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Transform Old Pallets Into A Cheap, Sturdy Bike Rack

Having a dedicated rack to store your bike is great, but they can be pretty expensive. Instead, make one yourself with a few free wooden pallets, the right tools, and an afternoon of work.

EMC Adds New Features To Products For Hybrid Cloud Storage Support

Hybrid cloud adoption is on the rise in the enterprise space. EMC is responding to this trend by folding in new capabilities to its existing product range to connect primary storage and data protection system to private and public clouds.

Build Sliding Trays To Increase Shop Drawer Storage

Organising workshop tools and materials is a constant struggle. If you have deep enough drawers, you can add sliding storage trays to maximise their capacity.

What’s Happening In The Storage Business According To HPE’s Phil Davis

The storage market is in flux. Spinning drives are being usurped by flash storage and software defined storage is emerging as a challenger to purpose-built storage arrays. We spoke with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Head of Storage in the Asia Pacific and Japan region, Phil Davis about what he’s seeing with storage technologies.

Seagate Releases New 8TB Drive For Surveillance

Seagate announced at the China Public Security Expo 2015 in Shenzhen, China the world’s first 8TB surveillance hard drive disk – the largest drive of its kind for surveillance applications in the industry.

Build A Slide-Out Cabinet Drawer In About An Hour

Typical cabinets often aren’t the most efficient storage solutions — too many things get lost forever at the back of the cabinet. Solve that problem with a little DIY.

Build An Electronics Parts Storage System For $4

Storing small parts, whether it’s for electronics projects or any other hobby, is kind of tough. Over on Instructables, HariFun shows how to take a cheap set of containers and add some shelving for a simple storage system.

Lean Converts Live Photos To Regular Photos In Bulk

iOS: Apple’s new Live Photos shooting mode is neat and all, but it takes up a ton of space and is a proprietary format that’s useless outside of an iPhone. Lean is a simple app that will convert those photos to normal photos to save space.

The Worst Performance Killing Android Apps Are Exactly The Ones You'd Expect

Some of the apps you use on a regular basis are worse for your phone than others. AVG has done some analysis and identified the worst offenders. Unsurprisingly, things like Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon top the charts.

Make A Tool Storage Box To Fit Your Extra Cab Ute

Make the most of the cramped extra cab space in your ute by building a custom storage box to keep your tools secure and organised.

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