Australian Smartphone Use: The Numbers

Developing apps for the Australian market? Android and iOS remain your key targets, according to new Telsyte data.

The Best (And Worst) States To Live In Australia

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has just released a tool which ranks cities in its 34 member countries in terms of overall well-being. How do Australia’s states and territories rate?

Australia Spends More On Potato Crisps Than Security Software

Last year, spending on business security software was $408 million. Sounds like a large number — but we spent around $770 million on potato crisps.

Five Myths About Chemicals You Should Stop Believing

All too often the use of the word “chemicals” in the news, in advertising and in common usage has the implication that they are bad. You never hear about chemicals that fight infections, help crops grow or lubricate engines. That is because the chemicals doing that job are called antibiotics, fertilisers and engine oil, respectively.

Mobile Apps Matter, But Sites Still Matter More

We’re often told that in an era where everyone uses a smartphone, having an app experience is essential to drive consumer engagement. Yet even the statistics used to support that argument often tell a more complex story.

Australia Is NOT The World's Game Of Thrones Piracy Capital

In the wake of Game Of Thrones season 4′s first episode yesterday, we’ve seen the inevitable follow-up statistics claiming that Australia downloads more pirate copies of Game Of Thrones than any other country in the world. And as usual, these claims are deeply suspect and essentially unjustified.

Australians Are Using 1000 Times More Data Than In 2006

So this is why your 4G connection is feeling slower as time passes: Aussies love mobile broadband way too much. A new report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) clarifies just how much: we’re using 1000 times more mobile data than we were in 2006.

Aussies Embrace Cloud Computing, Yet Most Remain Clueless About It

A new survey by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) suggests that 14 million adult Australians have accessed “cloud computing” services. However, a closer look at the data suggests that only a tiny proportion of them are fully taking advantage of cloud technologies.

Who You Will Buy Your Next Server From

Servers run the world, and global server sales were up 2.1 per cent in 2013 compared to the previous year, according to Gartner. But which vendor you but them from still depends heavily on where you are in located and what you plan to use them for.

TimeStats Tracks How Much Time You Spend On Web Sites

Chrome: We keep reading about how much time we spend watching YouTube videos or goofing off on social networks. If you really want to calculate your own usage, timeStats is the easiest way to get actual figures in Chrome — and you can impose restrictions on yourself too.