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Stop Feeling Guilty For Getting Sleep

You need sleep. This should be obvious, yet many of us keep hitting burnout. Part of the reason may be that, despite better judgment, we feel hesitant or even guilty about getting a full night’s rest.

How To Optimise Your Hotel Room To Get A Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep at a hotel can be hit and miss. Sometimes there’s unexpected noise or the air conditioning isn’t working and you have to improvise fixes to your hotel room to get a good night’s sleep, as travel writer David Farley found on a recent trip to Bangkok.

Do You Really Need A Good Night's Sleep To Exercise Well?

“Get a good night’s sleep” is classic advice before a big race or event. But if you stayed up late picking out your best shoelaces and then woke up early to make it to the start line on time, have you ruined your chance at a good performance?

How To Get Your Hour Back From Daylight Saving

We’ve all been late to something thanks to Daylight Saving Time, and the spring forward can also mess with your sleep. This year, prepare yourself now to make up for that lost hour.

Ask The Experts: How To Choose The Right Mattress For A Better Sleep

Buying a new mattress is never easy. You need to factor in your sleeping style, the sleeping style of your partner, whether you prefer softness or firmness and optional features like pillowed tops and memory foam — all within the confines of your budget. We asked an expert to answer some common customer queries ranging from back pain remedies to the best mattress for frequent nooky. Plus: the three essential principles to follow when buying a new bed.

Naps Versus Coffee: Which Is Better When You're Exhausted?

You feel completely wiped out, but you know you need to push through for just a little bit longer. Do you reach for a mug or a pillow? Here’s what science has to say.

How Using A Smartphone Before Bed Affects Your Brain And Body

As we’ve explained time and time again, using your smartphone before bed can be detrimental to the sleeping process — even if you switch off at a reasonable hour. Well, it turns out that the potential side-effects are a lot worse than previously thought.

When Your Child Should Go To Bed, Based On Age And Wake-up Time

It’s one of the biggest parenting challenges: getting your kids to go to sleep, but it’s so important for their developing brains and bodies. Sleep recommendations vary by age, so here’s a handy reference chart.

25 Horrible Things That Happen If You Don't Get Enough Sleep

In our 24/7 culture, sleep loss is a major problem. Back in 1942, we averaged almost 8 hours of sleep a night — now that’s down to 6.8. Everyone knows that it’s important to get enough sleep, but you may not realise just how many things can go wrong when you don’t. Depending on how regularly you skip sleep, everything from your vision to sexual performance could be affected.

Cut Back On Your Before-Bed Smartphone Addiction With This Exercise

If you want to wean yourself off of the need to look at your phone before bed, some deliberate practice ignoring notifications during the day might help.

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