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How To Throw A Killer Self-Defensive Punch

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to defend yourself through physical violence. But if that time ever comes, or if you’re ever enrolled in a Fight Club against your will, would you know what to do? You’ve seen punches thrown on TV plenty of times, but do you actually know how to throw one correctly? We asked three elite martial artists and a boxer to share their best takedown tips.

This Three-Part Video Teaches You Everything You Need To Know About Multimeters 

Using a multimeter for your electronics projects isn’t terribly complicated, but really understanding how they work takes a much deeper understanding. YouTuber Martin Lorton’s three-part video guide is that exact kind of deep dive.

Why The Health Threat From Asbestos Is Not A Thing Of The Past

Calais Jungle Camp littered with asbestos”; “Buckingham Palace could be vacated to remove asbestos”; “Safety concerns for refugees and workers as Nauru asbestos removal programme kicks off”.

Such headlines occur with monotonous regularity. Widespread asbestos use throughout much of the 20th century has ensured that the next contamination scandal is never far off. Despite this, asbestos has not captured the public imagination as a public health threat – at least, not in comparison with other threats such as excessive sun exposure and drink driving.

BPA Is Everywhere. Is It Safe?

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical found in plastics, including food packaging, that may interfere with the way our cells work. Are we exposed to enough BPA to harm us? And should we be afraid of the alternative products with their “BPA free” stickers? Let’s just say… it’s complicated.

The 12 Most Common Plants That Are Toxic To Cats And Dogs

Cats and dogs don’t usually know what things make them sick, so their curious nature occasionally gets the best of them. To keep your pets safe, avoid having any of these common plants around your home.

Reminder: Don't Display Empty Boxes Of Valuable Items To Thieves

The holidays usually means a lot of presents, and that means a lot of empty product boxes to get rid of. When you toss out your boxes, make sure you’re not showing off all of the expensive items that are now in your home to potential thieves.

Yes, There Is Gross Stuff In Your Swimming Pool. Don't Freak Out

You’ve probably heard that it’s not chlorine that makes your eyes red when you swim, it’s the chlorine binding with other people’s pee. I look at it a different way: there will always be gross stuff in pools. That’s why we put chlorine in them. Your red eyes mean the chlorine is working.

This Site Teaches You To Prepare For And Deal With Online Harassment

The internet is one of the world’s greatest inventions. It’s also sometimes used by some real jerks to do some pretty crappy stuff. If you’ve ever had to deal with online harassment, or are just worried you might, Speak Up & Stay Safe(r) teaches the basics of dealing with jerks online.

Learn How To Tie The Zip Tie-Like Constrictor Knot With This Video

Video: Knots may seem like an old-fashioned skill to learn, but they can actually be really helpful in a lot of situations. This video will teach you how to tie the constrictor knot, which is essentially the primitive version of the zip tie.

Learn To Protect Yourself With These Krav Maga Self-Defence Moves

Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand combat system developed for the military in Israel. The moves are efficient and can help you defend yourself against a variety of attacks.

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