The Safety Gear Every DIYer Should Have In Their Toolbox

We talk about tools a lot, but a constant companion to any do-it-yourself project should be proper safety gear. It may not be as fun as tools, but these must-have items will protect your vision, hearing and lungs during any activity.

What Food Labels In Australia Should Actually Tell Us

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on two senior ministers to prepare a cabinet submission on country-of-origin labelling laws. The move follows a national outbreak of hepatitis A linked to frozen berries from China and Chile.

How To Choose Proper DIY Workwear For Comfort And Protection

Ratty jeans and old T-shirts are no longer your only clothing options when working around the house or building do-it-yourself projects. Proper workwear is durable, comfortable and safer to use than standard clothing. Here is what you should look for when selecting work apparel.

Why Flying Is Still The Safest Form Of Transport

If you’ve been following the news it might seem like there’s been a lot of air crashes recently. It might seem that flying has become a risky business.

Smoke Might Just Be Smoke For Victoria's FireReady App

The risk of devastating fires over the Australian summer will always be a threat, though technology has given us new tools so people can stay informed. One such option is the Victorian Government’s FireReady app, which includes features such as a live incident map, “watch zones” and warnings from relevant organisations such as the Country Fire Authority. However, FireReady has recently copped flak for reporting false positives.

Google Safety Tips Offers A Primer In Online Security

Google has previously offered tips on how to use its services, and it now provides online security tips. This is useful if you want to check out your own account or teach someone else the basics.

Use This Infographic To Identify What Drowning Really Looks Like

You’ve probably seen someone drowning in movies, but that’s not what drowning really looks like. The Art of Manliness has put together a great infographic to help you learn to spot actual victims.

At Christmas Time, Check Your Power Boards And Double Adaptors

With Christmas lights and glowing decorations already up in houses across the country, this is the time of year that we bring out those rarely-used extra power boards and overload them with double adaptors on top of other adaptors. The ACCC wants you to check those boards for defects, though, with over 200,000 unsafe power boards and double adaptors sold across Australia within the last few months.

Why You Should Stop Feeling Smug About 'BPA-Free' Products

Purchase a plastic water bottle, and there’s a good chance that it will feature a “BPA-free” label. You might be seeing it more often because the industrial chemical Bisphenol-A has now been removed from a wide array of products. But, are products that are “BPA-free” actually less risky? And do these labels actually affect consumer behaviour?

How To Give Your Kids Freedom In A Dangerous World

Overprotective parenting has become a lifestyle for many families, as parents hover over their children in fear that they might get hurt. But kids also need to experience the world firsthand in order to learn and grow. How do you find the balance between freedom and protection when it comes to your kids?