Find Your Shoes By Putting Pictures On Storage Boxes

Keeping shoes in boxes protects them and helps organise your wardrobe. There’s one problem, though: you can’t always see what’s inside. Take a picture of the shoes and put them on the box so you know where everything is.

Why Digital Storage Formats Are So Risky

“The internet is forever.” So goes a saying regarding the impossibility of removing material — such as stolen photographs — permanently from the web. Yet paradoxically the vast and growing digital sphere faces enormous losses.

Build A Step Stool For Your Kids That Doubles As Storage

Every household needs a step stool, and one that doubles as storage is even better. You can build this step stool in an afternoon using basic tools and pine boards from your local hardware store.

Save Space In The OS X Mail App By Disabling Attachment Downloads

The OS X Mail app can take up a lot of space on your computer because it downloads every email. If you’re running low on space, How-To Geek suggests turning off the “Automatically download all attachments” option.

Dropbox Shared Links Now Open Directly In Android And iOS

iOS/Android: A nifty update coming to the Dropbox mobile apps: if you click on a shared link to a Dropbox file, it can automatically show up in the Dropbox app.

Build A Rolling Air Compressor And Tool Cart To Stay Ultra Organised

Utility carts can be very handy, but they lack features to keep your tools from ending up in one big pile. This rolling cart holds an air compressor, power tools, clamps and more, and can be built using scrap wood from your workshop.

How To Score 2GB Extra Free In Your Google Drive Storage

Feel like you’re running out of space in your Google account? You can score an extra 2GB by undertaking Google’s free security checkup.

Hide A Wi-Fi Router In A Magazine Holder

As important as they are, routers and modems aren’t the prettiest objects to look at. Keep them from cluttering up the view with their constantly blinking lights with a simple magazine storage box.

Build A Lumber Storage Cart To Hold Half Sheet Plywood And Scraps

Organising scrap lumber is a challenge. You need to keep pieces readily available, but out of harm’s way. This lumber storage cart can be built in a weekend and will hold everything you need.

PhoneExpander Quickly Frees Up Storage On Your iOS Device

Mac: We’ve seen a few different utilities that help you clean up your iOS device’s storage and make space for new files, but PhoneExpander is one of the easiest to use. It’s also free while it’s in beta.