Don't Waste Your Mornings On Email And Social Networks

We’re well aware that checking email first thing in the morning is a bad idea. In a Reddit AMA, psychology and behavioural economics professor Dan Ariely reminds us that the best way to derail a day is to waste the first hours on any low cognitive tasks.

Why People Are So Horribly Rude Online

Ever wondered why people can be so breathtakingly rude in online comments, spewing out vitriol in a way that would never be acceptable in a face-to-face exchange? Vincent F Hendricks, Professor of Formal Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen, explains why this happens.

Use One Lunch Hour To Network Instead Of Your Usual Routine

Many of us take lunch breaks with friends or whoever we get along with best in the office. If you’re still working your way up in your career, dedicate that time to initiating and developing new professional relationships instead.

How To Prevent People From Knowing When You've Seen A Message In Apps

It seems like every messaging app these days, from iMessage to Facebook, insists on sending “read receipts” letting people know that you’ve seen their messages. This can be annoying. Here’s how to turn off the feature in some of the most popular apps.

Make Friends Outside Of Work To Make Changing Jobs Easier

Making friends as an adult is hard. In fact, it’s so hard that many people end up forging new friendship circles from their coworkers. While this is OK in moderation, relying too much on work friends can potentially hamper your ability to move up (or out) in your career.

How To Make Facebook Groups Awesome

Facebook launched a new Groups app for mobile yesterday, to the confusion of many. While a lot of people may have forgotten all about groups, they’re actually one of the best tools Facebook has for keeping up with your friends. Plus, they’re way more personal than the News Feed

Facebook Launches Dedicated Groups App To Make Groups Easier

iOS/Android: Facebook continued its tradition of breaking out functionality into separate apps with Groups today. The app will make it easier to create, manage and interact with private groups on the service.

Cheer Up By Looking Up Your Depressing Friends On Facebook

We all have those days when we’re feeling down. Life isn’t going our way and we want to feel better about ourselves. If you use Facebook, a recent study researches at the Ohio State University suggests looking up friends who are complaining about their problems.