Why Aldi's New Store Format Could Be A Big Mistake

While Aldi’s launch of their new “trial” stores may seem to be an attempt to capture middle income shoppers, it may end in disaster.

When Visiting A New Store, Beware Overspending

Whether it’s a restaurant you’ve never visited or a boutique that’s just opened in your neighbourhood, it’s always fun to try new spots. But keep in mind — it’s also easier to overspend at these places.

Beware Of These Pricing Tricks Retailers Use To Fool Your Brain

Retailers are darn good at inventing tricks to separate us from our money. Whether it be through the price points they choose, how they market their products, or their discounting techniques, they are experts at getting inside our brains and influencing our buying decisions. Here are a few of the most popular pricing tricks retailers’ use, along with some easy ways to fight back.

Why It's Best To Wash New Clothes Before You Wear Them

You might assume that brand new clothes are clean and safe to put on, but there’s a good chance you can come in contact with some nasty stuff if you don’t wash them beforehand.

Keep Sole Flexibility In Mind When Choosing Hiking Boots

Having hiking boots that fit right is key to being comfortable and preventing injury. But unlike shoes, you don’t want boots with a flexible sole — keep this in mind when you shop.

The Best Bike Lock (And How To Use It), According To Bike Thieves

A decent bike lock can be the difference between cruising home and being forced to walk — not to mention the blow a stolen can deal to your wallet. This bike lock will give you the most bang for your buck, and it’s what seasoned bike thieves would use on their own rides.

Yay, IKEA Is Now Selling Roll-Packed Mattresses

A few years ago, I purchased a spare single mattress from IKEA Rhodes and carried it home on the train. It was awkward trying to fit that into the train vestibule. It was even more awkward trying to lug it to the station in the first place. So I for one am stupidly grateful that IKEA is now selling a range of mattresses in a rolled-up format instead.

Bring A Partner To Help Resist Tempting Sales Pitches

When you have to buy a new car or computer, you’ll often encounter a pushy sales person. Avoid getting sucked into suspicious sales tactics by bringing a friend with you.

Save Some Time And Money By Knowing What A Tailor Can And Can't Do

Tailors, along with cobblers, can help you avoid buying something new every time there’s an issue with your clothing. A tailor can’t fix everything though, so here are some of the big things they can and can’t fix.

How Shoppers Get Conned By Supermarket 'Deals'

On first glance, it seems that supermarkets are offering consumers great deals these days. Many do save us money and the majority of consumers manage the task of judging the value of a deal. However, our new research shows confusion among some consumers about how much they’re saving through price promotions.