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Here's All of the Stuff You Can't Take Into Australia

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard made headlines across the globe last week when their bizarre, hilarious and totally excruciating apology video to the Australian government was leaked online. While smuggling living animals into the country is an obvious no-no, our strict biosecurity legislation covers much, much more: everything from noodles to dirty shoes can land expats and tourists in hot water.

Learn How A Car's Differential Works

How does your car go around corners without screeching tyres? That’s the magic of the differential, a seemingly complex meshing of various gears and splines that delivers separate power to each driven wheel. This pre-World War II video produced by General Motors is actually an incredibly straightforward and informative look at what goes on underneath your car to make it move.

When Is It 'Not Okay' To Recline Your Aeroplane Seat?

Last week, Australian sporting legend Grant Hackett was ejected from a Virgin flight after an in-air altercation with another passenger. Apparently, Hacket took umbrage at the seat in front of him being lowered and expressed his displeasure by giving the offending passenger a “nipple cripple”. While Hackett’s alleged actions are completely inexcusable, there are definitely unspoken rules when it comes to fully reclining your seat on aeroplanes. We want to hear what you think is (and isn’t) okay.

Dealhacker: Jetstar Is Selling Cheap Flights To Japan Again

Jetstar is running another cheap-flights-to-Japan promotion. This time around, you can get a return fare for free when you book select Starter fares on JetStar’s website. This works out to a saving of $500 or more per person. Here are the details.

Australian Airport Strikes: The Dates You Need To Know

If you’re flying overseas in the next few days, we have some bad news for you: Australia’s immigration and border protection workers are resuming strike action at major international airports around the country. This means your flight will probably be delayed. Here are the relevant dates and times for each Australian airport.

Sydney Trains Just Killed Off Opal Card's Free Travel Hack

When Sydney Trains first made the switch from paper tickets to Opal cards, it actively encouraged commuters to exploit a free travel loophole. It seems that too many people took the government up on its offer. From today, the number of transfers needed to make a journey has been raised to stop people “improperly earning” free travel. Tch.

Road Test: STM Trust Messenger Bag

Gone are the days of the utilitarian faux leather laptop case. Today, we have hundreds of options made from different materials, catering for the needs of those simply wanting to carry their notebook computer safely through to travellers looking for a bag that can double up as a protective cocoon for their mobile office and overnight bag or schoolbag. The STM Trust fits into the latter category, as a great bag for those who need to carry more than just their computer and a charger.

Five Things I Learned From Being A Pickpocket Victim

Yesterday afternoon, while boarding a train at Circular Quay station, a stranger plucked my wallet straight out of my back pocket. I never felt a thing. Within ten minutes, they had already used my credit card to make a fraudulent transaction. Here are five hard lessons that the experience taught me.

Why Do Oil Prices Keep Going Down?

Global stock markets have been in a tailspin this week. And the sinking price of oil received at least some of the blame. Producers keep pumping more oil, even as prices are falling to fresh 12-year lows every day. What’s driving this?

Test Drive Taste Test: KFC Go Buckets (In A Car)

The Go Bucket is the latest potted poultry creation from KFC’s food innovation labs. As its name implies, it is a single-serve takeaway bucket designed for snacking on the go. KFC is marketing this product directly at motorists — which sounds both dangerous and potentially illegal. Nevertheless, we decided to taste test the entire range as the Colonel intended: behind the wheel of a moving car.

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