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'Underpromise And Overdeliver' To Make Financial Goals More Manageable

Any goal set too high can become a source of major stress. As you struggle to meet that goal, you become overwhelmed and discouraged. Money site The Simple Dollar offers a straightforward solution: underpromise and overdeliver.

If You Wouldn't Wear It Out Of The Dressing Room, Don't Buy It

Our judgement can be distorted when we shop for clothes. Often, we end up buying stuff we later regret. Finance site Budgets Are Sexy suggests using “The Urgency Test”: a simple way to decide whether or not to spend.

Have Kids Find The 'Bargain Price' To Teach Them About Money

When kids want you to buy something, they don’t always learn the value of money. It’s your money, not theirs. Agree to pay the lowest price you can find for an item they want.

Misunderstood Money Maths: Why Interest Matters More Than You Think

Interest is quite possibly the most complex bit of maths that the average person has to use every day. Like the Force, it can be used for good or for evil, and it binds the galaxy together.

Curb Impulsive Shopping By Saving As Much As You Spend

If you’re an impulse shopper and you want to do something about it, consider impulse saving. Each time you make an impulsive purchase, put that same amount into a savings account.

Focus On Habits, Not Hypotheticals, To Save More Money

If you want to save more money, it’s helpful to focus on your actual spending habits. Personal finance blog Afford Anything points out that many people believe they’re saving money on things they would never buy in the first place.

Identify Frivolous Purchases With The 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' Test

There are purchases you need to make, and then there are purchases that you just want because it would be nice to have. To identify the latter more clearly, ask yourself if the reason for a purchase goes beyond “Wouldn’t it be nice?”

Make More Money At Garage Sales By Not Pricing Items

Garage sales are a great way to pare down your excess stuff and make some quick cash in the process. However, you can make more money with a few little tricks. For example, consider not pricing your items to get more cash for them.

Common Money Fears And How To Get Over Them

If you’re caught up in the nocturnal money worries cycle, there is hope — for both your sleep and finances. We pinpointed six of the most common financial fears that plague our slumber, and then tapped a psychologist and financial planner to help us delve into what’s really behind those worries — and how to conquer them.

Why Your Gym May Be Getting Cheaper

Australia is seeing an increasing number of 24-hour gyms. Even if exercising at 2am isn’t your thing, there’s a positive outcome: regular gyms are becoming cheaper as a result.