Turn Off LinkedIn's Annoying Endorsements

If you use LinkedIn, you’ve probably acquired a few endorsements from your network for skills you might not actually have. Finally, you can opt out of those irrelevant endorsements and get rid of that big box on LinkedIn telling you about them.

That Sexy Gamer On Tinder Is Probably A Bot

Australian Tinder users have been warned about an outbreak of malware-spreading “flirty bots” on the popular dating app. The bots use sexually suggestive profile pictures to lure users into automated conversations before linking to malicious “game” downloads. Unfortunately, it seems many enamored victims are all too happy to click.

Use Interesting, Active Photos Instead Of Head Shots For Online Dating

If you find yourself at Inbox Zero more often than you’d like on your dating site of choice, there are certain types of profile pictures that are more likely to get attention. Namely, use something active that shows off your hobbies and personality.

How To Hide Your Google+ View Count

Google+ recently turned on a feature that displays the total number of times your Google+ profile and content have been viewed by others. If you don’t want this to be visible to everyone, you can hide it.

TweetBe.at Filters Twitter Users For Easy List Management

Twitter lists can help clean up your feed, but creating lists is a painful job right now, where you have to individually search for and add users. TweetBe.at simplifies the process with powerful list management tools.

Stop Instagram From Posting Your Likes To Facebook

When you like a photo on Instagram, your friends on Facebook will see that you liked it. If you’d like to turn this behaviour off, you can do so with the flick of a switch.

The Top 5 Things Hiring Managers Look For On Social Media

The key to landing any job is to present yourself professionally, and these days that includes how you come across online as well. How can you ensure your social media presence helps you score a job?

Nuzzel Ranks The Most-Shared Links By Friends On Social Networks

Web: Apps that show you links shared by friends are a common, but Nuzzel stands apart for three reasons: it’s easy, it’s customisable and it has a handy “news from friends of friends” feature.

BuzzSumo Searches For The Most-Shared Links On Social Networks

Web: Social networks are a good barometer of what’s popular on the web. BuzzSumo is a search engine that crawls through links people share on these social networks and ranks them accordingly.

Find The First Tweet Anyone Ever Sent

OK, here’s a way to waste time on a Friday morning: check out the first tweet that any Twitter account ever sent.