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The Things That Are Most Dangerous For Cats To Eat, And Why

Cats may not chow down on garbage like dogs do, but they get into their share of people food, houseplants and other weird things. Here’s why certain ordinary-seeming items are dangerous to cats, and what you can do about them.

How To Stay Safe While Playing Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is an awesome way to get off your lazy butt and have fun outside. Before you head out on your adventure you should learn a few basic safety tips, pack some essential supplies and don’t forget to change your underwear every single day.

Six Car Safety Sensors You Should Always Keep Clean During Winter

If you drive a relatively new car, there are usually a few sensors and cameras in place to help keep you safe. Here are the six major sensors on your car you should look for and keep clean of snow, ice, and dirt this winter.

This Simple Exercise Strengthens And Protects Your Shoulders

A major concern with excessive and intense chest movements, like with push-ups and bench presses, is that you can overwork your shoulders and end up hurting them. If want to protect your shoulders and strengthen them at the same time, try face pulls.

Parents, Sample Your Baby's Snacks For Safety

Some snacks sold as finger food for babies can become choking hazards when left out of the package for a few hours. Medical researchers figured out this fact that slipped by multinational corporations — with the simple tactic of asking adults to eat the food.

The Difference Between Dust Masks And Respirators, And When To Use Them

If you’re working in a shop, you should have a respirator and a few dust masks sitting around. You should also know when to use them. Tested walks your through when to use which and some good practices for doing so.

The Foods That Are Most Dangerous To Dogs, And Why

You probably know that you shouldn’t feed chocolate to your dog — but maybe your dog got into your lolly stash anyway, and came out fine. Meanwhile, your vet is more concerned that you admit to feeding him raisins. Confused? Let’s take a look at what the dangers really are.

Stop Telling Kids That Medicines Are Lollies

We’ll say anything to bribe a kid to take their medicine, but telling them that they’re lollies has the potential to backfire. In Australia, over half of the children hospitalised due to poisoning annually suffer pharmaceutical poisoning. Many of these are because they helped themselves to meds that were left in reach. After all, who doesn’t want more lollies?

A Gadget Won't Save Your Baby From SIDS

I, and every new parent I know, am terrified of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, better known as SIDS. It’s the leading cause of death for babies between one month and one year old, killing approximately 130 per year peacefully in their sleep in Australia. And so we check constantly to see if our babies are still breathing.

Four Common Questions About Tyre Pressure, Answered

Video: You probably already know that tyre pressure is important when it comes to safe driving, but it can also cost you money if you don’t keep an eye on it. This video lays out the tyre pressure essentials you need to know.

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