How To Slipstream Windows Updates Into Your Installation Disc

One of the horrors of reinstalling Windows is the endless amount of software updates and reboots required to get it secure, stable and current. But there’s a better way: slipstreaming. With a bit of prep, you can create a new installation disc with all the updates included, so everything installs at once.

CopyQ Runs Commands And Scripts On Content Copied To The Clipboard

Windows: We’ve featured plenty of clipboard managers before. Where CopyQ stands out is its ability to run commands or scripts on content you copy to the clipboard based on which type of content it is.

FoldersPopup Puts Your Favourite Folders Behind A Middle Click

Windows: Some programs seem like they should come by default with Windows. FoldersPopup gives you one-click access to your favourite folders and locations.

The Best Tools Hidden In Windows' Command Line

While it may not always be the best choice in Windows, there are certain things you can only do from the command line. We’ve talked about a few command line essentials before, such as using tracert to troubleshoot a flaky Internet connection and using recimg to create a custom Windows recovery image. Here are a few more you should probably know about (if you don’t already).

Customise Your Google Shortcuts Bar With Drag And Drop

Google announced today that you can customise the shortcuts you access from the dropdown menu near your Google account login. Want maps at the top? Just drag and drop it.

Clockwise Makes Automating Tasks On Your Mac Simple

Mac: You have a lot of options when it comes to automating different tasks on your Mac, but Clockwise might be the easiest option for people who want a way to schedule actions to run at specific times.

Three Windows Shortcuts Every Beginner Should Know

If there’s one thing that will make you faster and more productive on a computer, it’s keyboard shortcuts. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts beginners should know, but here are three specific to Windows.

Mime-O Beefs Up Android's Clipboard With Dictionary, Send To PC Function

Android/Windows/Mac: The clipboard has always been one of the most useful features on every operating system. Mime-O makes it even better by allowing you to perform actions on selected text directly as soon as you copy it, including passing it to a text message or email app, looking up a definition, or even sending it to your PC’s clipboard.

Supercharge Your Gmail Filters With These System Labels

One of the best things about Gmail is its robust filtering system. It’s easy to route very specific types of messages to different folders or relegate them to the archive easily. Now, you can supercharge Gmail’s default options with these system labels that let you search unsearchable folders or root out specific types of messages.

Watch Age-Restricted YouTube Videos Without Signing In

If you stumble upon a YouTube video that has been set as “age restricted”, you can still watch the video without signing in or confirming your age. Just use this little URL trick.