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Why Microsoft Mandates SSDs For All Its Internal Computers

It’s accepted that solid-state drives offer faster performance overall. However, Microsoft’s decision to make SSDs compulsory in most computers used by its staff was driven in part by a more specific metric: the tendency for hard drives, especially older models, to introduce much slower boot times, frustrating employees and reducing productivity.

Triple Your Laptop's Speed Without Sacrificing Space By Adding An MSATA SSD

Switching to a solid state drive, as we’ve mentioned repeatedly, is one of the best upgrades you can make. Because of the cost, however, upgrading to an SSD usually means reducing your storage capacity. For the best of both worlds (speed and large storage), install an mSATA SSD as the boot drive to your laptop.

Windows 8 Ultimate Buyers Guide: Which Specs Are Most Important?

You already know what size of Windows 8 PC you want, but what are you going to put in it? More RAM? A bigger processor? Solid state storage? We’re here to explain a few things for you to help you get the best Windows 8 device for your money.

Add A RAM Disk To Your Computer For Faster-Than-SSD Performance

Need more computer speed? Even if you’re already rocking a fast SSD (one of the best upgrades you can make), you can still improve your computer’s performance by adding more memory and turning it into a RAM disk.

Roll Your Own Fusion Drive On Older Macs

Apple’s new Fusion Drive technology, introduced on its latest Mac models, is a hybrid drive that combines a fast SSD and traditional hard drive, along with smart storage handling by Mac OS X. You can create your own version at home using existing drives and the command line.

Fancy An SSD Today? 60GB Drives For $48.95, 240GB For $179.95 [Updated]

It’s getting harder and harder to say no to solid state drives, with prices dropping well into the affordable range over the past few months. Buying from the US usually provides the best deal, but if you’re keen to purchase locally, today is your day. Shopping Square is currently running a massive sale on Kingston and Sandisk SSDs, with the cheapest going for less than $50.

The Complete Guide To Solid-State Drives

Adding a solid-state drive (SSD) is one of the best upgrade options for your computer, offering impressive performance improvements for all kinds of tasks. A good SSD is now cheaper than ever, so upgrading makes sense. Here’s everything you should know about your SSD, whether you’re interested in upgrading or just want to learn the ins and outs of your hardware.

Mercury Aura Replaces Your MacBook's SSD, Makes The Old One An External Drive

If you’ve found that your MacBook Air’s SSD is just too darn small, the folks over at Other World Computing have a kit to help you replace it with a larger one — and then turn the old one into a super-portable external drive.

Ask LH: Can I Survive On A Really Small SSD?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m putting together a computer and really want to get an SSD like you guys keep telling me to, but they’re just so expensive. I can probably afford a 60GB SSD or smaller, but that seems too small to fit anything on — even without my user folder, my current C: drive takes up nearly 70GB. Is it even possible to make use of an SSD this small? Sincerely, Starved for Space

Do Rising Hard Drive Prices Mean You Should Buy A SSD Right Now?

Prices for hard disk drives are increasing dramatically because of the tragic flooding in Thailand. Some of the world’s major HDD manufacturers based there have been forced to close factories, creating supply problems and price hikes. So what should you do?

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