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Google Search Easter Egg Lets You Learn Random Fun Facts And Trivia

If you’re bored at work and feel like learning something, Google’s latest search easter egg dishes out as much random trivia knowledge as you can handle.

Google Now Update Brings Better Card Organisation, Smarter News Suggesions

Yesterday, Google announced a new logo. While that wasn’t a big deal, the company also started rolling out a new version of Google Now last night. This one is a lot different. For the better.

Perform Quick Calculations And Conversions In Windows 10's Taskbar

Quick: How many grams are in an ounce? How many euros is $1 worth? What’s the square root of 65? Windows 10’s search in the taskbar can answer these and similar questions.

Vurb Searches Dozens Of Services, Saves Info About Movies, Events And More

Android/iOS: The internet is full of lots of useful information, but it can be kinda scattershot. Vurb aims to help that problem by collecting all the data it can find from a variety of services in one place and giving you the tools to organise it.

Twinword Finder For Chrome Instantly Scans Web Pages For Key Information

When you’re scanning a web page for information, a quick CTRL+F search can help you find specific words faster. The Twinword Finder for Chrome, however, takes that word scanning to the next level by also searching for related terms and only highlighting sections that are pertinent to your search.

Bing For Android Adds Google On Tap-Style Contextual Search Cards

Android: Google Now on Tap was easily the coolest feature announced at Google I/O this year. However, you still can’t use it yet. If you want to get an idea of how it works though, Microsoft has gone ahead and added the feature to its Bing app.

Add 'Reviews' To Movie Searches On Google To Get Snippets Of Critic Reviews

When you’re trying to pick a movie to watch, you might want a quick glance at what critics say about it. Now, you can do that with Google by just adding in the word “reviews” after your search.

Google For iOS Adds Always-On 'OK Google' With New Search Possibilities

iOS: Google’s updated the Google app with some new features, including a handy, always-on “OK Google” option that gives you detailed answers from the page you’re on.

Makerbase Is A Directory Of Tech Creators And Web Projects

The internet is filled with all kinds of wonderful things. Yet from the apps you love to your favourite podcast hosts, it’s often hard to find the people behind those projects. Makerbase helps you find that information, working like IMDb for the internet.

Google May Offer 'Did You Mean' Suggestions While Searching On Android

Google’s “Did you mean” feature is a handy way to avoid having to remember how to spell things. Now, Google seems to be spreading its reach to autocomplete suggestions on Android, before you’ve even completed your search.

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