Reminder: Homeopathy Is Unscientific, Unproven Rubbish

Last year, the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) released a draft paper that suggested there was zero evidence that homeopathy — which improbably claims that massively diluted substances are an effective treatment for practically anything — had any scientific credibility whatsoever. The final paper is out, and it reaffirms that conclusion: Homeopathy is unproven, dangerous bollocks.

Apple's New ResearchKit Won't Benefit Australians

Alongside its Apple Watch and MacBook announcements today, Apple also announced ResearchKit, an open source project that will collect health data from iOS devices and use it for medical research projects. It’s an intriguing concept, but Australians won’t be able to use it at launch.

What Science Really Tells Us About Brain Training Games

Over the last decade, an ever-growing number of brain-training programs claiming to enhance learning, memory and general well-being have been developed and marketed for use in the classroom. Unfortunately, despite many years of laboratory research and classroom scrutiny, the effect of these programs on real-world learning and health remains uncertain.

Bacon Can Power You Through A Marathon

Even if you don’t fear fatty foods, you may have been reluctant to rely on them as fuel for exercise. A new review of scientific studies shows that a fat-heavy diet can work well for runners and cyclists, although it may take a few weeks for your body to adapt.

Why Eating More Plants And Less Meat Is Good For Everyone

Meat contains some important nutrients, but it’s not essential for a healthy diet. Many people, especially men in Western countries are, on average, eating too much of it. Despite vested interests that wish to maintain this status quo, which prevails in most Western countries, there are very good reasons to curb your meat consumption.

This Video Teaches You All About The Science Of Love

Valentine’s Day may be long passed, but there’s always time to learn a little about what makes us all fall in love. This video from the folks at Life Noggin explains in beautiful detail, including the chemical processes that happen in our brains to the science of attraction and social interaction.

Why Sunshine Is Good For You (Hint: It's More Than Vitamin D)

Summer sunshine makes most of us feel better, but there may be more to its benefits than just feeling good. A growing body of evidence suggests sunlight itself — with adequate protection, of course — may actually be good for health.

The Unique Difficulties That Women Face With Weight Loss

If you’re a woman who has tried to lose weight, you may have noticed something: it’s hard. Much harder than simply cutting your calories and watching the weight fall off.

10 Ways To Save 2000 Kilojoules And Drop A Clothes Size

Want to drop a dress or pants size? Then losing five kilograms, or about 5% of your body weight will help that zipper start to close with ease.

Treadmill Physics: Why An Indoor Run Isn't Cheating

Is a treadmill workout really equivalent to running outdoors? Some runners say it’s easier because the belt does some of the work for you, or that you always need to run at a 1% incline to simulate an outdoor effort. Neither of these are totally true.