The Psychological Impulses That Make You Want To Spend Money

It’s always interesting to learn how our shopping behaviours are influenced. Sure, advertisers manipulate our habits, but our brains go with it because deep down, we have a desire to consume. There are a few natural impulses that make us want to spend more.

Go Shoe Shopping In The Evening For The Best Possible Fit

Whether you’re planning to buy a pair of hiking boots or just everyday sneakers, try to go shopping for them in the evening. You’ll end up with a better fit, and a more comfortable pair of shoes as a result. Here’s why, and it makes perfect sense.

'Hypoallergenic' Products Can Still Trigger Allergies

If you have sensitive skin, it’s tempting to put your trust in hypoallergenic jewellery or lotions. But the term may not mean what you think: there’s no legal definition of “hypoallergenic”, so it’s entirely possible those products contain something you’re allergic to.

In Defence Of Design: When Form Matters As Much As Function

Everyone thinks they understand good design. While we all understand our tastes, there’s more to making a well-designed product than just making it pretty. Form and function have to combine to work well together, but they both need to be present. Here’s why form matters, when it makes a product better and when too much can actually make a product worse.

Are Chromebooks Good Laptops For Students?

There’s a lot to like about Chromebooks. They’re budget-friendly, have a lot of options and are powerful enough to get things done. If you’re a student shopping for a laptop for school, they may be pretty attractive. However, for some students, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Let’s see where you fall.

Top 9 Ways To Rock A Garage Sale (As A Seller Or A Shopper)

There’s nothing better than cleaning your house of odds and ends you no longer need… and making some cash back on them. Whether you hop around to garage sales or are planning on having your own, these ten tips could help you make the most of any garage sale.

Avoid Losing Money To Vending Machines By Looking At The Spirals

It’s infuriating when you pay a vending machine for a snack only to watch it get stuck and not drop. Choose a properly loaded snack, however, and you won’t lose your money.

Test The Fit Of A Bicycle Helmet With The 'Low, Level, Snug' Test

Unlike a lot of apparel, bicycle helmets are one of those things you really have to try on in person to make sure it’s a good fit. Over on The Sweethome, they break down what a good fit actually means using the easy to remember “low, level, snug” system.

Ask LH: What Are The Best Sites For Cheap Android Phones?

Hi Lifehacker, Where are the best places to buy a second-hand or refurbished Android smartphone? And what are the best sites for buying cheap new models?

Mastercheap 2015: Is It Still Possible To Eat Well For $25 A Week?

Five years ago, I undertook the Mastercheap challenge: trying to eat a healthy (enough) diet with a weekly budget of $25 and an entirely empty pantry. Would that still be possible in 2015 — and which supermarket would offer the best deal? Let’s find out.