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16GB Sandisk USB Flash Drives Are $5 Each At Officeworks

You can never have enough USB thumb drives, unless of course you have a problem with hoarding and you’re drowning in portable storage devices. For everyone who doesn’t fit this description, Officeworks is currently offering 16GB Cruzer Force flash drives for five bucks each.

Get Your Free Copy Of Photo Editor Perfect Effects 9, Normally $US60

Not everyone needs the power of Photoshop, or even GIMP. Sometimes, you just need to tweak some images and an easy-to-use, lightweight tool is all you’re after. If this sounds like you, the good news is you can grab onOne’s Perfect Effects 9, normally $US60, for free and it should handle most of your basic photo-editing needs.

Get Better Deals At Markets And Garage Sales By Bundling Items Late In The Day

If you like to frequent markets and garage sales sales, you know there are some great bargains to be found. If a seller is willing to haggle, you can sometimes increase your savings even more by bundling items and asking for lower prices.

The Money Conversations To Have When Your Relationship Gets Serious

Couples fight more about money than anything else. You and your partner could be totally compatible in every way, but sparks can still fly when it comes to money. Getting on the same page financially can be tough. To make things easier, talk about a few important topics when the relationship starts to get serious.

Don't Rush To Combine Finances In A Relationship 

There are plenty of valid reasons to combine finances. It can make budgeting easier. It can be part of the commitment that comes with a serious relationship. But joining finances too soon can be problematic too.

Take Advantage Of The IKEA Effect To Be More Satisfied With Your Stuff

Most furniture that you get from IKEA needs to be assembled with your own two hands. Which can mean you feel a sense of accomplishment in addition to getting a new piece of furniture. Try focusing on buying or making stuff yourself to build more satisfaction with your life.

Make A Week's Worth Of Meals The Fun Way With A Freezer Meal Party

Planning your or your family’s meals ahead of time is a great way to beat stress and save some cash. If you’re not up for doing all that cooking alone, you can host a freezer meal party and cook with your friends.

Australian Petrol Prices Are Low, But Don't Expect Them To Stay That Way

The latest figures from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) confirm what everyone hitting a bowser had noticed: petrol was a lot cheaper in the last three months. However, that doesn’t mean we should expect the trend to continue.

Raise Kids That Aren't Spoiled With Money Lessons On Spending Limits

We teach kids about money because we want them to grow up to be financially responsible, smart adults. Forbes points out there’s another big benefit: keeping kids from getting spoiled.

Briefly: Jiggle Physics, Robot Tomato Dispenser, Apple Car Ad

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: How video game breasts are made (and why they can go wrong), Apple Car “leaked” ad, Japan shows off wearable robot that dispenses tomatoes while you run.