Ask LH: When's The Cheapest Time To Buy A Car?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m in the market to buy a new car, and I’m wondering which months have the best deals? Does when you buy make a difference?

Ask LH: Does JB Hi-Fi Price Match Online Deals?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m shopping around for a tablet and have noticed that the one I am after is available much more cheaply online ($100 or more). How likely is it that the local retailers (JB Hi Fi, Good Guys, Harvey Norman and so on) will be willing to match this?

Maggie Beer Products Deemed Misleading As They Weren't From The Barossa Valley

Gourmet food producer Maggie Beer Products has been taken to task by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The issue? Labelling on the products didn’t make it clear that not all were made at the organisation’s Tanunda base.

Seven Things To Take Note Of In The IKEA 2015 Australia Catalogue

IKEA’s 2015 catalogue is out online now (the print version hits stores on 1 September). Here are seven new developments that are worth highlighting — including an unexpected reprieve for one supposedly cancelled line.

You'd Have To Buy 1827 Tracks On iTunes To Score A Free Flight On Qantas

Qantas has introduced another way to earn frequent flyer points — by shopping online at selected retailers, including Apple and eBay. While earning extra points is always welcome, you’ll need to do a lot of shopping to score any quantity of points worth using.

Avoid Shopping Right After Work To Save Money

You finish a long day of work and on your way home, you hit the supermarket to stock up on supplies. This everyday act might be burning a hole in your wallet and tricking you into making bad decisions.

Top 10 Food Infographics To Hang In Your Kitchen Or Save To Your Phone

A chart or infographic can be the best way to communicate complex topics — like which tie to where to certain events and how to fix common cooking mistakes. Here are some of the most save or print-worthy food graphics we’ve shared on Lifehacker.

Is Sydney's 'My Food Bag' Service Worth The Money?

My Food Bag is a new food-and-recipe delivery service that provides all the ingredients needed to make home cooked dinners, five nights a week. Unlike similar services, the emphasis is on good eating rather than weight-loss or convenience — each meal is prepared from scratch by the customer using 100% raw produce. Last week, we signed up for the service’s maiden bag to see if it was worthwhile. Here are our initial thoughts.

Ask LH: How Can I Find A Good Wedding Photographer?

Hey Lifehacker, We’re getting married soon, and are in the process of trying to find a photographer. Part of the problem is that we’re overseas at the moment, which means we’re restricted to communicating with photographers online. Are quote comparison sites like and worth the time? They sound convenient, but I don’t want to pay for something that doesn’t deliver results!

Ask LH: Do Stores Have To Match Their Online Pricing?

Hey Lifehacker, Recently I searched for an item online and saw it at a great price. But when I went to the local physical branch, it wasn’t available at that price — it was much more expensive. If this happens, can I demand that the retailer matches the price quoted online?