Security Alert: Stagefright Bug Affects Almost Every Android Phone

A bug in Android media playback engine has opened up a very nasty security hole for most of the world’s Android devices. Now it’s up to vendors and telcos to patch it.

Use Your Tablet Or Smartphone As A Photography Light Source

You don’t need a high-end lighting setup to take well-lit photos. Use your tablet or smartphone to do some light painting for your shots.

How To Claim Mobile Phone Calls On Your Tax Return [Infographic]

If you use your mobile phone for work, it’s quite easy to claim the calls off your personal phone bill as a tax deduction. However, you also need to ensure it passes the tax man’s sniff test. If you still haven’t filed your tax return, here’s how to claim your calls and data in three quick steps.

Virgin Mobile Adds Double Data Deal

Virgin Mobile has added a plan designed to lure customers away from rival networks with double data alongside its data rollover offer.

Firefox OS 2.5 Due In November

The next release of Mozilla’s mobile OS promises more customisation, more local features and a better privacy model.

Top 10 Battery-Saving Hacks For Smartphones

It’s not a question of if your smartphone’s going to run out of power. It’s a question of when. Delay that terrible moment with our collection of power saving hacks.

This Graphic Shows The Effects Texting Has On Your Body

Texting too often can take a toll on your body. While it might seem like it’s not a big deal, the physical posture you take on when you’re staring at a tiny device in your hands can have serious negative health effects. This graphic shows what can happen.

The Cheapest Way To Buy An iPhone 6 Or iPhone 6 Plus In Australia

Buying on contract means you won’t have to pay up-front for an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus — but you could actually end up paying more for the same phone, calls and data than you need to. Here’s how much you can save by buying up-front and choosing the right prepaid plan — up to $450 compared to a 24-month contract.

A Gadget Won't Stop Idiot Drivers Texting

A new gadget promises to stop drivers texting while on the road. The technology might be sound, but it won’t make a lick of difference. Instead, people need to be shamed into not being stupidly dangerous.

Ask LH: Are Grey Import Smartphones Safe To Buy?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been waiting for the LG G4 since the early teasers and have just seen that it won’t be in Australia until mid-July. Or I can order a grey import today for about $200 cheaper. Assuming I buy from a reputable vendor and do my research to get the model that supports Australian LTE bands, what are the disadvantages of a grey import phone? Or are they basically the same?