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Ask LH: How Can I Improve The Quality Of Skype Calls To My Girlfriend?

Dear Lifehacker, my girlfriend travels a lot for work which means our interactions are often limited to Skype. Unfortunately, the video quality is usually quite poor. Is there a way to improve the video without buying a new laptop or expensive webcam?

How To Join Skype For Business Beta For iOS And Android

Microsoft is calling for users to join the preview program for the iOS and Android app versions of its Skype for Business service. Here’s a list of new features along with instructions on how you and your company can join the beta test.

Skype Translator Adds Support For French And German Spoken Languages

Skype’s real-time translator software is pretty awesome, and it has some new tricks. It can now translate to and from French and German, from spoken word to spoken word.

Skype Is Now In The Browser, But Not For Australians

Skype has long been a desktop (and mobile) app, but today it’s available in your browser in the form of a new public beta. Unfortunately, Australians can’t yet take advantage.

Skype Translator Preview Is Now Available To Everyone

Windows: Last year, Microsoft announced an app that would allow you to have real-time conversations with people who spoke different languages, built on Skype. While the service was only available to a small group of testers, it’s now open to everyone.

Microsoft Lync Is About To Turn Into Skype For Business

Microsoft has been working on integrating its Lync enterprise communications tool with Skype for quite a while now. This month sees the big switch: Lync will officially be rebranded as Skype For Business.

Skype Security Flaw May Allow Intruders To Listen Through Your Device

If you’re a regular Skype user, it might be a smart idea to sign out when you’re not using it. A newly-uncovered security flaw may make it possible for users to call in to a device without getting approval first.

Skype Is Readying A Real-Time Translation Feature

Windows: Skype has previewed a real-time translating feature that lets you communicate directly with people in other languages.

Skype Video Chat Is Coming To The Web

Today, Microsoft announced that it plans to bring Skype to the web. While other chat services like Facebook Messenger and Hangouts have been web-based for a while, Skype has lagged behind — until now.

Skype On iOS Now Allows Group Audio Calls

iOS: Skype has updated its iOS app with a new feature. It now allows you to host group audio calls for up to four people with just a tap on your iPhone.

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