These Automator Actions Make Apple's Photos Way More Useful

Apple’s new Photos app is better than iPhoto, but it’s still lacking in features. Thankfully, Mac OS X Automation put together a few handy scripts to get more out of the software.

Launcher Adds App Shortcuts To Notification Center, Returns To iTunes

iOS: We really liked Launcher when it first came out, but it was pulled from the App Store within a few hours of its release. Now, it’s back in the App Store to add all kinds of useful shortcuts to your Notification Center.

15 Shortcuts You Can Do With Apple's New Trackpad

Apple’s new MacBook and MacBook Pros have a new Force Touch trackpad that adds pressure sensitivity. With that comes all kinds of new gestures and tricks, and 9to5Mac details 15 of the best ones in the video above.

Instantly Scroll To The Top Or Bottom Of Photos For iOS With A Tap

If you have a lot of photos on your iOS device, you know it’s a pain to search through them. Finer Things in Tech noticed that it’s possible to instantly scroll to the top or bottom of your photos as long as you know where to tap.

Reboot Your iPhone Without Touching The Home Or Power Button

iPhones, like computers, need to be rebooted on occasion. Maybe iMessage is acting up, for example. If your Home and Power button don’t work, though, rebooting can be tricky — but you can still reboot your Phone by changing some settings.

TypeSnippets Is A Visual Text Expansion Keyboard For iOS

iOS: We all know text expansion is great, but sometimes it’s hard to remember the abbreviations you make. TypeSnippets solves this by making it a more visual experience.

Toggle Hardware Controls In Android Lollipop With A Voice Command

For the longest time, voice commands such as “turn on Wi-Fi” on Android would give you a settings page where you could manually toggle your settings. In Android Lollipop, however, they work immediately.

Instantly Flatten A Directory In OS X With A Terminal Command

Sometimes, we all go a little too nuts on making folders inside of folders, and you just need to flatten the whole thing down to one. OS X Daily shows off a handy Terminal command for just that.

Itsycal For Mac Stuffs A Calendar Into Your Menubar

Mac: For whatever reason, Apple’s Calendar app doesn’t include a menubar app. Itsycal is a tiny little app that adds that exact function and hooks it right into Calendar.