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Amazon Vehicles Is A Massive Database For Researching And Comparing Cars

Amazon has launched a new car researching tool, Amazon Vehicles. Here, you can search for cars from a variety of years using an array of search parameters.

Slice Watch For Chrome Will Send You Price Alert Emails

Chrome: Slice is an excellent companion tool for online shopping. This week, they released Slice Watch, a browser extension that tracks prices automatically and emails you when an item you’re searching for drops in price.

What To Look For When Buying A Serrated Bread Knife

A decent serrated bread knife should be able to carve through crusty breads, split cake layers, slice squishy tomatoes, and easily cut stacked sandwiches with ease. If you’re tired of your knife making a mess out of your food, here’s what you should look for in a new one.

Always Buy The Men's Version Of Products To Avoid The Gender Tax

Products and services marketed towards girls and women are substantially marked up compared to similar men’s products. According to a recent study, this gender tax (or “pink tax”) ends up costing females thousands of dollars.

Open Hotel Alert Notifies You When Sold Out Hotels Make Rooms Available

Open Hotel Alert makes sure you get a spot in your preferred hotel on your next holiday, convention or other trip — even if it’s sold out when you try to book. Just tell it where you’d like to stay and when, and if the hotel is sold out now, it will text or email you when something opens up.

Thinking Cap: Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

Photos that changed the world and changed minds, how people edited photos before Photoshop was a thing, a good reminder to back up your own photos and, well, some more beautiful photos, all in this week’s Thinking Cap.

All The Baby Gear Advice That Doesn't Matter

I was in your shoes once, new parents. Shopping for the perfect nappy bag, pruning baby gear lists down to the true essentials. Three kids later, I’m here to tell you: You’re overthinking it. Most of your shopping decisions don’t really matter.

Keep A Running List Of Everything You Don't Buy

It’s really easy to buy all kinds of junk online or in the store without much thought. But a little training can change that. Over on SwissMiss, Tina Eisenberg started keeping a list of all the stuff she didn’t buy.

Top 10 Kitchen Tools That Are Worth Their Investment

We’ve discussed kitchen tools everyone should have, and tools everyone on a budget should have, but if you’re willing to put a little money into your home cooking, here are some solid kitchen tools that may cost a little more than usual, but will pay you back in flavour, time saved, or just plain quality of life.

Five Foods You Should Always Avoid At The Supermarket

Want to stack the nutrition odds in your favour? The key is good food so here are five things to never let into your shopping trolley. Known as discretionary foods, all five are high in either added sugars, saturated fat or salt. Discretionary foods provide kilojoules but not many nutrients. Here’s an overview of what to avoid.

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