Hotelwatchdog Helps You Narrow Your Hotel Search

The team behind fare-tracking site Airfarewatchdog has released a similar tool for hotels. Hotelwatchdog takes price, distance to popular attractions and previous reviews into consideration before giving you a list of recommended hotels.

Twitter's Entire Archive Of Public Tweets Is Now Indexed And Searchable

Twitter search doesn’t always turn up older tweets, even when you know they exist. Hopefully that will become a thing of the past: Twitter’s entire archive of public tweets is now indexed and searchable.

Show A File's Path In Spotlight With A Keyboard Shortcut

For some reason, Spotlight in Yosemite doesn’t show you the file path of whatever you’re searching for. If you need it, you can access it by simply tapping the Command key.

Artist Explorer Finds New Music To Listen To With An Interactive Chart

Finding new music to listen to can be tough. Fortunately, Spotify has just released a new Artist Explorer tool that helps you find similar artists with a gigantic interactive chart.

Flashlight Adds More Search Results To Spotlight

Mac: OS X Yosemite brought new functionality to Spotlight, but it’s still a little lacking. Flashlight is an app still in early alpha that adds some handy new features.

Google Search Adds Email Event Suggestions, In-App Search, Coin Flip

Android: Google has released an update to its Search app that brings some excellent new features, including searching within apps, suggested events based on email and — the holy grail of search features — flipping a coin.

The Best Wikipedia Features Still In Beta

Wikipedia has quietly been working on a variety of features behind the scenes as part of its beta program. If you’re feeling adventurous, here’s how you can make researching on Wikipedia even better.

Norbert Finds And Verifies People's Email Addresses With Their Name

With Norbert, you can find someone’s email address by simply typing in their first name, last name and the domain name where you think they work.

The Secret Powers Of Chrome's Address Bar

Chrome’s address bar doesn’t seem to offer much at first glance — type in a URL and you’re taken to a web site. But it can do a lot more if you know how to use it.

A List Of More Than 30 Free Image Sites That Don't Look Stock

Finding decent, non-stock-y images that are free to use can sometimes be a frustrating search. This collection of over 30 image websites contains a mountain of photos that would look just as good in your project as they would as your computer’s wallpaper.