Cut Major Time-Sucking Activities Before Small Schedule Tweaks

Simple shortcuts can save you minutes on routine tasks. Those minutes definitely add up, but before you spend too much effort finely trimming your schedule, try to identify big time-saving activities and cut those short. You may find some big time savings.

Five Shortcuts For Faster Text Selection In iOS

Ever need to copy, share or speak text on iOS? Of course you do. Here are four different shortcuts that can make the process quick and easy.

Find Recent Files In Windows With The Run Dialog

Windows has a number of ways of finding recently used files. However, it also has a unified folder tucked away where you can browse all of the files you’ve recently opened. To access it, press Win-R and type “recent”.

Enable Chrome's 'Mute This Tab' Shortcut In The Dev Channel

Ever have a tab start playing audio without your permission? The latest version of Chrome’s dev channel lets you mute the tab with a simple click.

Launcher Puts Your Favourite Apps And Contacts In Notification Center

iOS: iOS 8′s new widgets and extensions are a great way to spruce up your Notification Center. Launcher takes advantage of the new feature in iOS 8 and gives you a speed dial to your apps and contacts right in the Notification Center.

Pie Control Gives Shortcuts To Settings, Apps And Menu Anywhere

Android: With one swipe, Pie Control will give you access to your Android device’s settings, favourite apps, menu buttons, app drawer and more.

Make Conversions With Google Even Easier With An Equals Sign

I’ve long known that Google will convert between units if you type a query into the search engine (or your browser search bar), such as “50 miles kilometres”. I hadn’t realised that if you simply use an equals sign, Google will make an educated guess at the unit you’re aiming for.

LinkSwipe Shares Links With Swipe Gestures

Android: When you see a link, you might not always want to do the same action when you tap it. LinkSwipe lets you set five presets so that you can tap and swipe in different directions to perform different actions.

TapPath Shares Links On Android With A Single, Double Or Triple Tap

Android: Android’s Share menu is a little clunky. Instead of scrolling to the app you want, TapPath lets you use single, double and triple taps to share links to your most frequent apps.

Macro Xposed Module Brings Text Expansion To Any Android Keyboard

Android (root): Text expansion is one of the most useful features of desktop operating systems. On mobile, they’re a bit more rare. You can use shortcuts in the stock Android keyboard, but the Macro/Text Expansion Xposed module is for you if you want expansion everywhere.