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Do A Kitchen Walk Through At Holiday Rentals Before You Go And Buy Groceries

Renting through services like Airbnb can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you cook your meals there instead of eating out. Before you head to the supermarket, however, make sure you know what you have in the kitchen.

Personal Finance Is Simple: We Fail When Our Money Lacks Purpose

The most basic rules of personal finance are simple and constant. Yet it’s really hard for us to save more than we spend, and the reason may be because we lack a “why”.

How To Build An Emergency Budget (And Why You Need One)

You’ve probably heard of an emergency fund. It’s a small cushion of savings to help you stay afloat in case of a financial crisis. For some emergencies, it also helps to use an emergency budget — a deflated spending plan to make sure the money in your fund lasts as long as possible.

Give Yourself A Financial 'Mission' To Save Like A Soldier

When you’re in the military, saving money is different from most people. Often, expenses are accounted for and you don’t usually have the freedom to blow through cash. If you’re a civilian that needs to catch up on savings, “deploy” yourself for a set period to save like soldiers do.

Hump Day Deals: Cheap MacBooks, 85% Off At OzGameShop

Hump day (AKA Wednesday) is arguably the most boring day of the week. So why not liven things up by grabbing one of these nifty online bargains? Deals that caught our eye this week include get $350 off Macbooks, cheap Darling Habour luxury getaway, up to 85% off video games at OzGameShop. Click the links below to land yourself a bargain.

Tigerair Is Now Offering Regular Discounted Airfares Every Saturday

Getting a good deal on an airfare is never unwelcome — as long as you’re on top of all the conditions. If you don’t mind its stingy carry-on limits, Tigerair has just launched a new campaign, offering cheap domestic tickets every Saturday afternoon.

Why Saving Money Means Changing, Not Eliminating, How You Socialise

It’s a well-established fact that other people can be a huge drain on your budget. While cutting back on expensive social events can be good for your wallet, it can also leave you isolated. Instead of focusing solely on eliminating costs, try to find free alternative ways to bring your group together.

When Visiting A New Store, Beware Overspending

Whether it’s a restaurant you’ve never visited or a boutique that’s just opened in your neighbourhood, it’s always fun to try new spots. But keep in mind — it’s also easier to overspend at these places.

Beware Of These Pricing Tricks Retailers Use To Fool Your Brain

Retailers are darn good at inventing tricks to separate us from our money. Whether it be through the price points they choose, how they market their products, or their discounting techniques, they are experts at getting inside our brains and influencing our buying decisions. Here are a few of the most popular pricing tricks retailers’ use, along with some easy ways to fight back.

Money Fears That Held Me Back (And How I Got Over Them)

After college, I felt lucky that it didn’t take long to find a job. I counted my blessings and enthusiastically entered the working world. Months later, I was offered a better, higher-paying job. You’d think I’d be happy, but I wasn’t. Not entirely. I was mostly afraid.