Which Jobs Make You Drink The Most Energy Drinks?

Roy Morgan Research has released a new study tracking energy drink consumption in Australia. According to the report’s figures, over 1.25 million Australians over the age of 14 now regularly consume energy drinks such as Red Bull, Mother and V. However, some workplace occupations attract a higher consumption rate than others — and it’s not just night shift workers, either.

Aussie Travellers Favour Europe Mid-Year, US At Christmas

If you want a guide to where Australians are travelling, the currencies they’re converting are a reasonable guide. Data from travel card provider OzForex suggests that when we head overseas, our destination depends very much on the time of year.

Elderly Australians Still Aren't That Keen On Mobile Phones

Mobile phone ownership is near-ubiquitous in Australia — if you’re under 65. After that, it turns out people are a lot keener on the old-fashioned land line (Internet connection optional).

How Many People Use Netflix In Australia?

Netflix is rumoured to enter Australia early next year (that was later essentially confirmed), but that doesn’t stop a few enterprising Australians from accessing it now. Actually, it’s more than a few.

Where The IT Jobs Are In Every Major City

Wondering where the biggest demand for new IT roles will be in the next six months? Here’s what you can expect in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide — and how much you’ll be paid.

Astonishingly, Teens Use Less Phone Data Than Adults [Infographic]

So you know how the youth of today is so addicted to technology that they Snapchat each other while sitting on the same couch? Despite that lazy media stereotype, it turns out that teens actually use less data than adults.

Australian Smartphone Use: The Numbers

Developing apps for the Australian market? Android and iOS remain your key targets, according to new Telsyte data.

The Best (And Worst) States To Live In Australia

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has just released a tool which ranks cities in its 34 member countries in terms of overall well-being. How do Australia’s states and territories rate?

Australia Spends More On Potato Crisps Than Security Software

Last year, spending on business security software was $408 million. Sounds like a large number — but we spent around $770 million on potato crisps.

Five Myths About Chemicals You Should Stop Believing

All too often the use of the word “chemicals” in the news, in advertising and in common usage has the implication that they are bad. You never hear about chemicals that fight infections, help crops grow or lubricate engines. That is because the chemicals doing that job are called antibiotics, fertilisers and engine oil, respectively.