Swipe To The Right To Copy 1Password Passwords

1Password is a great tool for remembering your passwords. Here’s a little shortcut for the mobile app you might not know: swipe to the right over a password to copy it.

Compose Emails And Search Your Gmail Inbox From Chrome's Address Bar

Chrome’s omnibar can be used for more than just searching and typing URLs. If you use Gmail, you can use the address bar to search your emails and compose new messages.

Create Reminders And Calendar Events From The Google Search Bar

As long as you’re logged in to your Google account, creating new reminders or appointments on your calendar is as easy as visiting the Google homepage and typing into the search bar. You don’t have to open reminders specifically, or go right to your calendar — Google will handle the rest.

Navigate Through A Song On Android With The Lockscreen Controls

One of the neatest features of stock Android is the lockscreen controls that appear while you’re listening to music. What you might not have known is that you can long-press them to jump to a specific part of a song.

Create A Screen-Sharing Shortcut For Easy Access To Your Other Macs

Screen sharing on a Mac simply involves selecting the Mac you want to share in Finder, clicking Screen Share, then logging in. If you’re looking for an even faster method, Macworld shows you how.

Use Gestures To Go Backwards And Forwards In Chrome For iOS

Jailbreak (iOS): Chrome on iOS is a nice alternative to Safari, especially if you purchase Nitrous, which allows Google’s browser to use Apple’s Nitro engine for JavaScript. Still, it’d be even better if you could use gestures to go backwards and forwards through pages, rather than switching between tabs. Fortunately, a new tweak is available via Cydia that does just that.

Pushbullet Pushes Files From Windows To Your Phone With A Right Click

Windows: Pushbullet added a new feature to its Windows app today. Now you can right-click on a file to send it to any of your devices that have Pushbullet installed.

Xtended Navbar Adds Music Controls And Toggles To Your Navigation Bar

Android (rooted): On-screen navigation controls are a great alternative to physical buttons. Xtended Navbar provides easy access to not only home, back and settings buttons, but also music controls and toggles.

A Beginner's Guide To Effortless, Mouseless Computing With Alfred

Ever wanted to take control of your Mac without taking your hands off your keyboard? Alfred’s an app launcher and utility that makes that possible. With just a little bit of setup and know-how, you’ll be able to use Alfred to search for anything, anywhere, move around files, control software and more without ever lifting your hands off your keyboard.

App Directory: The Best App Launcher For Mac

Over the years, Macs have had lots of options when it comes to app launchers. Alfred is our pick because it manages to balance features with usability. Anyone can pick it up and start using it, and there’s plenty of room for expansion if you want to dig deeper into automation.