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Add A Few Seconds Of Silence To Your Ringtone To Prevent Disruptions

When your phone starts ringing at an inappropriate time, the scramble to shut it off is embarrassing. Give yourself a buffer by adding a few seconds of silence to the beginning of your ringtones so you only feel the vibrations at first.

Ask LH: Is It Legal To Make Your Own Ringtones In Australia?

Dear Lifehacker, Is it legal to make your own ringtones in Australia? If not, what’s the worst that could happen to me?

Ringtone Slicer Builds And Edits Ringtones On Your Android Device

Android: customising your Android phone’s ringtones and alert sounds isn’t difficult, but Ringtone Slicer is a lightweight audio editor that removes the need to use a bulkier tool or your desktop computer. The app allows you to select songs or loops on your phone, slice them up, and then use them as custom rings or alerts.

Use Unnoticeable Ringtones If You Always Forget To Silence Your Phone

It’s annoying when a phone goes off in a movie or in a meeting. If you struggle to remember to turn your phone off at the appropriate times, Redditor Asmailes has a clever solution: make your ringtone sound like a cough.

How To Turn Any Song Into A Ringtone For Your iPhone Or Android (For Free)

Nokia may have released a dubstep version of their iconic ringtone, but undoubtedly the coolest ringtone you can have is one you made yourself. Here’s how to turn any MP3 into a ringtone for free on both the iPhone and Android.

Use A White Noise Ringtone To Find Your Lost Phone Faster

We’ve featured ways to call your lost phone so you can find it, but reader Java-Princess lets us know that a white noise ringtone on the other end will make it even easier to find.

WhoIsIt Creates Contact-Specific Ringtones On Android

Android: If you’d like to be able to tell who’s emailing, texting or calling you without even taking your phone out of your pocket, free app WhoIsIt will let you assign specific ringtones and vibration patterns to each contact on your phone.

Keep Your Ringtone Unique To Avoid Unintentional Anxiety

Researchers in Germany have found that the brain does indeed power up and start running whenever it hears the ringtone you’ve associated with your ever-present phone. Change your ringtone to something very unique, then, to avoid accidental anxiety and interruption.

WolframTones Generates Unique MIDI Ringtones For Your Phone

If your phone’s ringtones just aren’t doing it for you anymore, or if everyone at work is sick of that one MP3 snippet, WolframTones can generate original, 8-bit-sounding ringtones based on genres you select and send them to your phone.

Use An Ultrasonic Ringtone For Stealthy Notifications

Get alerted to incoming calls and text messages without a lot of impolite clamour with a subtle ultrasonic ringtone.

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