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Take The Initiative At A New Job And Get To Know Your Colleagues

Even if you’re looking forward to the new start, your first few days at a new job can be rough. Rather than stew in your gawkiness or wait to be engaged, take the initiative.

The Creepiest Things You Can Do On Facebook

Sometimes in this world, you want to make someone as wildly uncomfortable as humanly possible. That’s why Facebook’s here.

Research Tool Demonstrates How Your Facebook Likes Reveal Your Personality

Facebook is full of tools that claim to tell you about your personality. Obviously, most of them are crap. However, the University of Cambridge has created one that analyses your Facebook likes to reveal the kind of demographic information the company can learn about you.

Instagram Finally Allows Landscape And Portrait Photos

Android/iPhone: Instagram has rolled out an update to its app that allows you post landscape or portrait photos and videos. This means you’re no longer required to crop your photos into squares.

How Do You 'Laugh' Online?

Back in the primitive days of MSN Messenger and ICQ, typing “LOL” was the most popular way to convey online mirth. However, according to new user data released by Facebook, the acronym has since fallen from favour. It seems most internet users have reverted to the more phonetically sensible “Haha” with chuckling emoji also gaining traction. We’re curious to hear what your preferred laughter signifier is?

Tinder For Business Is Becoming A Reality

Tinder is about go from dating app to business networking tool. Swipe right if you like this idea.

Twitter Adds A Feature To Monitor Devices Connected To Your Account

Twitter released a new data dashboard tool today that allows you to see login activity to help ensure no extra devices are connected to your account. When you head to the Twitter data dashboard, you’ll now see a list of login activity.

Linky For iOS Adds Loads Of Share Options For Social Networks

iOS: Sharing links and images on iOS got a lot easier in iOS 8, but it still doesn’t offer you much control. Linky is a small little app that does just that.

Facebook Adds New Options For Managing What You See In Your News Feed

Facebook has released an update to Facebook today that gives you more control over what you see in your News Feed. In a single menu, you can now prioritise, find new pages, unfollow and more.

Ask A Novel, Interesting Question To Remember Names And Introductions

Behaviour expert Jon Levy has a neat trick to remember people’s names and how they first met. Upon being introduced, he seeks to create a memorable moment, usually by asking a question that will have a unique response.

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