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Why Some Things Get Better After A Disaster

Normally, the things around us become damaged after experiencing an unexpected disruption or shock. But there are aspects to our world that actually get better after a setback. Here’s why things that don’t kill us can sometimes make us stronger.

Why It's So Hard To Overcook Mushrooms

It’s easy to overcook most ingredients like meats, vegetables and even pasta. Mushrooms, however, are so resilient even novice cooks can master them with ease. Here’s why they’re the most forgiving ingredient in the kitchen.

Why We Get Brain Freezes

Everyone’s familiar with a brain freeze: You eat or drink something cold a little too fast and suddenly your head erupts in a flash of pain. We all get them and try to avoid them, but this video explains why they happen at all.

Thinking Cap: Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

Ways you can use algorithms to improve your day-to-day decision-making, what astronauts say space is really like and the importance of plain language in communication — all in this week’s Lifehacker Thinking Cap!

Why B.F. Skinner May Have Been The Most Dangerous Psychologist Ever

B.F. Skinner gave us concepts like “conditioned behaviour”, “positive reinforcement” and even “time-outs” for children. But he was also a radical among psychologists who cast aside notions of dignity and free will. Here’s why Skinner continues to be relevant — and even a bit dangerous.

7 Foods And Beverages Made Using Ingredients From The Human Body

While eating human flesh may be the ultimate taboo, human microbes, saliva and even hair have been integral to the making of certain food and beverages. From traditional brews to culinary concept art, here are seven edibles that started, in part, inside the human body.

How I Got Super-Vision By Shooting My Eyeballs With Lasers

Two weeks ago I paid to have lasers fired into my eyes. The next day I woke up like Peter Parker, post-spider bite. I couldn’t climb walls, but I could see so well I felt like a superhero. For the first time since I was a kid I could open my eyes and just see. My laser eye surgery story isn’t quite comic book-worthy, but here’s everything that happened, in case you want those powers too.

The Counter-Intuitive Path To Happiness: Focus On What Makes You Miserable

Trying too hard to be happy is a one-way ticket to disappointment. The trick is to focus on what makes you unhappy and work from there.

Four Popular Coffee Myths, Debunked By Science

You crave it in the morning, you wait in long lines for it and I’m drinking it while I write this: Coffee is everywhere. But that means misinformation about it is everywhere too. Coffee doesn’t rob you of water, sober you up or keep your children short, so let’s grind up these myths and brew a hot pot of truth.

How The Weather Affects Our Mood

The weather supplies many metaphors for our changeable minds. Moods can brighten and darken, dispositions can be sunny, futures can be under a cloud and relationships can be stormy. Like the weather, our emotions sometimes seem like fickle forces of nature: unstable, enveloping and uncontrollable. Weather provides a vivid language for describing our emotional atmosphere, but does it also influence it?

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