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10 Enduring Exercise Myths, Debunked By Science

Finding clear, definitive facts about healthy exercise can be difficult. The exercise industry is a multi-billion dollar business, built partially on selling gadgets and supplements to people desperate to lose weight or look attractive. Meanwhile, good workout plans and simple truths lurk in the background waiting for their time to shine. All of this results in lots of misinformation about exercise. We’re taking some of those commonly-held exercise myths to task, and we have science to back us up. Let’s get started.

How Well Do You Know Our Solar System? [Quiz]

General knowledge is important. While it might not come up in everyday life, it’s an effective intelligence barometer that can colour people’s perception of you and leave your reputation permanently tarnished. Last night, the world was treated to its closest glimpse of Pluto yet, courtesy of the New Horizons space probe’s nine-year mission. This got us to thinking — how much does the average human actually know about the solar system? Take our quiz to find out!

How To See NASA's Best Pluto Photos As Soon As They Land

At approximately 9:50pm tonight, the New Horizons space probe will beam back the most detailed photos of Pluto that Earthlings have ever seen. If you want to be among the first to see (and share) these astonishing images, you need to bookmark the following websites and social media profiles. Only five more hours to go!

Australia's Chief Scientist Explains Why We Need To Prioritise Science Research

Professor Ian Chubb holds the office of Chief Scientist for Australia. In the following article, Chubb responds to the Science and Research Priorities recently announced by the Federal Government. According to Chubb, our nation needs to get its research priorities right — and it’s up to the science community to make the case for more investment.

The Misconceptions About Mental Illness We Need To Unlearn

Mental illness isn’t like a sinus infection. You can’t just wait it out or take a pill to make everything go away. Our brains are complex and enigmatic, and mental illness is no different. This leads to a lot of misconceptions that make recovery much harder. Here are a few facts you should know, whether you’re a sufferer or not.

Why 10,000 Steps Isn't The Magic Number For Fitness Trackers

The rise of wearable fitness technology is something of a paradox. The surge in popularity of devices that monitor the amount of exercise you do suggest more people than ever are interested in maintaining regular fitness regimes. Just witness the success of the company behind fitness tracking bracelet Fitbit, which investors have just deemed worth $US4.1bn after it floated on the stock market. Yet this comes at a time when physical inactivity has reached levels of global pandemic proportion.

Why Your Doctor Might Not Be The Best Nutritional Resource

Your doctor is one of the most important influences on your health, and rightfully so. While you should trust their advice on certain matters, it’s also important to understand the boundaries of their training, and when you should seek outside help.

Why Maths Matters Most To Developers

While computers are poor at creativity, they are adept at crunching through vast numbers of solutions to modern problems where there are numerous complex variables at play. Take the question of finding the best delivery plan for a distribution company — where best to begin? How many vehicles? Which stretches of road need to be avoided at which times? If you want to get close to a sensible answer, you need to ask a computer.

Therapy Can Cure Insomnia (And May Last Longer Than Medication)

Sleeping pill medication is the quickest fix for insomnia. But a form of talk therapy works just as well, and is likely to be a long-term rather than a short-term fix.

Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Brain To Remember Something's Colour

Whether you’re picking up paint or trying to match some clothing items, here’s the reason why you’re better off not trusting your memory and taking a photo instead.

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