Wear Your Bike Helmet Right (Not Like This Kid)

It’s a legal requirement to wear a helmet when cycling — so wear it right. If your helmet doesn’t fit properly, you can end up with a preventable injury.

This Video Explains The Important Benefits Of A Proper Fighting Stance

While fighting should be avoided at all costs, everyone should know a little self-defence in case of emergency. This video explains what proper fighting stance should look like and why it’s half the battle.

How Safe Is Air Travel Today?

In light of the news of another tragic airline crash, and following in the wake of several other high profile air disasters, it might be natural to ask whether air travel is becoming less safe. In fact, according to the numbers, air travel is safer than at almost any point in the history of commercial flight.

Protect Your Valuables With An Easy-To-Install Wall Safe

Stuffing valuables under your mattress doesn’t qualify as secure. Install a wall safe in a discreet location to keep your cash and jewellery locked away.

Why You Should Periodically Replace Your Surge Protectors

A decent surge protector is an important piece of equipment in any office or entertainment centre. They don’t last forever, though, so make sure to purge your surge every few years to keep your electronics protected.

Reminder: Those Laundry Capsules Can Kill Your Kids

Laundry capsules are certainly convenient when it comes time to wash, but they’re not toys. There’s no real way to teach kids this, so keep them well out of the way of the youngsters.

10 Of The Safest Major Cities Around The World

It’s useful to have an overall idea of how safe cities are, whether you’re scouting for a new place to live or planning a trip. Here are ten of the safest major cities around the globe.

The Safety Gear Every DIYer Should Have In Their Toolbox

We talk about tools a lot, but a constant companion to any do-it-yourself project should be proper safety gear. It may not be as fun as tools, but these must-have items will protect your vision, hearing and lungs during any activity.

What Food Labels In Australia Should Actually Tell Us

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on two senior ministers to prepare a cabinet submission on country-of-origin labelling laws. The move follows a national outbreak of hepatitis A linked to frozen berries from China and Chile.

How To Choose Proper DIY Workwear For Comfort And Protection

Ratty jeans and old T-shirts are no longer your only clothing options when working around the house or building do-it-yourself projects. Proper workwear is durable, comfortable and safer to use than standard clothing. Here is what you should look for when selecting work apparel.