tea you might want to obsess over more than just your brewing method. How you store your tea can affect its flavour and shelf life, and different teas have different shelf lives.

Hang Shower Caddies On Hooks For Instant Bathroom Storage

Shower caddies usually hang from your shower head to add useful bathroom storage, but you can also use them out of the shower too. Just add a few Command adhesive hooks to your wall and hang a caddy anywhere you need extra space.

The Best Way To Wrap A  Sandwich For On The Go Eating

Do your sandwich a favour and do more than just toss it in a plastic baggie. Wrap it like this with a sheet of wax paper and keep it from getting crushed in your lunch bag. It won’t leak, it will stay dry and it’s perfect for eating on the go without a mess (or saving one half for later.)

Your Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Is A Bad Place To Keep Medicine

A medicine cabinet is a great place to keep grooming tools or toiletries but, despite the name, it’s a terrible place to store medications. The temperature and humidity of a bathroom can make medications go bad more quickly than they otherwise would.

Free Up A Ton Of Storage Space On Your iPhone By Trying To Download A Movie

iOS: Storage space on the iPhone and iPad fills up way too quickly. Here’s an odd, yet effective trick to reclaim several gigabytes of storage space in a few minutes.

Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Destroy A Hard Drive?

Dear Lifehacker, What’s the best way to dispose of a used hard drive? I’ve knocked a hole through using a crowbar and hammer near the spindle and through the circuit board. Is that sufficient to prevent any data recovery? Is there an easier way to destroy the hard drive?

Store Tools And Pot Lids Inside Your Cabinet With A Magnetic Strip

Wall-mounted magnetic strips are a handy way to store more than just knives. You can also use them to keep metal tools, like food processor blades and attachments, and other loose items like pot lids organised and easy to access.

How To Make A 118 Gigabyte Floppy Drive

Before you call fake, know that both you and this custom built computer are being tricked in two very clever ways.

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