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Telstra Has Hiked Up Global Roaming Rates For The Holidays

Telstra is slugging customers with higher international roaming rates in the lead-up to the holiday season. From this week, the telco’s International Casual Traveller Data Packs will be replaced with costlier Travel Passes. Meanwhile Telstra’s excess data fees have more than tripled. Let’s take a look at the damage.

Build Your Own Smartphone-Powered Alarm Clock And Speaker

If you use a smartphone as an alarm clock, you probably just have it sitting awkwardly on a bedside table, the power cable dangling off, ready to wake you up not by the tone, but by the awful vibration sounds. If you’d prefer the look of an actual clock, Instructables user vincent.verheggen shows you how to build one.

Using Your Smartphone Before Bed Could Be Worse Than Drinking Coffee

As delicious as a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is, we generally know that we shouldn’t pour a fresh cup after a certain time — it might keep you up at night, after all. We also know that looking at our smartphones at night can ruin our sleep. But how many of us actually put our phones away, or at least use some sort of strategy to limit blue light from screens?

Six Kid's Apps That Teach Valuable Life Skills

Educational apps for kids are everywhere, but only a select few teach important lessons in entertaining ways. Here are six apps that can actually teach your kids valuable skills — from developing a musical ear to learning how to code.

5 Horrible Things To Do While Borrowing Your Friend's Phone

We all know the moment. Your friend’s phone is sitting, unprotected, unguarded, just waiting to be used for a little mischief. You know you should take this opportunity to do something with it, but inspiration rarely hits until it’s too late. Of course you could snoop through their texts and private Facebook messages, but that’s a little too sociopathic even for Evil Week. Instead, here is some of the best mayhem you can cause with just a few minutes on someone’s phone, with far less chance of ruining your friendship.

This Video Explains Everything That Matters In A Smartphone Camera

We all know that more megapixels doesn’t mean a better camera. If that’s the case, what does make a better camera? This video from tech reviewer MKBHD gives you an idea of what to look for.

iFixit Launches Certification To Prove You Know How To Repair A Smartphone

iFixit is well known for being the best source of smartphone repair guides around. Now, the company has launched its own certification program if you want to prove you know how to repair phones.

How To Fix A Broken Phone: Six Common Hardware Faults

I am a magnet for phone trouble. I’m used to typing with a cracked phone screen, taking photos with a hazy camera, listening to music that can barely be heard over the crackling and trying to function with a battery that dies in three hours. Fortunately, these are all issues with a relatively simple fix. Straight from the mouth of someone almost always living with a broken phone, here’s how resurrect your precious device.

The Worst Android Apps For Data, Storage And Battery [Infographic]

AVG has released its latest quarterly Android App Performance Report which looks at the worst phone-draining apps on Android devices. This time, there has been a bit of a shakeup, with Facebook knocked off the top perch by a different traffic hog. Here’s an infographic that contains a snapshot of the report’s chief findings.

Live Like Marty With This Real Life Back To The Future Tech You Can Actually Use

In Back to the Future II, Marty arrived in the future on October 21st, 2015 — which just happened to be yesterday. It seems we’ve created an alternate timeline, because we didn’t get all of the awesome stuff Marty’s future did — but we did get a lot. Here’s the future tech we still have in this timeline.

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