This Tool Picks The Right Size And Viewing Distance For Your TV

There are a lot of considerations to make when buying a TV. Chief among them are what size and viewing distance you need. This handy tool takes the guesswork out of both of them.

Brayola Finds The Perfect Bras Based On Your Favourite Bra

Bra shopping is such a challenge that when you find a bra that actually fits well, you have to hold onto it for dear life. Brayola aims to end that torture by showing you bras that match your current bras’ style and size.

Reduce Impulse Clothing Purchases With The 'Three Outfit' Rule

If you find a clothing item you like in a shop, but it it doesn’t go with anything you already own, you’re just digging yourself a hole. The “three outfit” rule keeps your clothing purchases in check.

Calculate How Much Of Your Savings A Big Purchase Is Before Buying

The first step to making a purchase is usually to ask whether you have enough money to cover it. However, a better and more financially conscious question might be how much of your life savings you’re giving away.

Think About Your Major Impulses, And Avoid Them To Save Money

Impulse purchases add up fast and prevent you from saving money. Take note of what you buy impulsively, whether it’s clothing or home decor, so you can start adjusting, budgeting or removing yourself from tempting situations.

The Best Places To Buy 'Secret Santa' Gifts For Under $10

It’s nearly “Secret Santa” time again in workplaces and households around the country. This means lots of people are currently scrambling to find cheap gifts that don’t look blatantly tatty. If you’re in the same boat, these five stores contain plenty of fun, quirky products that won’t break the bank — prices are capped at around $10.

Ask LH: What's A Good MP3 Player For An Older Person?

Hi Lifehacker, I want to purchase a portable MP3 player for my aunt. The problem is that she has a vision impairment and is in her 70s. Are there any models out there that have basic functionality and big buttons?

Give The Gift Of Life-Improving Books

Everybody loves a good book, and while fiction can teach you a lot about life, sometimes the most life-altering books offer straight-up life advice. Here are some some great books as gift ideas for the people on your list.

How To Try Hard-To-Find Products Before You Buy Them

When you go shopping for headphones, HDTVs and other pricey gear, research is vital, but there’s nothing like trying before you buy. It may seem difficult, especially with electronics, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tricks to get your hands, ears and eyes on the stuff you want before you spend your cash.

How To Avoid Injuring Yourself During Christmas Shopping

Shopping isn’t always fun. Sometimes it’s exhausting and dangerous — especially if you’re fighting through the crowds and overloading yourself with last-minute Christmas items. Here are some simple tips from an osteopath to ensure you don’t become a Christmas casualty.