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Ask LH: Should I Contribute To Crowdfunding Campaigns (Like Kickstarter?)

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve seen a lot of Kickstarter campaigns lately that promise great rewards and have awesome ideas. Some of them are already fully funded, others need a little help. Is it safe to give them my money if they’re already funded? How can I tell if the end result is going to be as awesome as they promised?

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Buying Or Leasing A Car

Buying a car is a pretty big deal — emotionally and financially. The last thing you want to do is have buyer’s remorse the second you drive off the lot or feel like you were suckered by the dealer. Let us help you with our top 10 car buying tips.

'The Grocery Bill Is One Thing You Have Absolute Control Over'

So many services and living expenses have a set price that only changes every once in a while. Your grocery bill, however, is one of the only places you’re not locked in and have complete control.

Ceceree Creates Mac And iOS App Wish Lists And Monitors Price Drops

Mac: Are you the type of person who buys a lot of apps? Ceceree is a Mac app that makes that experience a little better. Ostensibly it’s just a wish list creator, but it can also watch for price changes, create shareable links, search iTunes, and more.

Measure Your Actual Bed Frame Before Shopping For A Doona

It’s easy to forget, but there’s more to dressing up a bed than just the mattress size. Checking other measurements on your bed before you go shopping for a doona can save you some grief.

Save Your Money And Buy The Store Brand Chocolate Chips

When choosing ingredients for my baking projects, I tend to favour store brands, but I sometimes feel a pang of guilt when reaching for the cheap chocolate chips. Thankfully, Food 52 has cleared my conscience by conducting not one, but two blind tastes tests to see if pricey chips are worth the splurge.

If You Never Knew You Needed It, Don't Buy It

You’re out at the store to pick up something on your list, when you come across something great you never knew existed. How neat! If you never knew you needed it, though, then you still don’t need it today.

Ask 'What If I Could Never Buy Anything?' To Recalibrate Your Spending 

Impulsive shopping can wreck your budget faster than you can say “They’re putting up Christmas decorations already?” If you want to recalibrate how you see shopping, ask yourself one simple question. What if you could never buy anything again?

How To Make Sense Of The Countless, Confusing Cold Medicines Out There

There are two ways to pick out your favourite cold medicine when you go to the store. One is to remember the brand name you used last year; the other is to scan the fine print for the right mix of active ingredients. That second approach may sound like a hassle, but it’s much more effective.

Dealhacker: Clothing Retailer UNIQLO Offering Free Delivery (With Coupon)

In the mood for a change of wardrobe? Well, I can’t help you with getting a new closet or set of drawers, but there is a coupon code you can use over at UNIQLO that’ll lend a hand with the actual clothing side of things.

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