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Sony Xperia Z5 Review: Speedy, Snap Happy And Minimalistic

With Apple and Samsung jousting to be the top dog in the smartphone market, it’s easy to forget that there are other handsets out there that are worth considering. This week, we take a closer look at the Sony Xperia Z5.

A T-Shirt Connoisseur Reviews The Renowned Three Wolf Moon Shirt

I’m something of a T-shirt aficionado. I never turned into an adult so I wear them almost every day. And because someone asked for it, I bought The Mountain’s Three Wolf Moon shirt to review. It’s just OK.

Ask For Time To Think Immediately After Receiving Negative Feedback

Nobody likes to get negative feedback, but how you choose to react is important. When someone gives you negative feedback, explicitly ask for some time to think things over and avoid any unnecessary confrontation.

This Ridiculous Toy Will Give You One Of The Best Orgasms Of Your Life

The Womanizer is one of the most unfortunate-looking sex toys I’ve ever come across, but also one of the most effective. This unique toy utilises suction instead of vibration, and induces powerful orgasms in a shockingly short amount of time. In a sea of vibrators, here’s why the Womanizer stands out.

Australia's 100 Best Lattes On A Map

Fussy about your coffee? Yelp has crunched its reviews data for Australia to identify the 100 best lattes, and we’ve popped them on a searchable map for you.

Google Maps Adds Local Guides For Expert Opinions On An Area

Google Maps has always been an invaluable resource for reviews and information about an area. Now Maps includes “Local Guides”, who are featured reviewers that can show you the ropes.

Navman SmartGPS: Australian Review

Navman’s SmartGPS is a 5-inch Android tablet — running quite an old version of Android — that syncs over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with your smartphone, giving you turn-by-turn driving directions and live traffic updates, as well as extra info like the cheapest petrol nearby and any cafes and restaurants in the area. But is it still worth buying a standalone GPS in 2014?

Why You Shouldn't Trust App Store Reviews (And What To Trust Instead)

App reviews at Google Play and the iTunes App Store shouldn’t be trusted. They can be helpful, but you often have to sift through the tech support rants, device-specific complaints and half-legible reviews to discover something useful. There are better ways to tell if an app is any good.

Steam Adds User Reviews To Its Digital Video Game Store

Digital video game store Steam added a user reviews feature today. So, like iTunes or Amazon, you can read (and write) reviews for a host of PC games.

How To Make Sure Your Yelp Reviews Are Actually Useful

Amid news that nearly 20 per cent of Yelp reviews are “suspicious” (and Yelp’s reponse that it automatically filters those ones out), it’s easy to wonder how to write an actually useful review. The Consumerist shares a few tips to better craft your review.

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