Add A Power Tool Holster To Your Ladder To Prevent Falling Tools

When you’re using power tools on a ladder at home, the last thing you want to do is have one fall and hit someone below. Instead of creating a hazard by setting it on top, add a holster to the side of your ladder for safer storage.

How To Compare Safety Features When Buying A New Car

If you’re in the market for a new car, you may have seen the term “ANCAP safety rating” floating around. This is a regulatory system that rates the likelihood of a serious injury occurring in the event of an accident. The following guide explains how ANCAP ratings are determined and why you shouldn’t solely rely on them when comparing different car models. We’ve also thrown in some general road safety tips that every motorist should follow.

Two Steps You Can Take To Avoid Germs On An Aeroplane

Travelling by aeroplane is a great way to spread disease. NPR spoke with aviation medicine specialist Dr Mark Gendreau, and there are two things you can do to help yourself stay healthy.

Keep Your Home Child-Safe With This Room-By-Room Infographic

Whether you have kids living at home or just the occasional child visitor, you should know about your home’s danger zones. This infographic takes you room by room in the house to identify hazards.

Give Your Electric Garage Door A Safety Checkup With This Test

You should do a thorough check of your electric garage door, even if it appears to work every day without a problem. A couple of minutes is all it takes to check that your garage door’s sensors work correctly and don’t pose a danger to children or pets.

Avoid Car Theft With An Attention-Grabbing Paint Job

When you buy a car, you want it to look good, but you can also make it less liable to be stolen. Turns out attention-grabbing colours can deter thieves.

Add A Brake Light To Your Bicycle

Riding a bike on roads populated with cars makes communicating actions, like when you’re braking, an important part of cycling safety. Instructables user tomatoskins shares a way to add a taillight to your ride that lights up when you hit the brakes.

Know When You Need Stitches By Looking For These Signs

Some of us are more likely than others to end up with random cuts. Not all of those cuts need stitches though. The Wall Street Journal breaks down when you’ll need them.

Reminder: Cheap USB Chargers Can Be Dangerous

This is a horrible story: a woman in Sydney has died from electrocution, and the likely cause appears to be a cheap USB charger. The lesson for everyone: don’t buy chargers that don’t comply with Australian standards.

How To Spot A Counterfeit Apple Charger

You might think it doesn’t matter what kind of charger you use with your phone, but a counterfeit charger can be much lower quality — not to mention unsafe. Here’s how to tell the difference.