How To Choose The Best Smartphone Office Suite For Your Small Business

The days of only using desktop software are long gone. There’s plenty of choice in the smartphone-capable space, but which suite should you choose?

The 10 Best Uses For An Old Smartphone

Some phones are worth selling for a little extra cash towards an upgrade, but older models are often not worth much. To breath new life into your aging devices, we have put together a list of our favourite uses.

No, Radiation From Wi-Fi Isn't Killing You

Tomorrow at TedX Sydney’s Opera House event, high-profile neurosurgeon Charlie Teo will talk about brain cancer. Last Saturday Teo was on Channel 7’s Sunrise program talking about the often malignant cancer that in 2012 killed 1,241 Australians.

Microsoft Will Take Control Of Windows 10 Mobile Updates

Microsoft plans to take charge when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile updates, rather than waiting on carriers to offer upgrades.

How To Stop Your Mobile Phone Usage Ruining Your Relationship

Clearly, most of us are overly attached to our mobile phones. And, while many of us recognise that we have bad mobile phone habits, many don’t make an active effort to change, even when their usage is affecting their relationship. Here are some simple strategies you can use to make sure your mobile phone doesn’t destroy your relationship.

How To Set Up Your Child's Smartphone

If you’ve given your child a smartphone it’s wise to set it up so it’s safe and secure. Here’s how to do just that.

The LG G4 Still Needs An Australian Release Date

Overnight, LG announced its new G4 Android smartphone. It’s an impressive device, but annoyingly we don’t have any confirmed release dates or pricing.

LG Adds Budget Spirit And Leon Phones To Its Australian Offering

LG is gearing up to announce the not-at-all-secret LG G4, but meanwhile, it has also announced the LG Spirit and Leon phones for the Australian market.

Microsoft Announces Lumia 640/640XL Australian Pricing

Microsoft announced the mid-range Lumia 640 and 640XL at Mobile World Congress, and today it has released local availability and pricing details.

What I Learnt From A Week Away From Tech Distractions

My days are filled with emails, pings and notifications. So much so that I forgot what it was like to be away from all of the distractions of technology I’ve grown accustomed to. Here are some lessons I learnt spending a week away from it all, and how you can incorporate them in your own life.