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SecureGmail Encrypts Your Gmail Messages With One Click

Chrome: Privacy is a precious commodity now that we know companies track us on the web. If you’d like more security, SecureGmail is a Chrome extension that makes it easy to encrypt your Gmail messages with a password only your recipient should know.

Use Multiple Large Words As Passwords To Boost Spelling And Security

Two of the biggest problems with passwords is how hard it is to make a secure one and how difficult those are to remember. Solve both problems by using an assortment of commonly misspelled words.

Ask LH: What Do Employers Check For Before Hiring Someone?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been applying for a lot of jobs recently, and I’m wondering what kind of research an employer might do on me. What do they find in background checks? Do they look online too?

DuckDuckGo App Brings Tracking-Free Search To Android And iOS

Android/iOS: With the recent worries over surveillance of online activities, interest has grown in anonymous search tools like DuckDuckGo. Now, the service has its own apps.

How To Make Sure Your Friends Can't Check You In On Social Networks

Yesterday, FourSquare updated its service to allow your friends to check you in to places (with your permission). It’s not the only social network that lets friends check you in or tag you publicly; Facebook and Instagram can also out you. Here’s how to turn it all off and take the wheel yourself.

History Eraser Offers One-Click Destruction Of Your Browsing History

Chrome: Clearing out your browsing history and cache in Chrome isn’t hard to do by any means, but the default method doesn’t get rid of everything. History Eraser is an extension that offers you a quick solution to get rid of every trace your browsing has left behind.

Go Incognito And Keep Financial Sites From Caching Your Sensitive Data

Private browsing (incognito mode) is useful for more than just porn. It can protect you against websites that are storing your sensitive data on your hard drive when they shouldn’t be.

Ask LH: What Online Privacy Stuff Should I Actually Care About?

Dear Lifehacker, Look, I’m not really the tinfoil hat type, but everyone keeps telling me I should care a little bit about my privacy. So I ask you: What privacy-related stuff actually affects me day to day, and what should I actually be paying attention to?

MyPermissions Now Alerts You When Apps Gain Access To Your Accounts

Android/iOS: MyPermissions, the service that shows you which apps are connected to online accounts such as Facebook, Google and Dropbox, has updated its mobile apps for permissions-cleaning on the go. Now you’ll get notifications as soon as new apps connect to your accounts.

Ad-Blocking Extension Ghostery Actually Sells Data To Advertisers

If you’ve read our features on how to protect your privacy and stop everyone from tracking you on the web, you’ve heard us mention Ghostery. It’s a solid privacy tool, but Mashable reports that you should stay away from its opt-in “GhostRank” feature, which sells data on the ads you block to the ad companies themselves.

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