These Are The Most Popular Movies Netflix Australia Is Missing

Netflix Australia officially launches today, and the biggest question everyone is asking is this: just how much decent content does it actually have? When it comes to movies that are popular with Australians, the answer is: disappointingly few.

Which Tech Jobs Are Seeing The Fastest Growth?

If you’re hunting for a job in tech, it helps to know which areas are experiencing demand (as well as what you’ll get paid). New data from job search site Indeed highlights the job titles in Australia which have seen the biggest increase in vacancies posted over the last year.

Why Making The Australian Census Less Frequent Is A Risky Idea

If reports are to be believed, both the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the federal government are strongly considering moving from a five-year to a ten-year census cycle.

The $28 Million Trap: Online Love Scams Across Every Australian State

There’s a reason spammers keep sending out emails pretending to be looking for love — it’s a massively profitable scam. How profitable? New figures suggest Australians are being sucked in to the tune of at least $28 million a year.

IT Job Ads Are Finally Increasing

For three months in a row, we’ve seen the number of IT job vacancies placed on job advertising site Indeed decline. So it’s mildly pleasing to report that the trend was reversed in January.

Why Android And iOS Are The Only Smartphone Platforms That Matter

Further proof that for developers, smartphone platform choices really comes down to the two main players: in 2014, Android accounted for 81 per cent of smartphone sales, and Apple another 15 per cent.

IT Job Ads Slump For The Third Month In A Row

Looking for an IT pro role? There aren’t a lot of them about right now. According to job advertising site Indeed, vacancies listed in December fell by a whopping 18.8 per cent.

See Your Year's 'Best Of' On Facebook And Twitter With ThinkUp

Ever wonder what your most popular tweets were in 2014, or what kind of subject matter you tend to post about most often? Social media aggregator ThinkUp is spending the month of December racking up insights from the past year, and they’re super fun (not to mention useful).

Despite iPhone 6 Success, It's Still An Android World

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was its most successful launch on record. However, figures from Gartner suggest that in the July-September 2014 time period, Android devices sold more than six times as much worldwide.

The Most Popular Online Porn In Australia's Biggest Cities [NSFW]

The in-no-way-shocking figures are in: Australians like porn. But which city favours same-sex lady love, and which one is more interested in when events reach their (ahem) peak?