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Five Auto Insurance Myths You Should Stop Falling For

We’re required to have insurance, but what that insurance covers can vary from company to company, policy to policy, and even person to person. The result is you could think your insurance covers something it doesn’t, and this list helps separate fact from fiction.

Eight Ways To Save On Halloween Candy, Costumes, And Decor

Australians have strong feelings about Halloween. Some fiercely reject it as an American holiday manufactured to sell lollies, and some neighbourhoods embrace it just as heavily as Smalltown USA. We’ve gathered up some tips to help you save on treats, costumes, and spooky decor.

Coles' New Liquor Store Is Basically Aldi For Booze Hounds

Coles is looking to bring bargain-basement hooch to the masses via the launch of a new budget liquor store chain. The appropriately named Liquor Market will sell a modest range of alcohol with an emphasis on low prices: just like the supermarket chain Aldi. Here’s what you need to know.

What Unexpected Expense Hurt You The Most Financially? 

Life is full of emergencies, big and small. Emergency funds are meant to protect us financially in these events, but we don’t always have enough to cover them or perhaps we didn’t foresee a money-draining event happening to us. What event surprised you that cost you a lot?

Dealhacker: Get A $100 Voucher When You Spend $300 At eBay

Attention bargain hunters: eBay’s Click & Collect site is offering a $100 voucher to use at Woolworths or Big W when you spend $300 or more. You can also get a $50 voucher for orders over $149.99. In other words, you’re essentially getting a third of your money back to spend at one of the aforementioned stores. Here are the details.

Save Money On Your Next Car By Buying A Rental Car

Used cars are better bargains than new ones. Did you know rental car companies are a source of well-maintained, late-model used cars you can buy cheaper than at a dealership?

Ask LH: Is It Worth Switching Credit Cards For Better Rewards?

Dear Lifehacker, Should I change to a different credit card just because it has a better rewards program? I currently have no credit card debt but swapping cards takes effort. Are the rewards different enough to justify a switch or are they all pretty much the same?

Book Holiday Flights Now To Avoid Rising Fares

Year to year, the cheapest time to book holiday flights changes a little bit, but it is always in the spring. According to Hopper, now is the best time to buy your plane tickets to save for Christmas travel.

Don't Just Cut Expenses, Replace Them With Something More Fulfilling

When your budget’s out of control, you know you need to cut expenses. However, cutting back always feels like a painful sacrifice. To ease the psychological burden, replace your expenses with something else.

Five Ways To Extend The Life Of Five Major Household Appliances

You rely on your fridge, dishwasher, oven and laundry to work, and work well when you need them. The last thing you want is for them to fail, or cost you a ton of money to repair or replace. Here are five simple tips from US News Money to keep those appliances in good, working order for the long haul.

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