Identify Frivolous Purchases With The 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' Test

There are purchases you need to make, and then there are purchases that you just want because it would be nice to have. To identify the latter more clearly, ask yourself if the reason for a purchase goes beyond “Wouldn’t it be nice?”

Avoid Overspending With The 'One Finger Rule'

A UCLA study shows that touching something can make you more prone to buy it. To combat this, finance writer Kim McGrigg proposes the “One Finger Rule”.

Ask LH: Do All Foods Have To Be Marked With An Expiry Date?

Hi Lifehacker, On a recent visit to Woolworths I noticed a tin of tuna I picked up did not have an expiry date. Isn’t it mandatory to display the expiry date on food items in Australia?

Successful Hagglers' Most-Used Tactic: Threaten To Check Rival Prices

If you’re willing to haggle, you can score some great bargains, but some haggling tactics are more effective than others. Consumer Reports surveyed consumers about their in-store negotiating tactics to find out which ones worked best.

Live The Look Finds Women's Clothing Based On Your Style

Earlier this year, we featured Cladwell, a service that helps you find clothing based on your existing wardrobe. However, the service was geared specifically towards men, which left readers wondering where the version was for women. Here it is: Live the Look.

Click Frenzy: Where The Bargains Aren't

We have long maintained that the frequently overloaded Click Frenzy shopping events are basically a waste of time and that shopping around makes much more sense. A round-up of this year’s already-announced deals by underscores the point: many online stores are selling the same products via Click Frenzy at wildly different prices, and you can often do better by shopping elsewhere and ignoring the high-pressure hype.

Start Your Haggling At 35% Off When Travelling

Local markets are part of the charm of travelling. In many cultures, merchants expect you to haggle. Those unfamiliar with the process should start the haggling at 35% off.

Expensify Makes Receipts From Your Online Purchases

Chrome: We’ve previously talked about Expensify’s ability to generate expense reports from credit cards. Since then, it has also gained the handy ability to create receipts from online purchases that you can pass along to your employer for reimbursement.

Treat Shopping Like An Addiction To Quit The Impulse Spending Habit

In the modern world, shopping plays on a lot of the same dopamine-loving parts of our brain that other addictions do. To prevent impulse buying, it might help to adopt some addiction-avoiding habits.

Ask LH: What's A Good Device Choice For Exercise Music?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m looking to improve my work-life balance and exercise more, so I want the right device to acquire, store and play music on. With Walkmans long gone and the iPod apparently being phased out, what’s the best choice? I’m particularly keen to be able to download playlists and new music that I haven’t encountered.