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Foxtel Play Adds Xbox One And Sony Smart TV Clients

Foxtel has added another couple of client platforms to its Foxtel Play service, just in time for season five of Game Of Thrones.

The Sony Lesson: Don't Store Passwords In A Text File Called 'Passwords'

Sony has been in the news all week after its corporate servers were comprehensively hacked. But it’s hard to give the electronics giant a pass mark for security when it turns out that staff were storing passwords in unencrypted files with names like ‘Master Password List’.

Telstra Selling Unlocked Xperia Z1 Compacts In-Store For $552

Android is currently enjoying a good run on the device front. Between the Nexus 5 offering amazing bang-for-buck and well-designed handsets such as the Moto X if you’re after a bit more, it’s hard to go wrong when buying a smartphone powered by Google’s OS. And, for those after something more portable, you can now pick up Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact, unlocked from Telstra for the tidy sum of $552.

Will Laptop/Tablet Hybrids Ever Be Any Good? [Video]

Earlier today, we checked out Sony’s latest hybrid hopeful: the Windows 8-equipped VAIO Tap 11. You can see it in action for yourself in our hands-on video above. Does the footage convince you that the hybrid tablet PC is a viable productivity tool? Or is the technology still not quite there yet? Discuss…

Beginner Vs More Advanced DSLR Features: Specs That Matter

You’ve had your DSLR for a while now and your photos have never looked better. But as your skills progress, you need a camera that can grow with you. Here are some of the features in intermediate and advanced cameras that will take your shots to the next level.

Xbox One Australian Release Date Announced

Microsoft has confirmed that its next-generation video games console, the Xbox One, will be hitting Australian stores on November 22. A new pre-order bundle including the game FIFA 14 was also announced. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to make your decision: will it be the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

Why I'm Choosing PlayStation 4 Over Xbox One

Throughout this console generation, I have primarily been an Xbox 360 gamer. Whenever possible, I’d plump for the Xbox version of a game and rarely played PS3 exclusives unless work demanded it. This is in stark contrast to the previous generation, where I was a staunch PlayStation 2 supporter and barely even held an Xbox controller. In a few months, my allegiance is going to shift yet again. However, I’ve come to realise this has nothing to with the future and everything to do with the present…

What The Next Generation Of Consoles Means For Your Home Theatre

Video game consoles aren’t just for gaming. They also make great set-top boxes that stream video and music into our living rooms, and the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are no different. Each console brings a little something different to the table, so let’s take a look at how those new consoles will bring entertainment other than video games to your living room.

Xbox One's DRM Backflip Is A Bad Business Decision: Here's Why

Earlier this morning, Microsoft announced a raft of changes to its upcoming Xbox One platform in response to palpable gamer outrage. Barely a week after its controversial E3 press conference, the company has back-flipped on DRM and used game restrictions — the console will no longer require you to connect to the internet every 24 hours and disc-based games can be sold and swapped at leisure. While this is a partial win for consumers, from a business perspective it can only be viewed as another blunder.

Ask LH: Why Are Australians Being Ripped Off For Next-Gen Consoles?

Dear Lifehacker, I was so excited about the announcement of the new Xbox One and PS4 at E3 on Tuesday and even happier when they mentioned the price. This excitement soon died when I released EB Games had priced the Xbox One for $100 more and the PS4 for $150 more than the announced price at E3. Why do us poor Australians pay such a large markup ? Are they overcharging? Thanks, Console Me

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