A Gadget Won't Stop Idiot Drivers Texting

A new gadget promises to stop drivers texting while on the road. The technology might be sound, but it won’t make a lick of difference. Instead, people need to be shamed into not being stupidly dangerous.

Ask LH: Are Grey Import Smartphones Safe To Buy?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been waiting for the LG G4 since the early teasers and have just seen that it won’t be in Australia until mid-July. Or I can order a grey import today for about $200 cheaper. Assuming I buy from a reputable vendor and do my research to get the model that supports Australian LTE bands, what are the disadvantages of a grey import phone? Or are they basically the same?

How Changes To Australian FBT Will Impact Smartphones And Tablets

New rules will soon apply to apply to how fringe benefits tax (FBT) is calculated for businesses. But just how will that change the way companies buy smartphones, tablets and other devices for their staff?

Bellroy's Elements Phone Pocket Plus Combines A Wallet And A Smartphone Case

Not everyone wants to carry around a smartphone, a case to protect it, and a wallet for everything else. If you fall into that category, then Bellroy’s Elements Phone Pocket might answer the call.

What's The Best Way To Keep Your Smartphone Charged?

It’s inevitable at some point that your smartphone will run a little low on juice. Which strategy is best for keeping your power topped up?

Kogan Updates Agora Line With Agora 4G Pro

Kogan’s latest budget Android phone features an octa-core processor and Android Lollipop for $299 plus shipping.

My Smartphone Doesn't Need To Be Revolutionary

In the last month, both Apple and Google had press conferences showing off their new operating systems. Both were met with a resounding “meh” followed by outcries that Apple’s just an imitator these days. Here’s an unpopular opinion: I don’t care.

Dealhacker: Get A 4-Inch Android Smartphone For $59

The Alcatel Onetouch is a four-inch budget smartphone running on Android KitKat 4.4 that retails for just $59. The phone’s most distinguishing feature is its vibrant finish which comes in a range of colours ranging from metallic silver to neon pink. Otherwise, it delivers the exact specifications you’d expect from a sub-$60 smartphone.

How Your Smartphone Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, technologies such as smartphones and social media networks are almost always discussed in terms of the dangers they pose. Alongside concerns expressed in the media, some experts believe that technology has a role in the rising rates of mental health problems. However, there is also evidence to suggest your smartphone could actually be good for your mental health.

How To Choose The Best Smartphone Office Suite For Your Small Business

The days of only using desktop software are long gone. There’s plenty of choice in the smartphone-capable space, but which suite should you choose?