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Skype Is Readying A Real-Time Translation Feature

Windows: Skype has previewed a real-time translating feature that lets you communicate directly with people in other languages.

Skype Video Chat Is Coming To The Web

Today, Microsoft announced that it plans to bring Skype to the web. While other chat services like Facebook Messenger and Hangouts have been web-based for a while, Skype has lagged behind — until now.

Skype On iOS Now Allows Group Audio Calls

iOS: Skype has updated its iOS app with a new feature. It now allows you to host group audio calls for up to four people with just a tap on your iPhone.

Skype For Android Will Connect To Your Address Book To Find Contacts

The latest version of Skype for Android has one new major feature: you can connect it to your phone’s address book, so Skype can match your contacts with your Skype buddy list.

How To Ace A Job Interview Over Email Or Skype

As remote working environments become more common, the interview process often involves never meeting your recruiter in person — instead, you’ll do the interview over email or video chat. And because the medium is different from talking face-to-face, you need to adapt and use new strategies to ace that interview and land the job.

Ask LH: Will Paying For Skype Improve The Quality?

Hi Lifehacker, My parents live overseas and I’m so frustrated with Skype calls dropping out every two minutes, slap back echo, and other general annoyances. I know it’s free, but will this stop if I use their paid-for service and buy Skype credit to call a landline or mobile phone? What are the best alternatives out there to make a cheap international call?

Skype Translator Tackles The Multilingual Programming Challenge

Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella took to the stage at Microsoft’s Code Conference this week to show off the company’s latest trick -– Skype Translator. Ever since I started watching sci-fi as a kid, I’ve always marvelled at how people from different races could communicate by automatically hearing and trandslating different languages. It seems that science fiction is getting closer to science reality.

Skype Makes Group Video Calling Free For All Users

Skype group video calls used to require a subscription to Skype Premium, but today the service announced that group video calling will be free starting from today for Windows, Mac and Xbox One users, and will roll out to all other Skype platforms soon.

Dealhacker: iTunes, PlayStation Network and Skype Cards On Sale

With another long weekend looming it’s a good time to kick back and enjoy a new movie or some new music. Fortunately, there are lots of gift cards on sale this week so that you can get your hands on some discounted tunes or movies -– and even some cheap calls to loved ones. Finally Has Skype Built In

Microsoft’s email service has some nifty features (including flexible disposable email addresses). The latest addition? It’s now directly integrated with Skype, so you can make voice or video calls direct from your browser.

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