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Search For Emoji From The Command Line

Not sure how exactly you want to express yourself in emoji? Emoj is a simple little command line tool that allows to crank out a sentence and easily search for emoji that fit the bill.

Google Will Start Showing Direct Answers When You Search For Medical Symptoms

While it’s almost never a good idea to search for medical symptoms online, Google is at least making the process a little easier on mobile by giving you direct answers to the symptoms you search for.

Search Google Drive Documents By Collaborator To Find Shared Files

Google Drive has a handy “Shared with me” tab for finding the documents you have access to, but don’t own. However, there are also several hidden search operators to help you narrow down your documents by collaborator.

My Burrito Finder Shows You The Closest Place To Grab A Burrito Near You

As the name implies, My Burrito Finder, well, finds you a burrito. Visit the site, let it pull your location (or type in a postcode yourself) and let the site do its job. You’ll get pins on a Google Map that indicate how far your future lunch is from you, along with a sidebar packed with reviews and more information.

Choose The Right Electronics Board With The Maker's Guide

When it comes to picking an electronics board for your DIY project, you have a ton of choices. You can use a Raspberry Pi, the C.H.I.P., an Arduino, a BeagleBone or countless others. The Maker has put together a search tool that helps you find what you need.

MedNexus Is A Medical Search Engine With Actually Useful, Evidence-Based Sources

“Dr Google” will make you think that your mild cough is actually cancer, but MedNexus wants to change that. It’s a medical search site, but instead of just matching popular sources, you get information that’s vetted and useful, from published studies to trustworthy articles on virtually any health topic.

Google Lets You Install Apps Directly From Search Results

Android: When you search for the name of an app, Google already shows you direct links to the Play Store where you can download it. Now, some users are seeing the ability to install apps without ever leaving the Google app itself.

JustWatch Finds The Best Place To Buy Or Rent Movies And TV Shows Online

There are a bunch of places to buy or rent movies online, but prices can vary from one service to another. JustWatch checks most major online services to find you the best price.

Search Is Back Is An Advanced Facebook Graph-Like Search Tool

It can be difficult to find that exact post you remember seeing on your timeline. If you need advanced search tools for Facebook, well, Search is Back!

Find Keywords On Web Pages Quickly In iOS 9 With The Find On Page Button

iOS: In previous versions of iOS, to find a keyword on a page you needed to tap the URL bar in Safari and type in your search. In iOS 9, it’s a little easier with a button tucked away in the share menu.

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