Lifehacker's 2014 Google Easter Egg Guide

Just in time for the super-long weekend, here’s an indulgence that won’t rot your teeth or expand your waistline: a complete list of Google easter eggs.

Google's Android App Indexing Now Works In Australia

Back in November, Google began a US-only trial to expand its indexing from web sites to relevant Android apps as well. That trial has now expanded to all English content worldwide, meaning Aussie Android developers can sign up to try it out.

Google Brings Back The 'Search Nearby' Feature In Maps

The new Google Maps is looking great, but many of us sorely missed the superb and simple “search nearby” function that unexpectedly vanished. Now, it’s finally back.

Get More Gmail Search Results Per Page With This Bookmarklet

By default, Gmail returns 20 results per page when you perform a search. If you’d like to bump that up to 50 and spend less time paging through results, you can change one simple parameter in the URL or, better yet, use a simple bookmarklet.

Bring Back Forum, Recipe And Local Searches To Google

Google Search used to have the option to restrict search results to specific kinds of information such as forum pages, recipes, local places, blogs and patents. Those options are gone now, but Google Operating System shows how you can get the results back with a little URL hacking.

Fnd Searches The iTunes And Mac App Stores Simultaneously

Searching through iTunes or the Mac App Store isn’t always the best experience. If you’d prefer to do those searches on the web, Fnd lets you search through both of Apple’s stores quickly from any device.

Disconnect Search Leaves Beta, Makes Web Search Private And Encrypted

Android/Chrome/Firefox/Web: We mentioned Disconnect Search when it came out for Chrome and Firefox, and when it launched for Android. Now the privacy-protecting service is out of beta, faster than ever, and packing a few new features to make the web more secure.

BuzzSumo Searches For The Most-Shared Links On Social Networks

Web: Social networks are a good barometer of what’s popular on the web. BuzzSumo is a search engine that crawls through links people share on these social networks and ranks them accordingly.

Bring Back The Hidden iTunes Store Power Search

The iTunes Store’s Power Search was one of the nice parts of iTunes that allowed you to set up all kinds of variables to find what you’re looking for. In iTunes 11, the Power Search section disappeared, but writer Kirk McElhearn shows how to bring it back.

Disconnect Search For Android Makes Your Web Searches Private

Android: Disconnect Search, the utility that lets you search the web’s most popular search engines without being tracked , has arrived on Android. Now you can search Google, Bing, Yahoo, Blekko and even DuckDuckGo without leaving a trace.