Search Files In Google Drive From The Search App In Android

Today, Google gave its Search app the ability to find your files stored in Drive with a simple voice command. Just say “Search for [whatever] on Drive” and the app will pick it up.

The Most Popular Online Porn In Australia's Biggest Cities [NSFW]

The in-no-way-shocking figures are in: Australians like porn. But which city favours same-sex lady love, and which one is more interested in when events reach their (ahem) peak?

Facebook's Graph Search Makes It Easy To Find Posts You've Seen Before

iOS/Web: Facebook’s Graph Search uses keywords to bring back old content that’s been shared with you. This new update will help you find things you remember reading but can’t find again, and it’s rolling out to iOS and desktop users.

A Way To Improve Website Search And Discovery

How many times have you been looking for information online, only to find yourself going round and round in circles? Or you’ve spent too long poking around a website trying to find what you need, only to realise you’ve been looking in the wrong place all along?

Avoid Bad Or Fake Listings On Airbnb With A Reverse Google Search

Airbnb rentals are generally safe, but an occasional scammer slips through the system. If you doubt a listing is legitimate, try doing a reverse image search on the pictures.

Remove Your Data From Lots Of 'People Search Engines' With This List

Search engines like Pipl allow you to find information on just about anyone. If you’d like to get your information removed, Computerworld has a giant list of opt-out links for the most popular sites.

Search Your Email Receipts Right From Google

If you use Gmail, you probably know that Google can parse your email receipts for things like package tracking in Google Now. If you want to see a list of your most recent receipts — or see one in particular — you can just search “my purchases” on Google.

Who Said It First Tracks Down The First Tweet On Any Topic

Ever wonder who said something first on Twitter? Now that Twitter has opened up its archive of tweets, you can easily figure that out. Who Said It First is a search tool that will help you do just that.

Google Now Can Provide Countdowns To Major Holidays In Reminders

Keeping track of holidays can be tricky. Google Now is making it a bit easier by giving you countdowns to holidays it recognises.

Google Search Can Convert Between Time Zones

Chances are you know that typing “time [city name]” into Google will give you the local time there. Turns out Google’s search can also handle conversions between different time zones by name.