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'Comfort' In Running Shoes May Not Mean What You Think It Means

It’s probably best to pick running shoes based on comfort rather than the old theory of evaluating your gait and correcting for pronation. But a lot of runners, especially beginners, might misunderstand what’s meant by “comfort”.

If You Wouldn't Buy It At Full Price, You Probably Don't Need It

Everyone loves a good deal, but on-sale items have a way of tricking us into spending more than we planned. One way to curb impulsive buying: Consider if you’d pay full price for the item.

How Do You Streamline Your Supermarket Shopping?

Supermarket shopping isn’t a particularly enjoyable experience, but it has to get done. What tips and tricks do you have for making your regular shopping trip quick and easy?

How To Maximise Your Shopping At Home Improvement Stores

Any budding DIY enthusiast or homeowner can tell you that they spend a lot of time at places like Bunnings. Shopping at big box stores can be a frustrating experience, from trying to locate a single item to finding someone who can answer a basic question. Here are some tips for making the most of your visit to these home improvement behemoths.

GST-Free Threshold Axed: 10% Tax Coming To All Overseas Purchases

It’s official: All overseas purchases under $1000 will soon be subject to a 10 per cent GST surcharge, following a consensus on tax reform between state and federal treasurers. In other words, your future Amazon and eBay orders are going to be treated the same way as a local purchase. Call it the Gerry Harvey tax.

Sneak Peek: Highlights From IKEA's 2016 Catalogue

Next month, IKEA will release its 2016 Australian catalogue; which means a swathe of new furniture hacks will soon be on the horizon. Here are a few products that caught our eye while thumbing through the Swedish conglomerate’s latest tome.

Put A 30-Day Delay On All Impulse Purchases To Ensure You Really Need It

Most stores would like you to think that impulse buying is limited to sodas and candy at the checkout. In truth, impulse buying is anything you weren’t planning on buying already. If you want to know whether the thing you’re about to spend money on is really important, wait a month first.

Keep Spending In Check With The $1 Per Use Rule

Spending money on things we don’t use that often or that aren’t important to us is a huge waste. One way to evaluate purchases to make sure we’re putting our hard-earned money to good use: The $1 per use rule.

Why Myer And David Jones Have Embraced Aldi-Style 'Streamlining'

Australian department store retailers David Jones (DJ) and Myer have both recently moved to rationalise the number of clothing brands they offer in their stores. This strategy brings two common retail sayings to mind. First “to win in retail, you can’t be everything to everyone”, and second, “if you’re not growing, you’re going backwards”.

How To Choose The Right Paint Brush For Your Next DIY Project

Painting your interior walls is an easy, popular way to customise your space. Anyone can do it, but results may vary based on the type of brush you use. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right paint brush for your next DIY painting project.

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