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What Weather Forecast Terms Like 'Partly Cloudy' Actually Mean

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between “partly cloudy” and “mostly sunny” is, this video has all the answers.

The Science Behind Why Tomato Sauce Is So Hard To Pour

If you are a lover of tomato sauce, you have no doubt had to deal with the very real struggle of trying to get it out of the bottle, particularly if that bottle is glass. If you’ve ever wondered why you must suffer at the hands of this stubborn condiment, there is an answer: Tomato sauce is a non-Newtonian fluid.

Skip The 'Power Poses' Before Big Events (Unless They Help You, Personally)

“Power poses”, or the idea that faking powerful body language reduces stress and improves your performance in a stressful situation, is a tip we’ve repeated several times. However, one of the lead researchers behind the idea has made a complete about-face, and so should we — unless, of course, it works for you.

Cure Your Garlic Breath With Raw Lettuce And Apples

Having bad garlic breath is the social equivalent of uncontrollably breathing fire. But fear not, garlic lover, there might be a cure. A recent study suggests chewing on some raw lettuce or apple will help reduce the odour.

Why You Get Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles under or around your eyes make you look tired, but there plenty of other reasons you might get them. Here’s the science behind dark eye circles, and how you can try to avoid them.

Top 10 Smart Alternatives To TED Talks

TED talks are great, but there’s a point where they all seem too similar, or are just taxing to muddle through. If you’d still like to enjoy a smart, engaging talk now and again but you’ve had enough of TED, here are some alternative to boost your brain.

Why We Love Listening To Sad Music

Music affects our brains in all kinds of wonderful ways. Upbeat music is great for working out and classical music can help you focus, but even sad music has its perks. Here’s why we love listening to sorrowful songs and why they deserve to be on your playlists.

Three Science-Backed Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Phone Battery

If your smartphone’s battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, it could be because you haven’t taken very good care of it. Here’s the science of how smartphone batteries work, and how you can keep them healthy for longer.

Why Sleep Is So Important When You're Trying To Build Muscle

You can do intense workouts, eat the right foods and take the right supplements, but your muscles won’t grow without decent sleep.

Science Confirms The Australian Diet Is A Disaster

Despite a seemingly increased awareness about healthy eating, Australia’s largest ever diet survey has confirmed that the vast majority of our eating habits are getting worse.

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