Ask LH: Can I Switch My Phone To Another Network?

Dear Lifehacker, Last year, I received a Samsung Galaxy smartphone while on a Telstra contract. My question is, can I use it with an Optus SIM card, or do I have to buy a completely new phone?

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Nominate Your Favourite Smartphone

2014 is almost over, and that means it’s time for the 2014 Lifehacker Awards! Throughout this week, we’ll be asking readers for nominations from readers across 10 categories to help build our shortlists, with voting kicking off next week. The first category we’re looking at: smartphones.

Boost Mobile Is Selling A 5-Inch Android Phone For $99

As Christmas approaches, we’re seeing a glut of sub-$100 Android phones. Vodafone rolled out a $99 model from Huawei last week, and now Telstra-owned Boost Mobile is selling a similar Alcatel OneTouch model for $99.

Note 4 Roadtrip: How To Work Using Only A Smartphone

So I spent the whole of last week travelling around Australia on the Note 4 Roadtrip, seeing if I could do my job using only a smartphone. What lessons did I learn and how can you adapt those strategies?

Note 4 Roadtrip: 10 Random Things I Learned

On Monday, I’ll do a detailed roundup of what I learned during the Note 4 Roadtrip, and the tips every business traveller can glean from the experience. Meanwhile, here are 10 random things I discovered along the way.

Note 4 Roadtrip: Getting Into Gear S

My main working device during the Note 4 Roadtrip challenge is (obviously) the Note 4, but I also have a Gear S smartwatch strapped to my wrist. Its big achievement for the week? Turning me into the kind of person who worries about my daily step count.

Note 4 Roadtrip: Batteries And Big Screens

The most obvious trend in smartphones in 2014 has been big screens, and the 5.7-inch display on the Note 4 continues the theme. From a productivity standpoint, what are the benefits of that approach when tackling a challenge like the Note 4 Roadtrip?

Note 4 Roadtrip: Stylus Up

After my post yesterday discussing my experience typing on the Note 4 and selecting text, several commenters asked why I wasn’t using the S Pen stylus for that task. In truth, it had been a little neglected, so I set myself to properly exploring its text input possibilities.

Note 4 Roadtrip: The Tricks Of Typing

On a basic level, I type for a living. I type stories and edit other people’s stories and type emails and type interview notes and type proposals and reports and tweets. And all this week I am doing that without an actual physical keyboard, with the Note 4

Ask LH: How Should I Track Tax Receipts On My Phone?

Hey Lifehacker, What is the best way to keep track of tax claims and receipts? Do I need to hold onto my paper receipts or can I just use my smartphone? If I decide to go fully digital, what are the best mobile tools and apps?