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Take A 'Nothing New' Challenge To Save Money, Appreciate What You Have

Buying used stuff is a great way to save money. You might not realise all the ways that you can live off of hand-me-downs. If you want to learn, take a “Nothing New” challenge. As personal finance blog Green High Five explains, a “Nothing New” challenge consists of buying, well, nothing new. No new clothes, new gadgets, new anything (except food or perishable goods, obviously). The goal is to save money, or just live with what you have already. New is nice, but you don’t always need it.

Ratehacker: October's Best Credit Card, Savings Account And Home Loan Deals

In our monthly Ratehacker round-up, Jeremy Cabral from comparison site highlights recent credit card offer changes, plus the best savings accounts and home loans.

You Don't Need An Expensive Pair Of Running Shoes

It’s important you buy the right shoes for your preferred type of running, but there’s no reason to spend a fortune on them. A recent study examined thousands of running shoe reviews and found that pricey pairs are generally rated worse than their affordable counterparts.

Hump Day Deals: Free Red Rooster, Cheap PlayStation 4, 15% Off At eBay

Hump day (AKA Wednesday) is arguably the most boring day of the week. So why not liven things up by grabbing one of these nifty online bargains? Deals that caught our eye this week include: Get a free Red Rooster meal on your birthday, 30% off PlayStation 4 from Dick Smith, get 15% off at eBay. Click the links below to land yourself a bargain.

How Much Money You'll Save With These Common Energy Saving Strategies

Cutting back on electricity can save you some cash, but the savings vary. For example, unplugging an idle phone charge will only save you a few bucks per year. On the other hand, using an electric heater rather than gas could shave 70% off your heating bill. This chart tells you how much you’ll actually save using a handful of different strategies.

Dealhacker: Spend $50 On eBay And Get 15% Off Your Purchase

eBay’s offering another site-wide discount for the next few days and as long as you keep an eye on the terms and conditions — and remember to enter the correct coupon code — you can save yourself a nice chunk of change.

Dealhacker: Free Shipping From eGlobal, Requires Purchase Via PayPal

The weakening Australian dollar makes overseas purchases less enticing, though there are international retailers that don’t charge in US dollars that are mightily competitive with local stores. Hong Kong-based eGlobal is one example and with it currently offering free economy shipping, now might be the time to pick up a new lens, or even camera at a discount.

'The Grocery Bill Is One Thing You Have Absolute Control Over'

So many services and living expenses have a set price that only changes every once in a while. Your grocery bill, however, is one of the only places you’re not locked in and have complete control.

If You've Budgeted Well, You Don't Need To Feel Guilty About Every Purchase

Budgeting your money is a good, healthy, terribly guilt-inducing habit. If you get to a point where you’re saving money, spending reasonably, and have a plan, however, you don’t need to feel guilty for every single purchase.

Ceceree Creates Mac And iOS App Wish Lists And Monitors Price Drops

Mac: Are you the type of person who buys a lot of apps? Ceceree is a Mac app that makes that experience a little better. Ostensibly it’s just a wish list creator, but it can also watch for price changes, create shareable links, search iTunes, and more.

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