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How To Save Money On Food While Travelling

Food is one of biggest top expenses during travel, and one of the main areas you can cut costs. Sometimes it is worth it to spend the extra cash on a memorable meal, but not every meal falls into that category. Here are five ways to save on food expenses during your trip.

This Calculator Shows How Long It Will Take To Save A Million Dollars

With consistent savings and (hopefully) a decent interest rate on those savings, you might be able to become a millionaire. When and what will it take? This interactive calculator will show you.

Define What Your Emergency Fund Is For To Avoid Spending It Carelessly

Having an emergency fund is commonly accepted (and good!) advice. When to spend it is addressed less often. To make it simple to decide when to use it, define what it’s for first.

Spend Rarely But Freely To Rebuild Your Wardrobe Over Time

Many people experience a point in their life when they want to completely revamp their wardrobe. To pull it off without breaking the bank, limit clothes shopping to once every month or two, but spend generously on just a few items when you do.

Ask LH: Why Can't I Claim HECS-HELP Fees As A Tax Deduction?

Hi Lifehacker, I’ve just discovered that I cannot claim HECS-HELP repayments as a tax deduction. This makes no sense to me. If I pay my course fees up front I can claim them as a self-education expense, but if I repay them to the government I can’t? What gives?

How To Decide If You Can Live Without A Car

Cars are a way of life in Australia (and around the world). While most of us enjoy the freedom they offer, their costs can be a burden on your budget. Not everyone can live without that red mark in the ledger, but we’ll help you find out if you might be a candidate.

Use A 'Parallel Goal' To Reach Financial Milestones

Money goals are usually about changing your financial habits, and changing deeply ingrained behaviours can be difficult. To tackle your goal more effectively, consider using a “Parallel Goal” that works in tandem with your original one.

What To Do When You Have Nowhere To Sleep

Sometimes your travel plans just don’t work out and you’re stuck in a city with no place to stay. Maybe the hotel was overbooked or your friends are unexpectedly out of town, and you need to find a last-minute place to sleep. Here are a few options you can try when you need to take a rest.

This McDonald's Game Offers Free Food As Rewards

Android/iOS: If you’re going to spend time playing games, the option of scoring free food is always nice. Drop Into Maccas’s is a McDonald’s-sponsored game that offers free menu items if you can beat the daily target score.

How To Grow An Emergency Fund From Modest Savings

An emergency fund is cash you’ve saved for one purpose: to help you cope with the emergencies that life hands you, without disrupting your everyday routine. It could be an accident or a health issue — with your fund you have room to breathe. The key, however, is to leave the fund alone until you need it. Deposit your money, let it earn a little interest, and ignore the balance until an actual emergency occurs.