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How To Shop Safely And Save More Money At The Dollar Store

Dollar stores are cheap, but it’s easier to waste money there than you think. Without a keen eye, you’ll end up with damaged goods, nasty food and last dibs on the best merch. Every dollar store is different, but these strategies will save you money and keep you safe.

What Self-Driving Cars Can Teach Us About Better Driving

So far, self-driving cars have a safer driving track record than most humans. This seems impressive, but part of the reason they’re safer is because we suck at driving. We’re in a hurry, we get angry, and we take unnecessary risks. In those areas, self-driving cars have a few things they could teach us about being better drivers.

How To Tell If You Have A Dodgy Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In case you’ve somehow missed the news, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is being recalled due to a nasty case of occasionally exploding battery. If you’re buying a used one, however, you can find out if its safe by looking for the green battery indicator.

Prepare For A Big Road Trip With The 'OSMEAC' Military Convoy Technique

Even something as simple as a family road trip can benefit from some military precision. This convoy briefing technique will keep everyone you’re travelling with in the loop, especially if you’re taking more than one car.

How To Know If You And Your Family Are Being Exposed To Lead

“Water, soil and paint.” What Hillary Clinton said is true: Flint, Michigan is not the only place with a lead problem, and water is just the beginning. Here’s how to find out whether there’s lead in your neighbourhood, and what to do about it.

Some Anker USB-C Cables Are Getting Recalled For A Hardware-Frying Flaw

You’re probably going to have to start using USB-C cables for some gadgets in the near future, but you should probably be careful which ones you buy. Diligent engineers have found a flaw in some Anker USB cables that can destroy hardware.

Why Slower Drivers Shouldn't Hang Out In The Right Lane

The right lane is for passing and slower traffic should keep left. It’s one of the first things you learn when you get your driver’s licence, yet so many drivers forget it or don’t understand it. Here’s a detailed explanation for why this simple rule is so important.

Foolproof Safety Tips For Burning Glass And Ceramic Candles

A Current Affair recently published a story titled Candle Warning that had all of the customary fear mongering flair that its brand has become synonymous with. The subject — exploding glass candles and how they’re a danger to your home. Three minutes of concerned mothers, hidden video cameras and a few tips on how to avoid burning your house down and you have yourself some glorious Facebook clickbait.

I worked for a candle company for a number of years and I can confirm that candle explosions are quite a legitimate problem. I can also attest that most of the time these incidents occur due to a lack of education or common sense. Here’s the thing, scented candles are a lovely luxury but they still involve fire; something that is always potential danger when you’re not careful.

What Features To Look For When Shopping For A Dash Cam

There’s no guarantee a dash cam will save the day if you’re ever in a car accident, but if you want one just in case, it’s good to know what kinds are out there and how they work. Here’s what you should look for when you shop for a dash cam of your own.

Strava's New Safety Beacon Sends Your Running Or Cycling Location To A Friend

Android/iOS: Strava is one of our favourite exercise apps and today they’re rolling out a new safety feature that will send your location to up to three people while you’re working out.

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