Boost Mobile Is Selling A 5-Inch Android Phone For $99

As Christmas approaches, we’re seeing a glut of sub-$100 Android phones. Vodafone rolled out a $99 model from Huawei last week, and now Telstra-owned Boost Mobile is selling a similar Alcatel OneTouch model for $99.

Note 4 Roadtrip: How To Work Using Only A Smartphone

So I spent the whole of last week travelling around Australia on the Note 4 Roadtrip, seeing if I could do my job using only a smartphone. What lessons did I learn and how can you adapt those strategies?

Note 4 Roadtrip: 10 Random Things I Learned

On Monday, I’ll do a detailed roundup of what I learned during the Note 4 Roadtrip, and the tips every business traveller can glean from the experience. Meanwhile, here are 10 random things I discovered along the way.

Note 4 Roadtrip: Getting Into Gear S

My main working device during the Note 4 Roadtrip challenge is (obviously) the Note 4, but I also have a Gear S smartwatch strapped to my wrist. Its big achievement for the week? Turning me into the kind of person who worries about my daily step count.

Note 4 Roadtrip: Batteries And Big Screens

The most obvious trend in smartphones in 2014 has been big screens, and the 5.7-inch display on the Note 4 continues the theme. From a productivity standpoint, what are the benefits of that approach when tackling a challenge like the Note 4 Roadtrip?

Note 4 Roadtrip: Stylus Up

After my post yesterday discussing my experience typing on the Note 4 and selecting text, several commenters asked why I wasn’t using the S Pen stylus for that task. In truth, it had been a little neglected, so I set myself to properly exploring its text input possibilities.

Note 4 Roadtrip: The Tricks Of Typing

On a basic level, I type for a living. I type stories and edit other people’s stories and type emails and type interview notes and type proposals and reports and tweets. And all this week I am doing that without an actual physical keyboard, with the Note 4

Ask LH: How Should I Track Tax Receipts On My Phone?

Hey Lifehacker, What is the best way to keep track of tax claims and receipts? Do I need to hold onto my paper receipts or can I just use my smartphone? If I decide to go fully digital, what are the best mobile tools and apps?

Note 4 Roadtrip: How To Work In Bed

On a normal working day, I wake up stupidly early,get out of bed and immediately switch on my computer to check what has happened overnight. But this week my Note 4 is my computer, so I can cut out one step — I don’t need to get out of bed.

Note 4 Roadtrip: The Smartwatch At The Airport

I was so pleased with the fact that I didn’t have to pull a laptop out of my bag at Newcastle Airport that I completely forgot I had a smartwatch on my wrist. My phone and wallet went in the tray, my bag and tray went on the conveyer and I stepped towards the security scanner without a care in the world.