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Format Shifting In Australia: What Can You Legally Do With 'Your' Content?

In the UK, it’s just become illegal to rip CDs you own, but that doesn’t mean the same law applies here. Still, it’s worthwhile refreshing what’s legal under Australian copyright law and what isn’t.

Autorip Rips Movies As Soon As You Insert The Disc

Windows: Autorip is a utility that automates the process of ripping DVDs and Blu-rays. The software detects when you insert a movie and immediately starts the ripping process.

Five Best DVD Ripping Tools

If you want to take your movies with you on the road or ditch your physical discs to save space, you’ll need to rip them first. Thankfully, there are plenty of great utilities designed to make the process easy and give you files that are playable on any device you choose. Here are five of the best, based on your nominations.

Ask LH: Which Audio Format Should I Choose?

Dear Lifehacker, I know MP3 is the most popular audio format out there, but there are so many others — like AAC, FLAC, OGG and WMA — that I’m not really sure which one I should be using. What’s the difference between them, and which one should I use to rip my music?

Ask LH: What's The Difference Between All These Video Formats?

Dear Lifehacker, I know a lot of video players (like PotPlayer) can play any video file out there, but why are there so many video formats in the first place? Is there a real difference between DivX and XviD, or MP4 and MKV? When I rip a DVD, or go hunting for downloads, which format is the best to use?

Get $50 Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 Free For The Next 24 Hours

Ashampoo’s paid version of their Burning Studio program rated highly in our recent app directory series for best disc burning app for Windows. It wasn’t the first choice, as it normally costs a cool $US50, but is available as a free download from The Download Crew’s Giveaway site for the next 26 hours (at time of writing).

App Directory: The Best Disc-Burning App For Linux

Linux has a few disc burning apps available, but our favourite is undoubtedly the powerful K3b.

App Directory: The Best Disc-Burning App For Windows

Windows has more disc-burning apps than we can count, but a few notable programs stand out from the pack. Our favourite is CDBurnerXP for its long list of features and easy-to-use interface.

App Directory: The Best Disc-Burning App For Mac

Ever since Apple introduced disc burning into Mac OS X, third-party software stopped seeing much development. While there aren’t a ton of disc-burning apps still in the running, Burn still stands strong as our top choice thanks to its simplicity, powerful feature set and $0 price tag.

StreamWriter Records Multiple Streams Of Internet Radio

Windows: If you’ve ever tried in vain to find a song you heard on a streaming internet radio station but didn’t get to the song info in time, StreamWriter can help. The free Windows program can record multiple audio streams simultaneously and also features scheduled recordings, a wishlist of songs you want to record, and the ability to add songs to an ignore list.

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