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Roaming In Tokyo For Free

A couple of years back, I visited Tokyo and was struck by the fact that there was a genuine dearth of “free” Wi-Fi options. I recently returned to Japan’s capital city to see if things had improved.

The Best Clever Packing Tricks For Travelling

When you’re travelling, the way you pack can be essential. Whether you’re a space-saver, or just like things as organised as possible, you’ve probably picked up a few tricks along the way. Here are some of the best ideas.

When Each Australian Airline Puts Flights On Sale

Trying to track down cheap flights? Knowing when tickets go on sale is an important strategy. Here’s when to strike to find the best deals on Australian domestic carriers.

Five Great Things About Flying In The USA (And Five Things That Bite)

Flying to and from the USA is not a new experience here at Road Worrier HQ, but I recently spent close to a month roaming around the country for work. That reminded me of the areas where flying around the US works well — and where it bites.

How To Renew An Australian Passport In 4 Hours

It is feasible — with a little luck and some manners — to get a very rapid Australian passport renewal. Here’s how I did it, and the larger lesson it taught me about customer service and planning.

The Perfect Train: Free Power, Wi-Fi And Wine

I’m in a business class train carriage, a vacant seat next to me. There’s a power outlet in the wall and free Wi-Fi that’s worked along the entire route. I have a view of the Pacific ocean and a man keeps bringing me free glasses of wine. It’s hard to imagine how business travel could get much better than this.

Road Worrier Tests The American Tourister Combimax Suitcase

I used to be one of those people who swanned into airports with a single bag and cast a judgemental glare at the people grappling enormo-luggage. Now I’m roaming around the US with a 75cm suitcase and worrying about whether I’ll be over the weight limit. Welcome to life on four suitcase wheels.

TSA Pre Reminds You Just How Painful Airport Security Usually Is

Normally, making your way through an airport in the United States is the most painful part of any overseas business trip. Off comes the belt! Off comes the shoes! Out comes the laptop! There is a less painful process — but normally Australians don’t get to use it. Last week, I got lucky.

The Best Apps To Help You Find Cheap Flights In Australia

In the endless quest for cheaper airfares, the right selection of apps can definitely help. Here are some of our favourites for finding better fares from Australia.

Jedi-Approved Productivity Tricks For The Business Traveller

Whether you’re a serial procrastinator or a black belt in OCD, everyone with a job requiring travel feels the pressure to reach Jedi status while on the go. Whether we’re tasked with meeting and impressing a VIP or aiming to land a new client, we need all the “force” we can get.