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Google May Offer 'Did You Mean' Suggestions While Searching On Android

Google’s “Did you mean” feature is a handy way to avoid having to remember how to spell things. Now, Google seems to be spreading its reach to autocomplete suggestions on Android, before you’ve even completed your search.

Find Quotes Quickly With The Quote Operator In Google

Want to find something quickly to attribute to a particular famous person? Google’s got an easy search operator for that.

Two Ways To 'Respeak' Incorrect Words In Google Voice Search

Android: When you’re typing on a smartphone, you can double-tap a word to correct a mistake. Google Voice search is no different: if it misunderstands a word, you can say it again without repeating your entire phrase.

You Can Now Ask Google For Information About Places You're Near

Google is adding yet another trick to its search box’s repertoire. Now, if you’re searching from a device that knows your location, you can get information about a place without specifying it.

Chrome For Android Can Instantly Search Any Text You Highlight On Google

Android: Want to define a big word without opening a new tab? Want more news about something you’re currently reading on your phone? Chrome for Android now lets you search Google just by highlighting some text — without losing your place.

Google Is Now Searching Twitter, So You Have Nowhere To Hide

Google’s ambitions to make everything searchable as soon as it happens just stepped up a notch. It is now going to show relevant tweets direct from Twitter when you search.

Look Up Movies, Music And Locations With An OS X Shortcut

MAC: Command+Control+D has always been a handy shortcut for looking up the definition of a word on the Mac, but now in Yosemite you can look up a heck of a lot more, including suggestions from iTunes and the App Store.

Isabel Diagnoses Your Health Symptoms, Based On Tools Used By Doctors

Google is not the best place to start looking up your symptoms. Instead, check out Isabel, a powerful symptom checker that’s based on a tool used by over 100 hospitals and doctors’ offices.

What Google's Mobile Search Changes Actually Do

When you search Google on a mobile device, any website that is not mobile-friendly will be harder to find from today.

Chrome For iOS Gets Notification Center Search And Pull To Refresh

iPhone: Google has updated Chrome for iOS with a few handy new features. It now includes a pull-to-refresh gesture, a way to search from the Notification Center, and new suggested answers in the address search bar.

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