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Google News Will Start Highlighting Fact Check Stories In Results

When the news constantly bombards you with statements and claims that you can’t verify, fact checkers become extremely important. To that end, Google will now surface fact check stories in Google News results.

30 Essential Google Search Tips Everyone Should Know

Google’s search engine is an always-expanding, extremely useful tool that’s packed with tons of different tools. Over on Zapier, they outline tons of different advanced tricks for searching Google as quickly as possible.

TheAppStore Searches iTunes And The Mac App Store With Age, Price And Rating Filters

Web: For some reason, Apple has never made a fully-functional online version of the iTunes App Store or Mac App Store, and definitely hasn’t built an easy web search tool. Well, there’s a fan-made app for that now. TheAppStore finally lets you browse the web for iOS and Mac apps from any device.

Google Will Now Let You Search Inside Your Apps From The Search Bar

Android: Yesterday, Google announced a new search mode in Android that allows you to look inside your apps for things like emails, to-do lists and notes without having to dive into each app individually.

500px's Splash Lets You Search For Photos By Sketching Them

Photography enthusiast site 500px has a new tool that lets you search for photos by sketching them. Have a vague idea of what you want to see or a memorable picture that you haven’t been able to find? Just channel your inner Van Gogh.

Search Engine Showdown: Google Vs Bing

Google has been synonymous with search for years, and Bing — poor Bing — quickly became synonymous with sarcasm about why anyone would ever use Bing. Believe it or not, though, the two search engines aren’t as different as the jokes would have you believe.

Google Gives You Shortcuts And Alerts To Get Instant Olympics Updates

The 2016 Rio Olympics have kicked off this weekend. If you want to stay totally up to date on all the breaking news, Google’s giving you a few new ways to do that.

How To Find Any Detail About The 2016 Olympics Instantly With Google And Bing

The 2016 Summer Olympics kick off on Saturday, and with a ton of events going on, it’s hard to keep track of everything. Thankfully, both Google and Bing are rolling out instant search results that will make keeping up with everything a lot easier.

Jump Between Categories In Spotlight With A Keyboard Shortcut

Mac: Spotlight search is great, but some search terms come up with a ton of different document categories. OS X Daily points out that you can easy jump between those different categories with a keyboard shortcut.

Use The 'Other' Search Option In Finder To View A Massive List Of Powerful Search Attributes

Mac: It is pretty easy to hunt down a file on a Mac using Spotlight, but unless you’ve gone looking for something very specific, you’ve probably never bothered to click on the “Other” tab in Finder’s search panel. Six Colours reminds us just how powerful that search parameter is.

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