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Six Things You Should Know About How Your Brain Learns

Whether you want to learn a new language, learn to cook, take up a musical instrument or just get more out of the books you read, it helps to know how your brain learns. While everyone learns slightly differently, we do have similarities in the way our brains take in new information, and knowing how this works can help us choose the most efficient strategies for learning new things.

Can You Die From Sleep Deprivation?

The short answer? Yes, total sleep deprivation can almost certainly kill you. What’s less clear is how it does it.

Blink Notifies You When Your Mac Wakes Up Or Sleeps

iPhone/Mac: Ever wonder if someone’s trying to guess your password? Or just curious about exactly how often the cat walks on your keyboard? Blink is a little app that will send a notification to your phone when your Mac wakes up or goes to sleep.

Top 10 Myths And Misconceptions About Sleep

You’d think the human race would have sleep down to a science by now, but many of us are still sleeping poorly (and so we need top 10 guides to getting better sleep). Part of the problem is we have outdated information and beliefs about this all-important health need. Let’s set the facts straight. Here are 10 things you might have been told about sleep but aren’t completely true.

Get To Bed Earlier By Reminding Yourself How It Feels To Wake Up Naturally

Let’s face it, waking up to the dream-shattering sound of an alarm is not the best way to start your day. If you want to get to bed on time, just keep reminding yourself how great it feels to wake up on your own in the morning.

What Is The Most Common Nightmare?

Scientists have been investigating nightmares for over a century. Their work has resulted in some seriously bizarre findings, but nothing is more strange than the discovery of what people’s most common nightmares are.

Ask LH: Does Napping Change Your Metabolism?

Dear Lifehacker, I hear a high metabolism is good for losing weight and keeping healthy, so I try to stay active. However, I love my afternoon naps! Sometimes I’m just tired, but they keep me productive. Sleeping slows your metabolism down though. Am I undoing all my good work?

Can You Condition Your Body To Require Less Sleep?

One way to have more time for work and play every day is to sleep a little bit less. But eventually, staying awake for longer periods can have a negative impact on the quality of our lives. So where does the break-even point lie, and can it be shifted?

Download These Music Compilations To Lull Yourself To SleepĀ 

Some people fall asleep better by listening to music. If that sounds like you, check out this collection of music tracks, which correspond to the five stages of sleep.

Ask LH: Should I Stay In Bed When I Can't Sleep?

Dear Lifehacker, I am having trouble sleeping. I know the reasons for it and I am working to resolve them but my question is more about how sleep works: It is generally accepted that eight hours is a good amount of sleep to feel regenerated. Currently I am only getting around five and a half hours and this has been going on for months. Is there a benefit to just staying in bed, lights off, not doing much other than tossing and turning, generally keeping my eyes closed and NOT looking at any sort of media, electronic, print or otherwise? Does it help at all to stay in bed awake until I should be waking up, or should I get out of bed when I wake up?

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