Do You Have Any Idea Which Cloud Services Your Colleagues Are Using?

Management panic over stealth installations of Dropbox and other similar consumer-oriented cloud storage and sharing services is relatively frequent these days. However, there’s no excuse for panicking if you have no idea whether it’s happening or not.

Why Supermarket Loyalty Schemes Aren't So Special

If you’re a member of Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards or Coles’ flybuys scheme, you’ll be used to receiving regular emails promising “special” offers and “bonus” deals that are just for you. But don’t delude yourself: 9.5 million Australians are signed up to those schemes.

Thankfully, Call Centres Are Becoming Irrelevant

Fact: no-one likes having to ring a call centre. And new data suggests that given the choice, we’ll choose any other option.

What Those Breaking Bad Piracy Statistics Actually Say

The single most important rule when reading anything based on statistics is to understand the source and reliability of the information. Never was that more evident than in the much-quoted numbers about how Breaking Bad‘s final episode has been pirated, with Australia apparently leading the piracy charge. Is that really the case? A careful look at the data suggests not.

Aussie Developers: Don't Believe The Hype About Gigantic Salaries

A study that came out this week suggests that Australian developers are the highest-paid in the world. However, before you start planning that expensive holiday, take note: information on developer salaries is generally consistent only in its inconsistency.

What Do Australians Actually Think Of The NBN?

It goes without saying that the National Broadband Network (NBN) — regardless of who steers the rest of the build — is a major infrastructure project for Australia. And we all know its cost, technical configuration, corporate configuration, end-user value-proposition, economic benefit, social benefit and roll-out pace have all been subject to claim and counterclaim. But what do the people who will actually be using it think?

There's A 50%+ Chance Your Workplace Internet Comes From Telstra

Telstra dominates when it comes to broadband for individual users, but does it have the same degree of dominance for workplace connections? The answer, according to Roy Morgan Research, is “yes”, but by a smaller margin that varies depending on industry.

Who Are We Buying Our Servers From?

The advent of cloud computing means we aren’t buying as many servers as we used to, and that’s reflected in flat server sales worldwide, according to Gartner. In the Asia-Pacifc region, who dominates?

What Porn Is Most Searched For In Each Australian State? (NSFW)

No surprise: people like to search for porn online. But are there any notable differences between what is popular in each Australian state? We decided to investigate. It turns out everything you fear about Tasmanians is true.

Four Common Statistical Misinterpretations You Should Avoid

Statistics have become a fixture of modern society. We read them in news stories and they’re used to determine policies that will affect every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, many people wildly misinterpret them. Here are four common errors to look out for.