How Tinder Helped Me Find The Best Bars In A New City 

We all know Tinder is the go-to app for hookups, but it turns out it’s also a killer way to ask around and find the best bars and restaurants in a city.

Quickly Search Just Chrome Bookmarks Or History With Custom Searches

Chrome: The Omnibar in Chrome is useful for searching your bookmarks, history and the internet all at once. However, if you need to just search bookmarks or history, you can do so with a custom search.

Google Adding Health Info From Real Doctors To Search Results

Today, Google announced that it would be adding health-related information to search results, with cards providing answers about symptoms, potential treatments and other info, curated by a team of doctors.

Find Saved Maps In Your Google Drive With The 'Opens With' Tool

When Google added the ability to create and share custom maps, it didn’t make those maps easy to find on your Google Drive. You can’t search by map file type, but you can search for files that open with Google My Maps.

Google Introduces History For Voice And Mobile Search, Opt Out Here

Google tracks a lot of information about what you’ve done, which it uses to make suggestions for products like Google Now and autocomplete. Google recently updated its Account History page with the ability to view or pause or voice search history, as well as other information from your mobile devices.

How To Power Up OS X's Spotlight With Flashlight

When we first talked about Flashlight, it was still in beta. Even then, it was a promising way to enhance Spotlight in OS X Yosemite with more search results. Now, the app is much more mature and with a bunch of plugins, it’s incredibly powerful. Let’s take a look at how to set it up and find some of the most useful plugins.

Add YouTube Videos To A Playlist Directly From Search Results

Playlists are a great way to track your YouTube videos. Typically you use the “Add to” button on the video’s page to add it to a list. YouTube’s search now lets you do it from the results.

CachedView Shows Cached Webpages From Google, And Coral

It can be frustrating when you need to visit a website that’s down or takes too long to load. CachedView shows you cached versions of the web page from multiple sources so you can see them even when they’re down.

How To Delete Specific Queries From Your Browsing History

Sometimes, you forget about Incognito mode. You could delete your entire browsing history to make up for that mistake, or you could do it selectively. Here’s how to clear up that history in Chrome and Firefox without deleting everything.

Find In-Depth Articles On Google With A URL Trick

If your Google search just isn’t returning the quality content you want, this little URL trick might find more in-depth articles on the subject you’re searching for.